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WILMINGTON, NC (StarNewsOnline.com) — About six months after the lighting around Wilmington's Kenan Memorial Fountain was changed, city leaders still aren't happy with the results.

The city council's buyer's remorse for the $8,300 upgrade has prompted city staffers to recommend additional, more costly changes designed to better illuminate the fountain.

City staff will schedule a demonstration so a company can show how they could better light the fountain. Council members will be invited to the demonstration, said Richard King, the city's public services director, at a Monday agenda briefing.

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  • Guest2020

    They should just ask the people of Whiteville what they do to keep drunks from hitting their courthouse.

  • berger111

    I would love to see some life like lights that are shaped in the image of Brian Berger to help illuminate the area.

  • Guest11221

    Damn, those are some expensive lights!! Why not hire a homeless guy to walk around the fountain with a flashlght that changes colors? It would be cheaper and probably illuminate more!!

  • Guest2020

    Why would they do something that can save money? They can’t get a kickback from a homeless guy with a flashlight.

  • Vog46

    The last time they had a homeless guy waving two flashlights in the street they had a jet approaching ILM try to land on Market street………

    (Only joking)


  • Why don’t they outline the entire thing with small white lights. It’s cheap and could look very nice.

  • burgergoy

    That old fountian is a waste of money and a hunk of JUNK and an eyesore and a road safety hazard, stuck right in the middle of the road like that, they’re talking abot wasting 30000 bucks of taxpayer money on lighting it up and making it pretty for the next time someone runs into it and then it will be another few thousand to get it repaired for the hundredth time, tear that hunk of JUNK down!

  • ChefnSurf

    Seems like Council’s back to their old don’t-give-a-crap profligate spending of other people’s money. Some things just never change.

  • Guest65465

    The only people to have hit the fountain were drunk, right?

    How is that our problem?

    We don’t need lights. We need more fountains to stop the drunks.

    Build more fountains.

  • Guest4572

    Graybar is CHARGING us $500 to demonstrate their proposed fix ? And then they want $30K to do the job ? You must be kidding. And this is after we’ve already spent $8K on the first round ? Lighting the damn fountain isn’t rocket science. I should think any competent landscaper could handle this. Whoever is putting this together should work on something else given the results so far.

  • Vog46

    they have wasted hundreds of thousands on lights for this historical landmark. But it still gets hit.
    Think outside the box.
    Why not put this majestic fountain in the area of Front street that they are renovating? Right next to River Walk?
    It’s a great location, tourists could take pictures in front of it.
    We need to get this out of harms way.


  • Guest123456

    30,000 could be spent on providing schools with music classes. 30,000 could fund NAMI in Wilmington a non profit thats helps those with mental illness and their cargivers at no cost ( it would help cut down crime). 30,000 could help so many people. But Im happy to hear they will get more lights. Just the other week when I went by I thought to myself this thing needs more lights to blind drunks even more so they can run into it more.

  • Guest Reply Redux

    Paint it with Black Light paint…and 1 big Black Light bulb should do it. There you have it…no one’s running against Saffo = wasteful spending…STILL.


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