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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police are investigating two armed robberies over the weekend. The first happened at the 1400 block of Greenfield Street around 6:05 p.m. Lt. O.M. Blanton says police received a shot spotter alert of a single gunshot.

When they arrived, police found no evidence of a shooting, but instead found a woman who had been robbed at gunpoint.

A police spokeswoman says the victim told police she was in her car when a white Escalade pulled up, and a white man got out of the passenger side, pulled on her door, pointed a gun and demanded money. The victim gave the man her wallet. He got back into the SUV, which was driven by a black male, according to police.

Investigators say the suspects fit the description of the suspects who attempted an armed robbery just a few blocks away around 6:10 p.m. on 7th & Martin streets.

In that case, the victim told police that he froze when he was approached by a white male with a pistol demanding his property. The suspect then whipped him with the pistol and took his wallet. The suspect shot at the victim and then left the area. The victim then left and went to the hospital. Police arrived at the hospital a few minutes later to interview him.

The suspects are described as a white male with a thin build, early 20s, brown hair, white shirt and brown pants and a black male, early 20s, corn-rows, blue shirt and jeans.

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  • wilm nc here

    well look where it happen at and whos it was……………….

  • Guest Reply Redux

    When does the “Cease Fire” go out of effect again?

  • Morty Sussman

    More self righteous marches, more ineffectual cease fires, more liberal chest pounding on the lack of welfare causing these crimes, etc etc etc…

    Or, people who don’t want to be victimized by gang thugs can arm themselves, because nothing scares thugs but an armed opponent.

  • Vog46

    A thug with a gun drawn has the drop on any other person, armed or not.
    So the person who arms themself is at a disadvantage, when accosted.
    So a thug fears NO ONE so long as he has his gun at the ready..

    Basic criminal concepts 101…


  • Morty Sussman

    Come at me with a gun. Try me. Not all of us are shriveling sheep like you. These punks prey on the kind of defeatist surrender mentality you have. And no, I would not come to your rescue if you were being mugged, since you would object to the presence of an armed citizen.

  • Vog46

    wrong answer.
    I am armed and have a CCP.
    But if a gun is pointed at my head I am not going to be stupid enough to think I can get mine out before the thug pulls the trigger.

    You CAN’T be a stupid as you write, can you?


  • Morty Sussman

    That is all you leftists do, lie, dissemble, dodge reality, and push push push the agenda. Your lies are so obvious even a poor kid in the Obama re education system could see it. Now call me some more names, and impugn my mental health like a good Obama bot! Da comrade! Forward!

  • GuestMan.

    Well, would you? I for one would like to know the answer to Vog’s question. Or are you going to try and change the subject and call people names again?

  • GuestMan.

    The best thing eveyone on this board can do is ignore this jerk. He is nothing but a troll trying to stir things up. I mean, he has to be, because no one is really that stupid.

  • Guest-o-matic

    The vast majority of thugs only “have” a gun and “think” they know how to use it. Most of them have no training and attempt to use the “threat” tactic as an advantage. You again, brag that you are a CCP holder and that you walk around armed. You however, again display that you are not a practiced or otherwise trained armed carrier and would likely piss your boots (flip-flops) in any firearm confrontation.

    For you to say that, “So the person who arms themself is at a disadvantage, when accosted.” is not even close to a fact, nowhere close. A majority of us FOCUS, practice and train purposely. I can guarantee you that we are not at a disadvantage against a stupid, drug laden idiot, with no weapons experience that wants to steal or harm us. I am one of those. Your generalizing comment is without basis. The criminals today are now being confronted with viable defensive candidates and the scale is tilting. We (the law abiding citizens) don’t want crime and we don’t want to kill anyone, but we will…and can, if we are forced to do so!

    Quit your bragging about your CCP, make an effort to get out on the range and shoot, understand your weapon and be prepared to use it prudently as protection. Until you gain your skill and confidence, stop displaying your imaginary experience and boasting of such to convince the people that the good guys don’t and can’t win. The good guys win multiple times everyday, the media just don’t report that. That news doesn’t “sell”, remember?

  • Guest2020

    He said he has a gun. Therefore, he supports the 2nd amendment. That evidence would suggest that he isn’t a leftist.

  • dislikessuss

    I have been reading a lot of hate mail on wways editorial comments by Morty. All of which I find shocking that he can be so inhumane. He talks about killing people like bears. He has zero sense of social consciousness and he is the most self centered person I have ever been forced to read. His politics not only suck but I find it impossible that a man with the name Morty Sussman can ever have such contempt for people after what was done to his people out of hate in the hands of the NAZI’s. Now he shares the same superior and selfish idiology as Hitler. You should be ashamed of yourself.


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