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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A man was arrested in Columbus County after allegedly assaulting a Sheriff’s Deputy.

According to investigators, Brandon Hamer grabbed Deputy Scott Collins around the throat and neck while Collins was trying to arrest Hamer for carrying a concealed handgun.

Court documents show Hamer also ran from Collins twice and refused to obey orders.

Hamer was charged with assault on a government official, resisting a public officer, carrying a concealed gun, felony possession of a stolen firearm, and possession of a gun with an altered serial number.

Columbus County Sheriff Chris Batten says he cannot release the dash cam video because the case is now under investigation by the SBI.

Batten says the suspect’s father is claiming Collins used excess force.

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  1. k Cobbs

    Thats the problem with the justice system now. You miseducated pubicl official feel like yoi have the right to do what ever you want and ” be justified” . So you feel its okay to shoot and potentially kill and individual who merely choked you. Foolishness.

  2. tenthirtyeight

    You screw with the bull, you get the horns. Good job, Collins.

  3. Guest 1040

    What a miscarriage of justice that the court system has to be tied up with such ….

  4. xxx

    Bad part of the whole story is that the DA for Columbus County will probally give Hamer probation for all the charges.

  5. beach guy

    I agree with you entirely in fact I do not think this practice should be confined only to LEO’s! There would be a demonstrated drop in choking and exactly 50% less witnesses to interview. A win win in my book.

  6. Guest2478

    Well when you choke a law enforcement officer bad things tend to happen. He should feel lucky that he is alive because being a law enforcement officer myself, I would have shot him and been justified in doing so.

  7. Just Me

    Excessive force? Looks like he got what was coming to him. Good on you Scott Collins! Sounds as though the deputy was doing his duty and protecting himself. This criminal should be glad he wasn’t shot.

  8. BlueKnight585

    Amen to that. What a scumbag, trying to choke a cop. I doubt he has money to pay the medical bill, so I guess this worthless POS will cost the taxpayers. Obama-Care, at its best.

  9. guesty

    The punk thug attacked the deputy and got his butt kicked. There is a valuable life lesson in there if only he could be smart enough to learn from it.

  10. Guest252

    Don’t assault cops…pretty simple really. Cop says do something, just do it. Excessive force?? Don’t try to choke a cop. You never win an argument with a LEO on the side of the road…take it to court.

  11. Guest, just another

    Has there been a better case of deserving a whoopin than this??? What a degenerate piece of garbage, sucking from society to the point that the family thinks they need to complain? Seriously? What a horrible example of what our society has to offer, feeling entitled to the point that its ok to fight the have a stolen weapon, fight the cops, run away, and STILL think they have a reason to complain and probably think they DESERVE some sort of restitution. PATHETIC!

  12. Guest_Lurker

    Well, he resisted arrest, assaulted an officer, while in possession of an illegal fire arm. Maybe he’ll learn his lesson.

  13. Guestbr549

    Bad guy with gun. Stolen gun. Attacks a peace officer. He is lucky to be alive.

    “Rough men stand ready to do violence so that good people sleep safe at night”.

  14. Guest3293

    What about the officer? Where are the pictures of him? How bad was he hurt? This POS choked the officer and ran from him two times. I am really surprised that he doesn’t look worse than he does. He got everything he deserved.

  15. beach guy

    From the picture it Looks like this pillar of the community had a bad day. As far as excessive force is concerned the guys dad should be glad that this gun toting felon is still upright and not laid out on a slab.

    I am sure there will be the usual posts about this is a good guy and he was targeted by the police and so on and so forth.

    But please try and see it from the point of view that if this guy was not a crook the cops would not be around they have plenty of other guys to look for considering there is so many armed robberies going on and MS-13 members slipping away.

    Heck , they barley investigate property crimes any more I guess do to the volume of the thefts.. just take down the information and file a report and the victim or the insurance company eat the loss

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