Berger calls out Republican commissioners

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Submitted: Tue, 09/17/2013 - 9:12pm
Updated: Tue, 09/17/2013 - 11:15pm

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Commissioners yesterday gave Brian Berger a special mandate to show up on time or else.

Last night Berger had his first chance to meet that rule, but he showed up 20 minutes after a town hall meeting in Wrightsville Beach ended. But he had more to say than why he was late.

“I wish that the board would put aside its personal vendettas and personal agendas and do what’s best for the citizens of New Hanover County,” Berger said.

Berger claims that he was not surprised when the county tried to remove him using the amotion process, because only he and Jonathan Barfield work in the best interest of the people of New Hanover County.

“The politicians on the board are going to do whatever they have to do to get their agenda through, and if that means breaking the law and ignoring the constitution, whatever it takes to get their agenda through, they’re going to do it,” Berger said.

From there Berger shifted his attention to Chairman Woody White, whom he calls the biggest bully he has ever met.

“I have my shortcomings, and to twist that into turning me into a school shooter, a terrorist, a child torturer like this board did and like Woody White continues to do is ridiculous,” Berger said. “I haven’t been in a fight since the third grade.”

Berger said that the only fight he will continue is the one for the taxpayers of New Hanover County.

His fellow commissioners gave him a pass for missing last night’s meeting saying he may not yet be fully back up to speed on county business.


  • ChefnSurf says:

    First, there’s three idiots who screwed up everything with an amotion procedure. Then there’s one idiot who claims he talks to God directly about his campaign financing (at the moment, he’s the sanest of the lot). And finally, there’s one flat out jackass who shows up after a posted meeting is over and then bitches about being picked on.

    It’s a very sad time for New Hanover County. It should also be a very angry time for NHC voters, but around these parts the voters don’t really seem to give a crap about the quality of their own lives. If they did, none of these people would be in office.

  • Burger Boy says:

    Brian burger is a real american who stand’s up to them crooked politicians and bully’s and does what’s right even if it’s a hard thing to do, he may be late to meetings once in awhile but to error is human, as playdoh said, and I say unto them that try to bully and harass brother burger, “judge not, lest ye cast the first stone” as it says in the good book. And also he has the autism so they are picking on him for his disability, which is disgusting, and that old woody white should be ashamed and he should be exiled to Siberia to live in a mud hut for the outrageous and preposterous stunts he’s pulled on the voting public, they should make brian burger the head county commishioner, and then governor of NC, and I wouldn’t let woody white be dog catcher, ha!

  • LelandNC says:

    Really– you might mean “Plato.” It’s hard for me to take you or your comments seriously when you don’t spell Berger correctly and have some kind of aversion to punctuation.

  • SouthEastNC says:

    I’m with you, Burger Boy! Brian speaks for us! You should see some of the crazy emails I type up in the middle of the night!

    Brian’s not the one chartering private jets and buying golf clubs on the county dime! And Brian had a better attendance record than Ted Davis when he was recovering from heart surgery, so how about that!

  • GuestPEANUT says:

    They tried a fast one- and it backfired on them. They lied and they were seen for what they are- weasels! There has been wrongdoing here- but not alone by Brian—— we need not ignore some of his mistakes while seeing the arrogance and vileness of Weasels Woody White and Beth Dawson – how pathetic they are as people!

  • SouthEastNC says:

    what you not recognize joke like?

  • JohnnyisGood says:

    He (Berger) cares about people, doesn’t ignore anyone, listens to all sides, and He’s Honest. Brian Berger has been attacked without mercy or merit, and if you think standing guard like a true Patriot for the Constitution and equality, justice and fighting abuses of power by career politicians woody white, wanda copley, coudriet the french county msfia boss, I’d like to tell you where you can go. You who are trying to run Berger out of town are the new Ku Klux Klan, just less intelligent and not even courageous enough to make yourself know by name or your stained brown bed sheet.

    Brian Berger isn;t a hero, but he has courage few people possess, meets the definition of public servant: so what if the Berger’s a little shy and more of a listener than Woody White, Ted Davis, Rick Catlin and Thomas Wright. So what if he fails the “politician test” the others easily pass, as smooth jivin’ door-to-door vacuum salesman and glad-handing unethical, dishonest and not particulaarly bright ambulance chasers and everyone of them corrupt to the core

    But y’all want to run this decent Christian and good person out of town, as the comment says, others complain about Berger like he’s Charles Manson. What crime did he commit? Your ignorance is plain to see and hate Berger because he took a stand against government handouts to wealthy banks while people go hungry because of Jonathan Barfield using a gun to remove Brian Berger from DSS. I’m a single mom, nobody important, and Commssioner Berger is the only decent, kind, understanding caring and sincere elected leader in Wilmington.

    Many of his critics probably are wealthy and have the money, a brutal WPD, corrupt sheriff, d.a.’s, they can buy up with judges like Criner and rig the entire justice system. I didnt by this “excuse” until I witnessed how it operates.

    Berger stands up against this corruption, Woody and Beth profit from it, and I’m not a “conspiracy theorist.” Seeing the way Commissioner Brian Berger has been treated, Because he tells us what our elected folks are doing. OR they are afraid he will expose their schemes so he has to go right now. They could just ignore him, save taxpayers millions, he’s only one vote.

    If he debated issues and details knowing the outcome will be 4-1, has been arranged before any public meeting, then you would lambast Commissioner Berger for wasting time, whining (the only one arguing is the moron who plays god on a wway comment section deeming anything Berger does as “whining”, Woody doesn’t let Berger speak you would know if you were informed, so even if Brian wanted arguing for arguments sake, then you’d make fun of his voice, his disability, which shows you are very ignorant and a sad reflection on Wilmngton. Why don’t you leave town? You are not even half the man that Brian Berger is, shortcomings and all, he has endured more abuse than anyone I’ve ever seen – and without reason other than people like Woody White and Ted Davis and the top handful of staff are filled with bigotry and hate, and have a pattern of abuse and firing people wrongly then quietly shelling out millions to buy the victim’s silence. Thank You Commissioner Berger. Charles

  • Guest1022 says:

    Exactly which law was he convicted of breaking. Do you always make up things to add to a story to make it go your way?

  • disgusted again says:

    Brian Berger is a waste of time and a drama queen. He fights to be reinstated to a position after breaking the law hence thinks he is above the law. Is he not a lawyer? Guess the same laws dont apply to him. Imagine that! He also is very passive aggressive. One would think he would be on time to a meeting after fighting in court to keep his job? But not the egocentric sicko Brian Berger.I mean he really is pathologic in his actions, behaviors and he really must have a personality disorder to think this kind of behavior is okay. It is not dear Mr Berger. As a taxpayer I dont want to pay your legal fees since you are the one that keeps f(*&*() up!

  • burgerboy says:

    that’s the best commint I’ve ever read on here abot brian burger, god bless the burgermeister!

  • Pippy Longstocking says:

    You are a true AMERICAN and im so proud of you. The citizens of New Hanover need you to continue to stand up to these wrong doers! We support you Brian. I suffer from Autism and am treated horrible by my employer of ten years. Yes I have worked hard for The Home Depot Store on Eastwood Rd and it’s been hell. I stay because I need the money to live. Brian please help.ate

  • tlbpeanuts says:

    Mr. Berger has shown me that he can not follow the same rules that the other commissioners demonstrates on a daily basis. Therefore, he does not need that seat back. How can you fight for the taxpayers of New Hanover County if you can not show up on time for a meeting?

  • wilm tax payer says:

    you need to leave town and dont come back you not welcome here

  • David E, Butler says:

    Step aside, can’t do job effectively anymore! Quit being an embarrassment to himself and Constituency…No WIN situation ! Signed, David E. Butler.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    His assessment is spot on. Berger was never a “threat” to anybody, in any form. He was chastised from day one and didn’t know how to handle the creepy, greedy, self serving individuals like Thompson, White, Wolfe and Dawson. He was out of his environment from day one with vicious buzzards flying overhead. The real problem is, the other commissioners had a novice politician that could’ve been persuaded to play, but refused to side with them. They acted like 3rd grade bullies trying to snuff him. The ridiculous strategies used by the area “attorney” and “bidnessman” Woody White were no less than comical with him showing his scairdy-cat, district court style defense strategies. Do not forget the “Bully Boy” Thompson tactics that had zero effect. I hate a bully!
    If anyone in this county selects Woody or any of his “associates” as their attorney, they are no less that a total idiot. However, I suppose we do need to look at the judges he approaches, Remember THAT too at election time. Changes are necessary for this county to move forward. It takes the PEOPLE to make those changes happen! Pay attention! This isn’t about Berger, he’s done, he knows this and accepts it, but he hasn’t fallen like the dead soldier the other commissioners expected. No matter what you have to say about is performance, Berger has done a superb job at showing what the other commissioners are all about, and they aren’t about this county, it’s taxpayers or the way the taxpayers money is spent.

  • Guest28841 says:

    If you spent just the time, you spent on getting him kicked off the board doing county business the county would have been light years ahead of where we are now. Please make sure when take action it is legal. After your last action with him, the county (that is the people of this county) may have some large bills like back pay, legal fees etc. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of things that need to fixed with Mr. Berger. I agree he does not set any examples, but he was elected. Deal with him and don’t elect him next time around.

  • Barry says:

    I don’t remember anyone on the board calling you any of the aforementioned names you bring up. What laws have they broken? Please tell us all what you have done for the taxpayers. I have been to meetings and on at least two occasions You come in and say nothing. You debate nothing. You offer no expertise to anything, no valid opinion to anything. It is obvious you are unprepared. Just what do you do all day?

    You Brian are adrift in a sea of delusion. You are a sick, little man. You sir should resign and temper your efforts to what you are going to do with your life post politics because as 99% of us have found out, you have failed like nobody else. You will be the topic of conversation and butt of jokes for some time to come here in New Hanover County.

  • SouthEastNC says:

    I guess Ben McCoy stopped writing instructions on Brian’s agenda sheet.

  • Hello says:

    Very well said!

  • GuestNCNative says:

    Oh yes, poor little Brian. How dare the Commissioners expect him to show up for meetings. And how spectacular it is that he took the admonition to show up on time to really mean show up when you want to…to include missing the meeting altogether.

    Thanks, Brian, for once again proving what we’ve known all along: YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO BE A COMMISSIONER because you don’t take it seriously.

    And you know what else, Whiney Briany? You can’t logically claim that the other members break laws just to further their agenda when you are actively avoiding meetings. If ya wanna participate, Doofus, you have to be there. You can’t say you’re fighting for the taxpayers when you don’t show up for the meetings.

    A final parting shot: You were given yet another free pass for failing to meet your obligation, so you cannot claim they’re out to get you. You were removed due to your own stupidity. You were reinstated and given another chance, and true to form, you blew it. Again. Instead of calling you on it, the other members once again allowed you to save face by saying perhaps you skipped the meeting because you’re out of the loop.

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