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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New data suggests that even though Wilmington is growing, crimes like murder, robbery, and assault in the city are doing the exact opposite.

The Wilmington Police Department says those crimes, known as part one crimes, dropped by 28% over the past decade, while the city’s population grew by nearly a third.

In Downtown specifically, part one crime dropped by nearly 67% from 2002 to 2012.

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  • Morty Sussman

    Sounds like Newspeak right out of Orwell’s 1984. If you don’t like the data just change the parameters. “Part one crimes” listen to this gibberish. What does that even mean? Most likely it means they have removed one type of crime from being counted anymore. Surely all the people being robbed shot and stabbed in ILM think crime is infrequent and statistically improving. Ask them if you can, they are at the hospital or morgue. Crime is dropping, so is the price of gas, food, and utilities. The economy is great, everyone is happy, the govt doesnt spy on us, it’s all doubleplusgood comrades. Carry on Forward.

  • GuestNCNative

    Actually you are quite wrong. The terms are designations created by the FBI. WPD’s crime data is collected, studied, and reported by the FBI, and they are the ones who categorize crime into various parts. No crimes of any nature are excluded in the data; rather, they are sorted into categories like crimes against persons, crimes against property, etc. Those groups are then further segregated into additional groups so that analysts aren’t comparing apples to oranges. For example, crimes against persons is one group. That group is then broken down into assault, homicide, robbery, etc. An assault where someone is shoved is far different from someone shot at point-blank range and killed, so I personally think it’s a fair way to break the data down and study it. The FBI is the top law enforcement agency in the nation, and having an outside agency collect and report data guards against having the fox count the eggs in the chicken coop.

    Drawing conclusions based on nothing more than “Most likely it means they removed one type of crime from being counted anymore” is frankly ridiculous and pedantic. Might I suggest learning more about things before you go publicly braying about them? Surely you don’t want to be seen as nothing more than a drunk donkey.

    As for the paranoid ramblings in your post, please go back on your meds. Doc prescribed them to you for a reason. I honestly don’t care about your personal well-being, but my wife and children have to walk the same city streets and public places you do, and I do not want them exposed to a schizophrenic capable of endangering their lives.

  • Snarkmeister General

    Morty, the “gibberish” as you say is defined here: http://www2.fbi.gov/ucr/cius2009/about/offense_definitions.html

    The Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program has been in use since 1930.

  • Guest Reply Redux

    Let me sell you 40 acres of swamp land too! That Cease Fire..I tell you…

  • Anita H.

    WPD statistician and PR dept need to be drug tested because they HAVE to be HIGHER than humanly possible to a) release this BS b) believe this and c) think anyone else will believe it.

    Crime in Wilmington has done NOTHING BUT go up since the late 80s and as of the most recent decade, almost quadrupled in the felony class.

    With the shootings, muggings and robberies happening almost every night, the WPD is understaffed and proof in point that the city and those running it are more concerned with stadiums, convention centers, parking meters and people that DONT live in this town than those that do.

    Glad to see WDI finally got off its knees from in front of “Corky” Saffo long enough to get smart and realize theyve done NOTHING to help the situation downtown and to resign their “position” of greek.

    This town is run by those that couldnt manage a Trolley Stop, much less a city and for some reason, you people keep electing them. Im embarrassed to see where my hometown is and how far down the drain its gone since my Great Grandparents helped build the first ports on the Cape Fear.

  • cindy


  • Guest Reply Redux

    “New data suggests that even though Wilmington is growing, crimes like murder, robbery, and assault in the city are doing the exact opposite.” (Unquote)

    And if a frog had wings…it would bump its arse ah hoppin’! Poppy Cock and Boulder Dash! Guess the “Cease Fire” wasn’t needed after all…huh folks? (i.e.) 2013 statistics????

    “The Emperor’s New Clothes”
    (Quote Again)
    “In Downtown specifically, part one crime dropped by nearly 67% from 2002 to 2012” (Unquote)

    Jeeze…in your face lies even!
    I lived in Wilmington in 2002-2012. Over those several years, crime has gone UP…not down. I think the whole population of Wilmington (along with the news media) will attest to that.
    Who are these people throwing out propaganda to the public blatantly into their faces?? Answer: The WPD…an organization that’s been under investigation in the past by the SBI for shady dealings? They don’t even know where the money went in Sting Op’s…not to forget.
    Wilmington has got to be *on the map* as one of the most gullible cities in these United States of America for propaganda by it’s “So Called Leaders”…worse than the days of Al Capone and the Gambino crowd running Chicago/New York by comparison. Different methods…same type of scenarios/results with people being led around like cattle waiting for the next command. Who’s to say those very type of organizations don’t have their hands in the pie in Wilmington anyway?
    Worse thing is…the citizens continue to allow this to go on, and do nothing except continuously harp about people like Brian Berger, when the real issues are in City Hall/County Management. Don’t forget the corruption in the WPD with a continued morale problem (continued that is).
    Wake Up Wilmington…and that’s not a saying from a morning TV show either!!

  • chaz

    ^^^^ awesome reply!

  • Morty Sussman

    Alinksy Rules for Radicals Chapter 1 page 1: Ad Hominem attacks on your opponents! Ignore reality and push the agenda by casting aspersions! Da comrade, doubleplusgood! Forward we go in this crimeless no unemployment Obamaville shining on the hilltop of idiocy! You should get a merit badge from Der Fueher Obama hisself!

  • Guest 1492

    Apparently the level of bull crap being purveyed to cover up ineffective police work goes up in direct proportion to the increased occurrence of criminal activity in our area.

    If crime is down, why does it feel so very unsafe anywhere in the downtown area these days?


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