Berger shows up for meeting 20 minutes after it ends

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Submitted: Tue, 09/17/2013 - 2:42am
Updated: Wed, 01/01/2014 - 6:39pm

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — There was a noticeably empty seat at the town hall meeting in Wrightsville Beach Monday night. That chair was supposed to be occupied by recently reinstated Commissioner Brian Berger.

As the residents of Wrightsville Beach asked New Hanover County Commissioners about concerns with bridge work being done by the NCDOT, insurance concerns and the future of Wrightsville Beach Elementary, there was one question lingering on everyone’s mind. Where is Berger?

“I’m not sure what kind of communication went forward with Commissioner Berger about tonight’s event,” Commissioner Jonathan Barfield said. “Last week the word came out that he was reinstated, so how up-to-speed he is on things, I’m not sure. He did make it to our meeting today on time, so for me that’s a positive step in the right direction.”

But not everyone was as sympathetic as Commissioner Barfield when it comes to Berger’s antics.

“I’m really glad he’s not here,” Neal Briggi said. “I was here the last time we had the commissioners, and I don’t think he should be a commissioner. It’s unfortunate that the situation has brought him back onto the board. Let’s hope he gets his act together, but I don’t really think it would happen.”

After finding out from WWAY that he was late for the meeting, Berger did get his act together and showed up at Wrightsville Beach Town Hall, but it was 20 minutes after the meeting ended.

“I wasn’t invited, and I feel kind of like a wedding crasher showing up without an invitation,” Berger said. “I do try and keep the finger on the pulse of what is occurring not only in Wrightsville Beach but in every corner of New Hanover County.”

Despite the fact that Berger says he was not invited to the meeting, there is an open invitation for the meeting listed on the New Hanover County website.


  • Barry says:

    I use the example of a misbehaving child to that of Berger and his behavior in reference to his job performance or lack thereof.

    Just as you expound the perceptions of corruption and and bullying by the board, I ask, where is the evidence of corruption? All I have seen is a reaction by the board to try and stem the disruption this man causes almost daily. Where is your evidence? Produce it. Brian has accused practically every government agency from here to the White House for his problems. All are corrupt. Just wondering. Did Berger ever reimburse the lady for the damage to her vehicle? Just wondering. Why is he in the County Complex in the middle of the night? Just wondering, again, what legislation or constructive idea has he offered up since being elected? The only thing he fights for is to remain in the press. He is not a steward of the people of this County. He is a leach drawing a paycheck for no services rendered.

    the process for his removal was legal. If Mr Berger continues to run is mouth with false allegations,,,I would use it again.

  • Rick Wilson says:

    Mike G.,
    Yes, I voted for him. Yes, it was a mistake and no I will not vote for him again. He has not been a good Commissioner, but the voters should be the ones to correct this mistake…….Not Woody White. White trying to circumvent the voters is far more dangerous than anything Brian Berger has done. If you think a board of sitting commissioners should be allowed to kick off other members……..then what is the reason to vote in the first place?

  • Barry says:

    Mr. Wilson, Woody White is the very person who should be trying to correct these situations with Berger. As chairman of the BOC He and the other three are all the very ones to reel in Berger.

    This whole group was elected by the people to run the county while doing so with decorum and respectable actions. I ask, what is the Chairman of the BOC supposed to do when one of the members continues almost on a weekly basis to disrupt by his actions or blabbering communications the business of the board and the daily duties of county employees?

    What do you do when one of your board members continues his mid-night e-mail rants, veiled threats to county employees, inept participation on other boards, continuous legal and private, made public issues that effect the ability of the board as a whole to perform their due diligence.

    The answer,,You do what you have to do legally to support the other members so that they may operate in the manner and time frames they were elected. Mr White and a majority of the other members elected to handle Mr. Berger through the amotion process and as noted by the ruling of the judge, this was and could be again, the right course of action.

    Again, what do you do? Try to fix the problem or sit on your hands and say or do nothing while Berger displays time after time that he is not capable of performing his duties and instead continues to impede the ability of the others to do theirs.

    We elected them to run the county, not sit and watch a freak show. I feel that by electing this board it is up to them to discipline one of their own when it is warranted. As far as the rules for Berger go, the judge set the parameters for those in his order also.

    So, I think the board has done what they were elected to do. Berger has not.

    For you, think of it as a family of five. Out for dinner at a nice restaurant. Four of the five sit and have dinner while the fifth, a disruptive child wreaks havoc by running around disrupting others. Do you let him do that or do you discipline and make him sit and behave? I think by your statements you let your child do the wreaking of the havoc.

  • Guest2020 says:

    They claimed that Berger was not using the hotels that were paid for when the commission went to conferences out of town. The hotels have backed up Berger and stated that he did use the rooms.

    They accused Berger of assaulting the governor. The governor’s office said that the governor’s security had not been breached.

    Allegations of him harassing county employees conveniently came about after Woody White took office. And given the commission’s history of false allegations, how can we take anything they say as the truth without proof? When it came to kicking Berger out and fighting his appeal, they didn’t even give out the names of the people that Berger allegedly harassed. It seems that if there was truth to the allegation, they would have used that information to bolster their case. They didn’t. So, what is it that they have to hide?

  • Rick Wilson says:

    There is a huge difference between a disruptive child and Brian Berger. Woody white is not Brian Berger’s parent. I do not have any children, but given your example I would remove them from a restaurant.

    In my opinion, the amotion process would not be upheld on appeal. The reason the judge reinstated Mr. Berger is because of improper testimony. Without proper testimony, I do not believe a second amotion hearing would pass by this judge either.

    Mr. Bergers actions or lack of action allowed Woody White to try this process. His e-mails can be deleted like I do spam. I would like proof of the threats you claim, that would be a matter for law enforcement and a means to possibly remove Mr. Berger legally. Without the proof, it becomes just more hearsay. I could not care less about his private dispute with an ex-girlfriend and blame the media for sensationalizing that story. Please list any of those charges that he was found guilty of. He has been charged with DWI, he has not been found guilty. The Governor’s security detail did not think Mr. Berger threatened the Governor, so why did the press and Woody White make such a big deal out of a non incident? Is the security detail inept? Brian Berger has not been convicted of anything that merits his legal removal from the County Commission.

    The bottom line for me is Woody White tried to bypass the voters. In November of 2014 the voters will decide Brian Berger’s fate if he even runs for re-election. I wish this state had recall elections. Then the people would still be the ones to decide……….not another politician that believes he is a dictator instead of an elected public servant.

  • Guest1022 says:

    Yes you do what you can legally, and then kind of make up the rest as you go along.

  • Guest2020 says:

    Why are you okay with an elected member of the board trying to usurp the authority of the voters by removing another elected member of the board?

    The voters of New Hanover County elected the commissioners to run the county. Not make up allegations and innuendo against a fellow member of the board. Most of their accusations have been proven false, and in that light, it calls into question any accusation they make against him.

    I think that your analogy has nothing to do with this situation. The disruptive child was not put into that family by way of an election. His parents have the sole authority to discipline him. Woody White has no authority to remove an elected official. That should be done only by the voters.

  • Rick Wilson says:

    Was Mr. Berger required to have a sheriff’s deputy with him to attend this meeting? If not…….why not? If Woody White and company do not feel safe at the government complex without law enforcement protection whenever Mr. Berger is present, why would they feel safe anywhere else. Or maybe Mr. White is not concerned about other peoples safety……or maybe he is ready to admit that Brian Berger is not really a threat, that the rule concerning the deputy is just a punitive action because he lost the amotion process. Was Mr. Berger told about this meeting? I would not think that an open invitation on the county website makes it a mandatory meeting. Last thing I heard was that Mr. Berger was removed from all boards. Has this changed? This smacks of a set-up to get Mr. Berger some more negative press. I would think that at todays commissioners meeting, everyone would have been reminded about the meeting tonight………something the chairman of the County Commission would do. This lynch mob mentality against Brian Berger is getting old.

  • wilm tax payer says:

    please everyone know about this meeting, it was on the news days before. what a waste of tax payer money with brian.

  • mike g says:

    rick wilson….you’re one of the folks that voted for that guy, huh?
    nice work

  • SouthEastNC says:

    I believe that part of the police-escort is that multiple female employees at the county complex have expressed fear/discomfort being around Brian. With some of the emails he sends them, I can’t blame them.

  • ChefnSurf says:

    A story of a lesson well learned. Hopefully, your post will influence others to act more responsibly in the future as well.

  • Barry says:

    So, Brian tries to keep his finger on the pulse of the county? Perhaps he should check his own pulse.

    Being uninvited to something has never stopped him in the past and is another lame excuse from this dimwitted, dysfunctional leach. Perhaps he could have one of his three groupies author an itinerary, wake him up after his all night benders, dress him and make sure he gets to where he is supposed to be on time.

    Then just envision,,,three cackling hens and Chicken Little scurrying about, in circles, all around the county but always coming up, you guessed it, twenty minutes late.

  • Stratcatz says:

    You really thought it would be different this time….really?
    Maybe Berger would prove everyone wrong….really?????!!!!!!!

  • Vog46 says:

    Is more wrong on this than right.
    I agree that while being “off” the commission he was probably not kept abreast of meetings, discussions and what have you but to me that excuse is a little lame………
    Of course he should have been there.

    But, then again, we have state legislators that miss important votes on veto over rides and nothing is said – so keep Berger in context here.
    A minor “infraction” if there is such a thing


  • Mike gerics says:

    Seriously…..people had to vote for this guy…..right?
    people actually voted for this ding-dong to hold one of the top offices in our county?
    seriously….who voted for him?
    if YOU did….you’re a ding dong too.

  • Guest2609 says:

    You could actually take it one step further and ask who were the ding dongs that voted for Obama.

  • Guestomfg says:

    Jeeebus I spit coffee all over my computer. This never ends, its HYSTERICAL !JUST LOOK at this man ! Listen to him! He is from another planet and whoever voted him in should be begging for forgiveness.

  • Guest19815876 says:

    Please forgive me as I was one of the few who voted for Mr. Berger. I was approached by a gentleman about my age when I was going in to vote. He gave me a sheet and suggested l vote for Berger because he was a younger man who would represent “us” and was very informed about local issues and he also said a few other positive things. I was a very young and naive voter and voted for a guy I had only heard about on my way to vote. So here we are some years later and I have to deal with the guilt of being an uninformed voter. Taught me a lesson that’s for sure. I’ve promised to make better decisions, because we, the citizens of wilmington, have suffered with this mans nonsense for far too long!

  • ChefnSurf says:

    On his good days, and even his supporters would have to admit there have been very few (unless they’re as nutty as him), Berger never really contributed much to the process of county business. Occasionally he’d make a comment. Usually he did nothing. If he continues to be a no-show or whatever, nothing has really changed.

    It doesn’t make a difference if he continues to do it now. Leave him alone. Keep him off of boards and committees. Keep the special Berger rules because his actions are really that much more extreme than the other idiots on the commission. There are four other commissioners to take care of business, just like there were before this whole amotion nonsense hit the proverbial fan.


  • Burger Boy says:

    Brian Burger is probably doing this as an act of civil disobedience to protest the unjust and immoral actions that the members of the board placed upon him, and i stand behind him fully, if he ran again i would vote for him in a heart beat, and that old crook woody white should be locked up and throw away the key, because he’s as bent as a boomerang, the county needs more strong leaders like brian burger, and get rid of some of these CROOKS we have in the goverment, and send them back to where they came from!

  • Guest123456 says:

    I really do believe when someone says ( i support someone who is not doing their job because they are anygry their feeling got hurt ) then you are just as stupid as th man who cant show up on time for a meeting. Yes that’s what we need, support people in office that cant do their job. Im all for equil rights but if you cant do the job, you shouldnt have the job no matter the disability. You wouldnt allow a person who cant walk to drive the wave buses in Wilmington?. Burger boy, I do believe you have a close relationship with Berger if not you are him. Please get off the net, your causing this page to dumb down.

  • Guest 10101 says:

    I’d ask you how it feels to be that self delusional, but when you’re as far gone as you are, there really isn’t any way for you to figure that out on your own any more.

    You’ve morphed yourself into a widdle boy crying out for help.

    Get well soon.

  • wilmobserver says:

    The lynch mentality of some would be better focused on the conduct of Coudert and White which challenge standards of decency and good government. Sure he was late – but take a good look at the tactics employed by Coudert, White, Copley and Dawson—you can bet others will be taking a hard look and maybe then these poor excuses for “leaders” will get the same treatment they have given this guy.
    Try to make him look bad is the game they are playing- but a lot of folks here and elsewhere have seen through their garbage tactics.

  • Guest9-1-1 says:

    I don’t doubt it. I work nights at the 9-1-1 and it was scary as crap to learn this loose cannon was able to get inside the supposedly secure building where we work at any time of the night.

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