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WASHINGTON, DC (ABCNews.com) — At least 12 people were killed and several injured in shooting rampage this morning inside the Navy Sea Systems Command headquarters building in Washington, DC, according to officials.

Among the dead was a gunman who was shot and killed.

Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier said authorities are searching for two additional men who are considered “potential” shooters. She declined to discuss what evidence led police to believe the massacre could have potentially been carried out by multiple shooters.

“We have reason to believe these people may be involved and we want to talk to them,” Lanier said. She said there was “no known motive” for the massacre.

She said the other two men being sought were wearing military uniforms.

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5 Comments on "Navy Yard shooting death toll zooms to at least 12"

not a sheeple
2015 years 10 months ago

so will this time be considered an act of terrorism or will they screw this up like they did fort hood and call it workplace violence?

Either way my prayers to all

2015 years 10 months ago

Thankfully, there are some representatives in Congress from Texas who are introducing legislation to have the Fort Hood shooting an act of terrorism. Anyone who doesn’t support this should be voted out of office.

2015 years 10 months ago

DC gun ban seems to be working well.

2015 years 10 months ago

Will this be considered an aberration?
The guy had security clearance – bought the weapons supposedly legally? (According to Fox) I wonder if he had a CCP?
Now we find he was treated for SERIOUS mental disorders and no one asked if he had weapons? No doctor said “you should give up your guns?”
Good people “crack” and at that point someone should step in to reduce the chances of this happening.
Mrs Lanza didn’t do it while she knew her son was mentally ill.
Yeah both of them might still have “killed” using knives or other weapons but 2 or 3 people rushing a killer with a knife have a better chance of disarming the killer as opposed to rushing a guy with a rifle or semi auto hand gun.
This guy was a real serious basket case – hearing voices…….
These are folks that should not be allowed to own or carry.


Morty Sussman
2015 years 10 months ago

You jumped to conclusions faster than Piers Morgan! Nicely done! The FACT this guy stole the AR15 from a Naval base guard doesnt affect your mantra one bit, doubleplusgood! Based on your liberal loon logic the cops and military should not have AR15s because someone might steal them and use them illegally! Bravo!


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