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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — People enjoy visiting downtown Wilmington for shopping, eating and the night life, but many say the Central Business District has room to improve.

You did not have to drive too far down Front Street Friday to notice parking spots decorated with plants, flowers and games for Park(ing) Day, which is a global push to improve the quality of urban living by adding more green space.

“She loves the grass,” Emmaline Hardy said of her dog. “She wants to be out in the trees and nature. It is a better doggy atmosphere. It would be something downtown doesn’t have.”

Supporters say adding a park in downtown Wilmington would increase the quality of life for both people and their pets. They hope the attention they get today excites local leaders into making changes.

“This is what the people want,” supporter Michelle Howe said. “They want green space. They want a place to go downtown.”

Supporters say adding a park will bring more people downtown and keep them there. They plan to present survey results to City Council at their next meeting.

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