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WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Commissioners yesterday gave Brian Berger a special mandate to show up on time or else.

Last night Berger had his first chance to meet that rule, but he showed up 20 minutes after a town hall meeting in Wrightsville Beach ended. But he had more to say than why he was late.

“I wish that the board would put aside its personal vendettas and personal agendas and do what’s best for the citizens of New Hanover County,” Berger said.

Berger claims that he was not surprised when the county tried to remove him using the amotion process, because only he and Jonathan Barfield work in the best interest of the people of New Hanover County.

“The politicians on the board are going to do whatever they have to do to get their agenda through, and if that means breaking the law and ignoring the constitution, whatever it takes to get their agenda through, they’re going to do it,” Berger said.

From there Berger shifted his attention to Chairman Woody White, whom he calls the biggest bully he has ever met.

“I have my shortcomings, and to twist that into turning me into a school shooter, a terrorist, a child torturer like this board did and like Woody White continues to do is ridiculous,” Berger said. “I haven’t been in a fight since the third grade.”

Berger said that the only fight he will continue is the one for the taxpayers of New Hanover County.

His fellow commissioners gave him a pass for missing last night’s meeting saying he may not yet be fully back up to speed on county business.

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  • SouthEastNC

    what you not recognize joke like?

  • GuestPEANUT

    They tried a fast one- and it backfired on them. They lied and they were seen for what they are- weasels! There has been wrongdoing here- but not alone by Brian—— we need not ignore some of his mistakes while seeing the arrogance and vileness of Weasels Woody White and Beth Dawson – how pathetic they are as people!

  • SouthEastNC

    I’m with you, Burger Boy! Brian speaks for us! You should see some of the crazy emails I type up in the middle of the night!

    Brian’s not the one chartering private jets and buying golf clubs on the county dime! And Brian had a better attendance record than Ted Davis when he was recovering from heart surgery, so how about that!

  • LelandNC

    Really– you might mean “Plato.” It’s hard for me to take you or your comments seriously when you don’t spell Berger correctly and have some kind of aversion to punctuation.

  • Burger Boy

    Brian burger is a real american who stand’s up to them crooked politicians and bully’s and does what’s right even if it’s a hard thing to do, he may be late to meetings once in awhile but to error is human, as playdoh said, and I say unto them that try to bully and harass brother burger, “judge not, lest ye cast the first stone” as it says in the good book. And also he has the autism so they are picking on him for his disability, which is disgusting, and that old woody white should be ashamed and he should be exiled to Siberia to live in a mud hut for the outrageous and preposterous stunts he’s pulled on the voting public, they should make brian burger the head county commishioner, and then governor of NC, and I wouldn’t let woody white be dog catcher, ha!

  • ChefnSurf

    First, there’s three idiots who screwed up everything with an amotion procedure. Then there’s one idiot who claims he talks to God directly about his campaign financing (at the moment, he’s the sanest of the lot). And finally, there’s one flat out jackass who shows up after a posted meeting is over and then bitches about being picked on.

    It’s a very sad time for New Hanover County. It should also be a very angry time for NHC voters, but around these parts the voters don’t really seem to give a crap about the quality of their own lives. If they did, none of these people would be in office.

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