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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina’s environment agency wants public input on plans to eliminate vehicle emissions testing for cars and light trucks that are less than three years old and have less than 70,000 miles.

The state Division of Air Quality holds a public hearing Wednesday in Raleigh to discuss plans to eliminate emissions testing for newer vehicles. Cars and trucks are already exempt in their first model year.

The change will save drivers the $16.40 annual inspection cost. A required annual safety test of tires, headlights, wipers and other parts costs $13.60.

The change was signed into a law last year, but the details must be approved by a state environmental rule-making commission and the US Environmental Protection Agency. The changes likely won’t take effect until next year.

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  • Guest45

    NC needs to do away with state inspections period!!!! Even babbling Carolyn Justice realized this and made comments to the same years ago, inspections are just a way to scam taxpayers out of more money and waste their time getting it done, states all around us have done away with this antiquated procedure and hasn’t effected public safety one bit, I know Rabon doesn’t have the gut’s to bring up a bill to eliminate the inspections but there should be someone.

    Even the inspections do nothing to eliminate dangerous window tinting, and obnoxious bright headlights that blind oncoming traffic!, How does law enforcement get by with the dark tint on their windows when they are subject to a NC inspection, it’s time to do away with this time wasting procedure.

  • guesty

    “How does law enforcement get by with the dark tint on their windows when they are subject to a NC inspection,”


  • Vog46

    I agree to a point with the elimination of inspections. I don’t think all inspections should be eliminated but I would only inspect cars that are 5 years old and up.
    Also, I was under the impression that law enforcement vehicles were exempted from state inspections, but I may be wrong about that.


  • Brian

    State inspections are a good thing as long as they are done properly. I believe that seat belts should also be a part of the inspection. The state should operate all stations where inspections are done. That will take care of dishonest shops failing vehicles that should pass.

  • Guest7969

    ANOTHER tax is all emissions testing is people! Get rid of this crap ALL together!


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