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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — People enjoy visiting downtown Wilmington for shopping, eating and the night life, but many say the Central Business District has room to improve.

You did not have to drive too far down Front Street Friday to notice parking spots decorated with plants, flowers and games for Park(ing) Day, which is a global push to improve the quality of urban living by adding more green space.

“She loves the grass,” Emmaline Hardy said of her dog. “She wants to be out in the trees and nature. It is a better doggy atmosphere. It would be something downtown doesn’t have.”

Supporters say adding a park in downtown Wilmington would increase the quality of life for both people and their pets. They hope the attention they get today excites local leaders into making changes.

“This is what the people want,” supporter Michelle Howe said. “They want green space. They want a place to go downtown.”

Supporters say adding a park will bring more people downtown and keep them there. They plan to present survey results to City Council at their next meeting.

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  • live in the city

    please best thing you can do is stay away from down town. if you get rape/ killed/ robbed / get a ticket you deserve it.

  • GuestofWind

    Green space? You mean a free campground for the homeless. If you put a park downtown, it will be littered and trashed in a week. The last time we put a green space downtown was in front of the main library. If you go to the courtyard in the main library you will see them sleeping on the benches all hours of the day. Take a walk down there and you will see 2 fountains that have been shut off due to the homeless bathing in the fountain. Waste of tax payer dollars. There is trash and litter all over of the place, it reeks of urine & stale beer. Also since the drug problem is bad in Wilmington, expect to find needles laying about around the benches and playgrounds. I see them all the time in parking lots around town, so I imagine it would be worse downtown.

  • Guest 1492

    That’ll be especially true after dark when their chances of being shot and left for dead will increase exponentially.

  • Guest 10101

    It just doesn’t get any more hokey than this; a couple of parking spots with some cheap AstroTurf, some small potted plants with a couple of plastic flowers, a few crummy plastic chairs and a plethora of signs saying we “want” this and we “want” that.

    “This is what the people want,” supporter Michelle Howe said. By people did she mean both of them? “They want a place to go downtown.” Uh, Michelle …. You do realize that Riverwalk is right around the corner, don’t you?

    “”She loves the grass,” Emmaline Hardy said of her dog. “She wants to be out in the trees and nature. It is a better doggy atmosphere.” Wow, Emiline must be a doggy psychic. Yo, Emiline, put the pooch in the car and drive about 10 minutes to a park. Duh! Skip the “woof” and go directly to “barf”.

    What’s even more amazing is that WWAY covers this stuff as if it’s an actual event. What’s next, the Annual Brush Your Teeth Outdoors “event”?

  • beach guy

    Folks, I like dogs as much as the next guy but when did it become the responsibility of government to provide them with “atmosphere” That goes for kids and adults and all other species as well.
    You want atmosphere buy a farm and atmosphere your hieny off but do not expect someone else to pay for it.

    And what about the cat owners? I do not think there is a cat friendly park in the entire state. This is blatant discrimination we will need to involve the Aclu to protect the rights of Cats and their owners.
    Then the reptile people will need a spot with special lighting so the lizards do not get cold. This stupidity with any luck and support from the liberal agenda (verbal haranguing) types, No actual cash mind you because they can only spend other peoples money.. we could grow this into a bureaucracy that our government will truly be proud of.

  • Guest2020

    Isn’t Greenfield Park just a few minutes drive from downtown. If green space is that important for your dog, find an existing place to take him instead of asking the hardworking taxpayers of Wilmington to spend money to accommodate your pet.

  • ChefnSurf

    What’s that Lassie? You love the grass and want to be out in the trees and nature because it’s a better doggy atmosphere?

    My goodness, where do they find these people? They’re just a few Fruit Loops shy of a complete box of cereal.


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