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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police are searching for three masked men who robbed a Wilmington Pizza Hut last night, meanwhile they say they’ve solved other high-profile crimes.

“Pick up the phone, use text-a-tip, do the right thing. We need information,” said Police Chief Ralph Evangelous.

Evangelous is pleading with the public for help solving a recent string of armed robberies.

Evangelous says his department is working on several leads right now, and that he has a pretty good idea who the offenders might be.

“I could name off one or two right now, but I won’t, because I will get in trouble again, but I can name off one or two that are probably good for dozens, dozens and dozens of crimes,” said Evangelous.

The Pizza Hut on Oleander Drive was the latest business robbed.

Investigators say three masked men held up the restaurant before 10:00 p.m., Wednesday night.

The thieves are still on the run.

The chief says crooks are getting a jump on the Christmas rush.

“Normally robberies increase in November through Christmas and New Year’s, but it started early this year,” said Evangelous.

Meanwhile an accused bank robber is behind bars.

Ottis McGill is charged with robbing the New Bridge Bank on South College Road September 6 and the Western Union on North Second Street August 21.

McGill is also suspected in bank heists in Elizabethtown and Lumberton.
No one at Pizza Hut would talk to us today, and the corporate office never called us back.

Police say no tip is too small or too insignificant.

If you see or hear anything call police.

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  • Morty Sussman

    That’s basically what he is saying, that crime is going UP (in direct contradiciton to the ridiculous earlier statements it is going down) because Obamas policies have created more poverty, misery and despair. Which is a FACT, not to be undone by some Obama bots calling me names. If these criminals had jobs or more welfare they would not steal, since they usually only go stealing around Xmas. He also is saying that his dept cannot protect anyone, just write reports after the crimes, so if you want to live in Obamaville you better be able to defend yourself. Because life in Obamaville is bad and going to get aloe worse!

  • beach guy

    You are right of course but to help those whom do not understand we need to offer them statistics such as under president Obama the unemployment rate for the African American community is over 40% while the rest of the country is (according to them) is 7.5%.
    The poverty numbers are just as dismal so much in fact that NBC actually did a news story on it last week saying there are more people now living in poverty than during the great depression.
    The wealth gap is largest it has ever been and the GDP is the lowest
    the middle class is under constant assault in the form of new and higher taxes and regulation from state federal and local government as they try and meet the gap between spending and federal assistance cut backs.
    Food prices have gone up 140% fuel and energy costs have doubled.
    If the country does not get it’s act together there is no where to go but down. It will not be some tumultuous event but slow steady gradual decline in the standard of living (which I think was the social progressives plan to begin with) since we evil people with jobs have it too good anyway. You ever notice no one ever goes to the projects to steal and rob? We the 9-5 type are a target of the entire mess as we have the most to lose and the least amount of cushion, whether we get pushed around from the bottom up or the top down so it makes no difference I try to hope for the best and plan for the worst I hope a lot of others are doing the same.

  • Guest 10101

    Oh my goodness! This is what it’s come down to? The Chief blames the crime uptick on Christmas? At the end of summer? What’s the next big excuse; aliens?

    Seems like a nice guy, but it has become obvious that he’s in way over his head on far too many levels.

  • Tracie C

    Well, if your comment is the norm, it’s obvious why we can’t rely on people to help stop crime in their own neighborhoods.
    It is a well known fact that crime increases during the holiday’s. What was stated in the story was an OPINION of the police chief that it had STARTED EARLY THIS YEAR. He didn’t blame frigging Christmas.
    Take your head out of your ass and wake up. DO SOMETHING TO HELP instead of sitting behind your computer in judgement blaming anything else but your own inability to stand up for what’s right where you live.

  • guesty

    You will have to excuse Ralphie, he is a little distracted by the storm that is about to blow through his department. Can’t keep covering up forever, eventually the slime starts to ooze out.

  • Guest Reply Redux


    How do you like your CROW served Cheefie Wheefie…with duck sauce or Grits & Eggs on the face?! The Public’s help request from WPD just went up 67%.
    This was way too easy…did he really think this story would go without comparison to recent remarks…or does he think yesterday’s news was used to wrap the fish? Ha!

  • burgerboy

    the reason they have all these crimes is because these libster bleeding brain dingbat judges let these criminels out of prison when they’ve served 15% of their sentence for good behavior, i’d behave good too if i could lay up all day in the A/C and sleep late and not have to go to work and get three free meals a day and free excercise equipment and TV and librery priveliges on your tax dollars, most of them lazy criminel delinquents commit crimes just so they can get caught and sent back so they don’t have to do nothing for a living, and of course if convicted felons could vote they overwhelmingly would vote democrat, because it’s them libber dembocrats that waste so many of our tax dollars on this criminel trash!

  • Guest2020

    It is not the judges who are letting the criminals out early. It is the NC Department of Corrections. They have a set of guidelines that they follow regarding early release for prisoners. The real problem lies with the sentencing. The judges sentence what they can and oftentimes, it doesn’t fit the crime. We need legislators and governors who are willing to enact laws that make sentences harsher for violent criminals.

  • GuestMan.

    Food prices have gone up 140%? Gas prices have doubled? Average price of bread on 9/2008-$1.68 Now $1.88
    Average price of gal. of milk 9/2008-$2.65 Now-$3.19
    Gallon of gas 9/13- $3.79 Now-$3.36
    So you see, your statements were far from accurate. Did you just make this up or are you parrotting someone on Fox News?
    This is what happens when tea-bagger disinformation is just repeated and not checked, because what he printed is just not true.
    The steady decline started back in 2001 when the republicans gave tax breaks to rich people that don’t need it and put the onus of tax revenue on the backs of the vanishing middle class.
    Would you go to a junkyard to steal a Lexus? No, you would not. Just like you would not go to a house to steal from somebody that doesn’t have anything.
    Don’t fall for his argument, because it is far from the truth.


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