FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Charges dropped against Brunswick County businessman

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Submitted: Tue, 09/17/2013 - 2:56pm

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Brunswick County business owner is in the clear because investigators could not get their stories straight, his attorney said.

Andrew Gentile was charged with dealing in stolen goods at Red Gator Pawn Shop in Sunset Beach. But Friday his attorney Richard Hollar said the charges were dropped because two Brunswick County Sheriff’s investigators claimed the other did the investigation, so neither knew much about the case.

Gentile was accused of having stolen goods even though the woman who sold the items to his pawn shop was convicted of defrauding the business during the sale.

The Sheriff’s Captain of Legal Affairs Mose Highsmith said Hollar’s description of what led to the dismissal and what he said about the detectives involved in the case are not accurate. Highsmith said in a statement the Sheriff’s Office did not know the case had been dismissed until WWAY ran a story about it Friday night.

Because Gentile has filed a lawsuit against the Sheriff’s Office, Highsmith said it could not discuss the case further.


  • Funny says:

    Not the first time these detectives have put an innocent person in jail with no evidence. I really don’t know how they can face themselve in a mirror everyday for some of the things they do in this county.

  • myopinion2 says:

    Get your facts straight! The detective that was sent back to the street was lead on this case. He had no follow through with this case. His fellow detectives should not be punished for this! The information in this article is from the defendant’s attorney and not accurate. The detectives that work for Sheriff Ingram work hard for their victims and the county. Don’t let Gentile fool you! He is making noise and filing civil suits in order to distract public officials from his own crimes!

  • sideliner says:

    Nice try, but it is impossible to defend the indefensible. Its obvious that this case has struck a nerve with you. Also, it is obvious that the Sheriffs Department and its supporters cannot face reality. They have a core element who have been labeled “The Trench Coat Mafia”. This department also has other lawsuits pending; which they will not be able to defend, because they do not know or have never read the 4th amendment, and collectively they continue to trip all over themselves and hide behind their PR representative.
    In the matter of Mr. Gentile, it is usual for the investigating officers to be present in the courtroom for their case. This did not occur. Where were they? Oh, right, they had six months to put their case together, and neither was in court on the trail date; really ???How serious was the case to them if they were not present?
    Reason…they had no case and could not defend their actions, and now one is blaming the other for the botched investigation!
    As far a filing a civil rights lawsuit, do you have any idea how expensive it is to do so??? This step is not taken frivolously and just what crimes do you think he is trying to distract officials from?

  • annoyed says:

    myopinion2….just what “crimes” are you accusing Mr. Gentile of? Making accusations such as the one you just made could be considered “libel”. Would you care to elaborate??????

  • Guest77 says:

    Yeah he was a officer in ocean isle beach.

  • Guest man says:

    Is this the same Andy Gentile that was a police officer?

  • Guest-of-the-day says:

    he was always planning on being a pawn shop owner.

  • annoyed says:

    Typical of law enforcement in this area….rush in without all the facts, taking action without regard to who is hurt or damaged by their actions. Andy Gentile’s reputation was unfairly damaged by this farce created by an inept Sheriff’s Dept. These two officers need to be removed from the department as it is obvious they know very little of the law and how to conduct a proper investigation. Their ineptitude goes up the chain of command and the Sheriff himself and the District Attorney’s office are also culpable in this debacle for allowing it to get so far without proper over site. I think a public apology to Mr. Gentile is warranted and an investigation of the Sheriff’s Office should be conducted. The public should be informed of just how many civil rights lawsuits against the Sheriff’s Office are now pending and/or have already been filed. It is the taxpayers money that is being used to defend this department’s incompetence.

  • Not Politically Correct says:

    Another brunswick detective failure.

  • Guest1 says:

    I knew this couple didn’t do anything wrong! Finally the truth come out – stop bothering the good ones in this world and deal with the REAL criminals out there

  • Guest123123 says:

    I can tell you a lot of detectives do not like PI’s. This is because PI’s are looking over a criminal case that the detective has put together for the DA. I guess they feel someone is questioning their work or trying to get the defendant off. Like it or not PI’s are part of the criminal justice system and work for the defense. My feeling is that if you did a good job on your investigation the PI will not be able to poke holes in your case. As a PI I remember working cases in Brunswick county that were investigated by David Crocker. He was a damn good investigator on serious felony cases and always shared his investigations with me because he knew they were good and he had nothing to hide that was going to be part of the discovery process anyway.

  • annoyed says:

    You are correct in your post, however, most people following this story are unaware that this action against Andy Gentile was a vendetta by these deputies for his excellent work as a PI and really had nothing to do with illegal pawn shop activity of which he was charged with and is innocent of. The charges against him were bogus and the detectives in question could not come together and produce a case against him. Charges dropped and taxpayer money wasted and a good man’s reputation was tarnished. The only criminal activity here was on the part of the “so called” detectives who trumped up these charges. I understand one of these detectives has been “demoted” back to patrol. The next step should be to fire both of them.

  • Hi-lar-ious! I give you accolades and kudos! What an unexpected response! You sure know how to bring about a possible shut-down to this blog. Love it!

  • Guestfrmrdet says:

    I can tell you that this case was done correctly with all the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed. Mr. Gentile filed a bogus lawsuit on these guys because he knows he did wrong. The charges were dropped because his attorney got to the main witness before court. And as far as court goes, officers are put on “stand-by” if needed. If they don’t get called, they don’t go. And the one detective went back to the road because sometimes they need a break. Can’t believe you folks want to jump to such conclusions. Wow……is all I can say. But just wait, I’m sure its not over!

  • sideliner says:

    What “Disneyland” world do you live in? The I’s were crossed and the T’s dotted were what happened in this case! Mr. Gentile’s attorney presented the facts of the case to the judge and upon hearing those facts the judge dismissed the case. The attorney and the Judge acted appropriately and the DA acted accordingly. Whether the two officers were there or not, the outcome would have been the same because they had no case. Your comment of “But just wait, I’m sure its not over!”–would you care to explain what you mean by that? Some might construe this to be a threat and you overtly hostile. You need to move on with your life. Did that detective truly “need” a break or was he “given” a break–because the next step down from the road will be “the door”.

  • Its About Time says:

    This was nothing more than a payback to Andy for the work he did on a couple of cases and the reports he filed about how sorry of a job the Sheriff’s department did during a case. If I was media, I would some transcripts and see what actually goes on in Brunswick County.. Some peoples eyes need to be open. The department down there is A JOKE!!!!

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