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Brunswick deputy fired after estranged husband confronts her with photos of men's genitalia


BRUNSWICK COUNTY (WWAY) – A former Brunswick County Sheriff’s deputy said sexting cost her her job and led to another deputy’s demotion, but the Sheriff’s Office says there was no such scandal.

It all started last month when Deputy Nikkita Beresoff said her estranged husband, Jeremy Beresoff, broke into her Southport home. She said he looked through her phone and saw she was sexting.

Nikkita Beresoff said Jeremy Beresoff stalked her all day on August 13 and even followed her on a couple of calls.

Later on, he saw her eating at HWY 55 in Shallotte, walked in, and showed her pictures of male gentalia on the phone demanding to know who it was.

A day later, the Sheriff fired Nikkita.

When we spoke with her Wednesday she said she was fired because she lied about the sexting to protect the other deputy involved.

Beresoff admitted to us she sent and received photos from the other deputy, but she insists that was the extent of their relationship.

She said that deputy was demoted but refused to give his name.

She said a detective also asked her to send him photos and she refused. She says the Sheriff’s Office went through the information on her phone and found the detective’s text message asking for the photos.

Beresoff said that detective has also been demoted.

Spokeswoman Emily Flax said "The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office has been contacted by two separate media outlets within the past week stating that they have received information regarding 9-10 Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Deputies being involved in inappropriate texting/emailing within the past 30-60 days. No adverse personnel actions have been taken against any deputy for inappropriate texting/emails."

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Sheriff's stand?

It's not surprising that the Sheriff has such a permissive administration. Doesn't he have a history of infidelity too?

If I were the high and not so mighty Sheriff

Please don't tell me that in this day and age, a deputy of the law doesn't know better than to send a picture of his privates to anyone. There is simply no defense for such deplorable judgement. The lady in question didn't send a text of her privates, did she? Fire the male(s).
There is no satisfactory excuse. I don't care if it's the sheriff's brother, uncle, nephew, or son. He is stupid beyond measure.

Nepotism at its finest

Could it be that the male deputy in this situation wasn't fired because he's related to a member of the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners?

Devil's advocate

What's to say that she is not trying to stir up trouble after she got fired? For all we know, it could be just sour grapes on her part. Why is she coming forward with this now, as opposed to when this all happened?

I'm quite sure it's not her

I'm quite sure it's not her that came forth. If I had my guess, it was one of the wives of the men involved.

Lies, lies, lies. One thing

Lies, lies, lies. One thing about all these "opinions"....they are like a part of our anatomy and we all have one. Some people should keep their opinions to themselves. Some of you sound like gossip kings/queens.....seeing what sleeping dog you can awaken. Leave this girl and that deputy alone, don't you think she has been thru enough??

SHE has been through enough?

SHE has been through enough? Her public announcments on this situations proves her lack of maturity and lack of concern for the fact that she has caused suck turmoil in other peoples life. I agree that people are grown and do what they want but girls like this make things a little too accessible and tempting. People do make mistakes but when you continue to make them and have no concern about who you are affecting, you are a nuisance to society and need to be stopped.

I know for a fact that this

I know for a fact that this girl does not care if ANY of the men (plural)that she sends text messages to have significant others. She denies knowing that this paticular guy was married, she is lying AGAIN!

You know for a fact that she

You know for a fact that she doesn't care if ANY of the men have significant others?? what about the men?? they must have momentarily forgot they had significant others?? Why is it always the woman who is the whore?? Is it possible that OMGOSH the men also KNOW that they are married and just don't care enough to be faithful to their wives????? Perhaps you are a scorned wife.. Or friend/sister of a scorned wife.. My advice to you....... Watch your husband.. Cause if he is gonna do it with one..he'll do it with many... Maybe you need a new man?? Either way.. the man is to blame too.. Period!!

I did not say that the male

I did not say that the male is not to blame, I was simply stating that this paticular female does not care if the male is married or with someone. I'm not scorned and have no problems with my relationship but your assumptions show what kind of person I am talking to. They are both at fault, no question, but she is the one that knew he was married and should have you the sense God gave her. OMGOSH! She was married in the eyes of the law too!

.. It doesn't matter if you

.. It doesn't matter if you think she doesn't care of not.. You can't KNOW whats in someone's head. Several police officers think it's their duty to run around on their wives and constantly tell girls they are separated so that girls will sleep with them.. Lying about being separated from your wife so you can get laid.. Shame.. She was separated from her husband and thought he was separated as well.. You can't judge people for their mistakes.. You aren't GOD after all.. My "assumptions" come from the fact that you pointed the finger straight at her and basically said she didnt care if someone was married or not.. Never said anything about the man.. it usually is the scorned and friends of the scorned who are the first to flap their jaws.

True story! It's bad when

True story! It's bad when everyone-even the male deputies (imagine that)warned others of her reputation. I'm not sure those involved all knew about each other at first but word got around that they were all dipping in the same pot. It's one thing to not know someone is married but it's another to know. Social media makes it VERY easy to find out these days who is married and who is not. Ask your colleagues--females, if you have to, if you don't know.

The truth came out little by little. It went from no action was taken against any deputy for sexting to the truth that she was fired and other deputies demoted and/or fired. The truth will come out eventually that there was more than 1 male involved. I wonder if some of the wives who heard their husbands were fired/demoted for "other" reasons figured out that the real story by now.

The important question hasn't been asked in over 65 comments...

Were any of the pictures impressive? Come on WWAY, ask the hard question!

She has been indicted as a

She has been indicted as a Dumb Cop Syndrome. Why on earth would you send pictures of your exposed body and you're working for a political office? Even if you're working any type of job, why would you put your job at risk by sexting? That male deputy was probably showing pictures to others in BCSO. Don't get upset with Sheriff Ingram, he done the right thing by letting her go.

Uh, re-read the artical.....

She did NOT send her own photos, she was sent MALE genitalia photos, and unless she has something none of the rest of us natural born ladies have down there, she received them from the male deputy. Yes, the very one she got fired for lying to protect him. And all he got was demoted. Is it just me, or does anyone see that she got slammed all the way around on this? Her ex or estranged husband stages a time in a public place to blow this up to make sure it gets noticed, then the deputy who is so proud of his genitalia gets demoted but not fired, but she has lost her job and dignity.

I hear ya loud and clear because it is reminded to me all the time by people who think just like's still a man's world and it's always the woman's fault.


I believe that you are some what correct. However, a women is not always at fault. Sometimes it is a shared fault, contingent on the circumstances; or believe it or not, men are just as bad. However, that does not justify what happened, or excuse it. I firmly believe that the blame should be shared here; even by the sheriff. What makes these male deputies so special? They should be ushered out the door too. What makes them special...nothing, other than they are screw ups of the highest order. Obviously demoted for this and other questionable actions and behavior. The bigger question here is why are they being protected and by whom. Demoted, they should have been shown the door too. Demotion should not have even have been considered an option. It is obvious that there is a cover up, and that these deputies who have since been demoted or transferred, their names will soon become public, because it's only a matter of time, and most people already know who they are, and they will then find themselves also seeking new employment. What the esteemed sheriff does not realize yet, or if he has, but does not want to admit, is that he has a disease, and that disease is his employees. Any good doctor knows that you must cut away the disease before the whole body becomes consumed. What the good sheriff should do is cut himself loose from this disease and move on; if only because his own house of glass is beginning to break up around him.

QUOTE "Beresoff admitted to

QUOTE "Beresoff admitted to us she sent and received photos from the other deputy, but she insists that was the extent of their relationship.

Please re-read the article again


I did re-read and it did! Lol! Silly me! And I didn't spell article correctly! I so wish i could delete my own post on here. :)

Slammed all the way around

Nice turn of phrase

Sheriff Office

Seems there is alot of rumors surronding the truth in this story. I understand the. Sherriff fired her for lieing about the other deputy being involved but someone lied about the fact that there was nothing like this going on at the sheriffs office. I also remember a rumor not too long ago about. The sheriff may have cheated on his wife but now all of a sudden it is immoral. I really love how corruption goes on everyday but all the media is worried about is who is getting screwed this week.

It is very sad that a young

It is very sad that a young woman's career was destroyed and she has been publicly humiliated because of the action of her so-called "estranged husband". I don't see where she did anything wrong except refuse to name the deputy she had pictures of. According to a news report I heard last night, her "husband" broke into her house or wherever she lived and stole her phone with the pictures in it. She was not carrying it while on duty. I have great respect for Sheriff Ingram, but since she had done nothing wrong while on duty, I feel he was a little harsh in his actions in firing her. Everyone, including law enforcement officers have a life after work. And, very few humans have not looked at racy pictures of the opposite sex. I think this woman was treated very unfairly when the only crime committed was her husband breaking and entering.

I agree!

This has nothing to do with her job performance.....this was a personal issue. I don't agree with the actions, but she shouldn't have been fired.

Really????? running around

Really????? running around playing grab arse while wearing a badge and being paid to be a public servant doesn't have anything to do with job performance? How about being on the public's dime and carrying on with personal business?, namely using a cell phone for personal reasons while on duty??? start to see the problem?


I guess the institution of marriage is a joke..and truly dead! What she did wasn't criminally wrong. However, being married is supposed to mean something in regards to your body and who sees whats underneath...

Morally Wrong

Morally Wrong is what see did. She was married! Where do you not see something wrong???? Again she was married so there for she committed adultery in God's eyes, and broke the law in NC.


Looney-Tunes like yourself

Looney-Tunes like yourself are a lot of the problem. This is why it is important to have separation of church and state. She did nothing that kept her from discharging her sworn duties and a law enforcement officer. If anything was done that was morally wrong, let the church and the officer sort that out. It seems like she was fired because she did not live up to the Sheriff's moral expectations more so than not doing her job. I hope all of you who think she should have lost her job over this will go to church this Sunday and recharge yourselves, then go to Chick Fil A afterward and really give this some serious thought. After all, WWJD? Would he have fired her? And remember, she only had pictures. Nobody has reported she actually had sex with anyone. The religious zealots in this nation are some of the most judgemental and dangerous people in the world. Also, 1SG America, what NC law did she break?

guest 185...

"I hope all of you who think she should have lost her job over this will go to church this Sunday and recharge yourselves, then go to Chick Fil A afterward and really give this some serious thought. After all, WWJD?"

Um you're NOT a true Christian are you?
Everyone knows Chick Fil A is closed on Sundays to allow their employees to go to church.........thats one of the reasons why it's so popular with the Christian folks
Monday thru Saturday.........


You're absolutely correct,

You're absolutely correct, Vog. I am Agnostic. Enjoy your meal. Judging from some of the replies from the Holier than thous, I suspect TRUE Christians are very, very scarce.

I challenge you to read the

I challenge you to read the Bible and find out who Jesus really is. One day, you'll have to meet Him. I pray you get to know Him before then.

She was fired??!!

Pardon me, but the young lady was fired for lying? How about her husband being arrested for B&E and theft. How about firing the deputy who so proudly displayed his manhood? She seems to have more credibility than anyone else in the story. At least she tried to cover for the guy for the deed found on her phone. She didn't send him any return pictures of her goodies.