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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A member of the MS-13 gang is still on the loose after yesterday’s manhunt near Mayfaire was called off.

Now both law enforcement and neighbors are left wondering where he will turn up next.

Investigators say they were landscapers by day, but dangerous criminals associated with the gang MS-13 by night. According to a Department of Homeland Security agent the men had been working under false identities in Landfall. When homeland security tried to serve warrants on them, one of the men took off.

“My initial thought was, ‘What’s going on?’ All the neighbors were coming out and trying to figure out what the excitement was about. I felt like I needed to stay inside the house,” said Susan Lew, who lives near the area searched.

A multi-agency search for the man stretched out for hours and carried over into an area near Mayfaire, but when night fell, officers called off the search.

“If they called off the search they must not think that he’s extremely threatening right at this moment,” Lew said.

But investigators say that as a member of MS-13 he is violent by nature.

According to the FBI, MS-13 has close to 10,000 members spread across 42 states. In 2008 the FBI director said MS-13 is America’s most dangerous gang.

Despite that fact , residents near the search area say they still feel safe at home.

“I think we’re pretty safe now,” Ross Marino said. “Everybody seems to have taken off so if they’re not worried I won’t get worried either.”

The suspect who was arrested was taken to the Duplin County Sheriff’s Office, however deputies would not confirm his identity or his charges.

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  • Guest-o-matic

    …in this town! Gang task force needs to get on the ball! Quickly! Gotta put these thugs to bed now.

  • 357sig

    Will have the guts to ask the Landfill Home Owners Association why they hired illegal aliens in the first place. Do they not background check the people they hire? Or do they not care if they put the home owners in jeopardy to save a dollar or two?

  • beach guy

    357sig great question and great gun!
    I know when I hire someone it is complete documentation as in DL ssn card, background check then check at least three references, and my company is no where near as high and mighty as landfall.

  • WilmMan

    Doesn’t matter if they catch him or not…he will be back on our streets within months

  • local

    I have heard they were contractors. Who employed these fine immigrants? Does the contracting firm not use E-Verify? I imagine they work very cheap. Ironic that they were in such a high income neighborhood. You get what you pay for.

  • guestyyyyy

    Felonious gang members who are employed in legal jobs by day? One must wonder why the feds were after these two in particular. There are plenty of known gang members festering in our nice neighborhoods, engaging in crime and bringing down the property values. Call the cops all you want, but nothing is ever done. Curious what makes these two guys any different.

  • Maureen A. Wilson

    We can thank House Speaker Thom Tillis and RINO Republicans for the recent passage of H786 which CREATED a LARGE loophole for seasonal labor in non agricultural jobs. This bill extended seasonal labor to 9 mos. AND exempted those employers from using E-Verify background checks for this category of employee.

    Hence, NO federal background checks through legal immigration, FAKE ID which fuels document fraud mills, and in this case MS-13 gang members. Who are these people and why are they in the U.S.??

    This loophole needs to be CLOSED in the 2014 short session.

  • MayfairResident

    NO Name, NO picture, NO reasoning, NO gang member proof….. We can’t catch him if we don’t know who to look for! WWAY- you don’t mind blasting people’s pictures before they are found innocent, but you can’t even get a hold of an alleged “gang member” picture? You couldn’t even take the time to look up his Facebook? He may even have a linkedIn profile somewhere….

  • Is that U, John Wayne ?

    Maybe we can get Marc Benson to catch him. He seems to think he’s the expert on everything.


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