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Teen shot and killed riding moped on Forest Hills Drive


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A Wilmington teenager is dead after police say he was shot and killed during a drive-by shooting in Forest Hills late this afternoon.

Police responded to the 00 block of Forest Hills Drive around 4:30 p.m. after residents reported hearing several gunshots. When officers arrived they found Joseph David Williams, 18, of Wilmington lying in the street with a gunshot wound to the back. Police say Williams was riding on the back of a moped with Mark Richie, Jr., 18, when the shooting happened.

Witnesses told police that the moped was going at a high rate of speed down Forest Hills Drive, and a grey Honda Coupe was following with one of the passengers firing shots at the two teenagers.

Police say Williams was pronounced dead at the scene. Richie was treated for minor injuries and released.

Police are asking for your help. If you have any information about this crime call the Wilmington Police Department at (910) 343-3609, text Crimes (274637) start your text message with "Tip708" then type your message or call Crime Stoppers at (800) 531-9845.

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Joseph was my cousin, Just

Joseph was my cousin, Just found out all this happened.


Sometimes you can DO EVERYTHING RIGHT and things still don't turn out well.

My sister is an example. My sister for various reasons, some beyond her control, some within her control, has had a less than a stellar life. And I promise you, it has nothing to with the family, at the very least, my mom and me. And before you ask about my dad, he was a less than a stellar influence whom my mom wishes she had left sooner, but it is what it is. And even then there are other conditions, biological, that have influenced my sister's outcome. Considering her biology, I can say with all certainty that her outcome would have been exactly the same, regardless of my dad's influence.

Yes, there are choices made, but that is on the person and NOT on THE FAMILY. And in this case, my god, he was shot in the back. I don't care what he did, he didn't serve to have his life taken like that. Not in this instance, when he was running away.

Back to my mother, she worked, sometimes two jobs while us kids were growing up. And she has always encouraged us to do right. She loves god, taught us right from wrong, but sometimes things don't always turn out right.

It is NOT HELPFUL, and yes, VERY judgmental to debase an entire family's character on the actions of one person. There is a family that is grieving right now. Show some respect, please.

To the person who degraded another poster because of their grammar, please grow up. The poster in question may well have a learning disability that has influenced their command of the language. In fact, I guarantee it! To that poster, if you are interested in improving your writing and reading skills. Cape Fear Literacy Council is a great local, NON PROFIT, resource that offers FREE tutoring in Adult Basic Literacy, English as a Second Language, Basic Math skills, and GED preparation. Just a thought.


I am so disgusted right now.... I went to school with this kid and he walked around with the biggest smile on his face and was so nice to everyone i had no idea about his criminal activity. But for god sakes the kid was 18 years old.... GONE TOO SOON this kid is so young that there was still hope for him to stray away from such activities. Some of you people on here are villainous and vicious people who should honestly look to get some help because what you guys are writing makes me raise an eyebrow about what kind of people you are. "God punishes evil"? Excuse me? What kind of comment is that? That is awful you are an abomination to christians everywhere... I hope you look for forgiveness. That is terrible. RIP JD you were loved by everyone. God please look after his family through this tough time and all this criticism give them the strength to flush it out.

What really killed the boy

What really killed the boy is the failure of Obama to take the money from the banks, the rich and wall street to make the lives of people in the community more tolerable. With the lack of meaningful money for what the community really needs: daycare, education, public health clinics, housing, food stamps, relief for all in need, there is no choice for the kids to take chances and live on the edge. Wilmington's rich citizens who profited and got fat from 500 years of slavery have no right to make moral judgment. They are ultimately responsible for this murder, for all of the murders and 'crime' in the community, and should pay the price.

Thank you troll

Now please hush up. If you want something, work for it. Being given 'free' stuff because you mastered the act of breathing and taking up space is old.

Who really killed the boy

Statements like Diamond Bob are the problem. Yes there is wealth, yes there were slaves hundreds of years ago. Neither is a reason to murder anyone. I am sick and tired of ill informed people making excuses for thugs and losers. Everyone one of us came from some sort of oppression. If we all followed your sick logic we should all go out and kill, rob and take what we didn't earn, or deserve.

I am not rich by any standard, but I earned what I have, and I don't resent the people who have more. They worked for it, they earned it! Slavery is such a phony argument.

Tough Questions for the Friends and Family

I am one of the people that has posted information regarding the deceased's criminal background and the following Bibilical passage "there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth." I read the Star News that such comments caused the family great frustration. Let me explain.

I want to make it clear that people have freewill and are responsible for their actions. Joseph David Williams, 18, was involved in serious criminal activity in spring and summer of 2013. This is a fact.

I do think it's a fair question to ask the family and friends --
How did you raise a child that upon turning 18, immediately engages in serious criminal activity?
Why is the young man choosing to associate with convicted felons?
Did family and friends set a good example by having a respect for law and order?
Did family and friends have a good work ethic and encourage the young man to seek stable employment?
Did the family and friends raise the child in a faith tradition and encourage spiritual development manifesting self-respect and respect for others?
Did the family and friends consume media (tv, film, music, video games, etc. ) that contained positive role models and avoid media that contains references to violence, drugs, and promiscuity.

It seems to me, that the friends and family must have some responsibility in terms of role models. While I am deeply saddened by this man's death -- and I do hope the killers are brought to justice -- I just don't understand how an 18-year old gets into the drug dealing business without the help of friends and family.

I just don't understand how the friends and family say what a great guy someone is when the fact is that individual is actively engaged in dealing drugs and also evading sales tax and income tax. I believe that such choices are evil, and that God punishes the evil.

I think it's a good idea to address these difficult questions instead of glossing over this matter.


This boy didn't need faith to be a good person.

I am Atheist, raised my child Atheist. He is an adult now, never hurt a soul nor broken the law, nor done drugs, went to college while working full time, works a full time job still.

What is needed is empathy for others and morals which these thugs do not have either of.

Shut the hell up, you don't

Shut the hell up, you don't have a heaven or hell to send anyone to so shut it! And furthermore worry about your skeletons and how you choose to raise your youth ! People are so quick to judge and assume! Regardless of what he was involved in he didn't deserve to die. Stop trying to sound like you know so much about him because you know NOTHING! Who raised YOU? To make bold statements like this I'm assuming your mom was a bitch and your dad was a pompous micromanaging tyrant with no moral respect!


One has to look no further than some of the views/opinions, hateful comments, vile/ignorant/stereotypical assumptions being thrown about by some commenters to see why society, as a whole, is in a downward spiral. The blatant lack of humanity and compassion is disgusting. If these same venomous ideations are what some of you instill in your own child(ren)'s mind(s), you are not exempt from, and, should be held accountable for, the role you play in perpetuating and propagating societal decline. YOU are culpable. The sanctimonious fingers of unclean hands should only point in one direction.

Matt. 7:1 "Do not judge, or

Matt. 7:1 "Do not judge, or you too will be judged." This is for all the negative comments about JD. Instead of posting about him What about his killer! I will keep all of you in my prayers seems like a lot of you need it. Have a bless day.

I'm so ashamed to call

I'm so ashamed to call Wilmington my hometown. Not because of these killings, but because of the amount of hate aimed at a kid and his mother. People are judging strictly on his criminal past, his race, and the possible relation to a gang. I've known of several drug dealers that are white guys with no gang affiliation, I know a white guy with several drug felonies sitting pretty at home. You say Wilmington is full of scum, I say it's full of cowards hiding behind a computer. I would love to see one person get the guts to tell his mother they think it's her fault her son is dead. If Wilmington is so full of scum, I'd be happy to help you pack your things and leave. Negativity is not what our town needs right now, it solves nothing.

Its amazing isn't it!

It's amazing to be so far superior than everyone else *Sarcasm*

I can't believe some of these comments from people who have no more personal knowledge of the situation, or, of the Williams family than the man on the moon. These self-righteous ADULTS should be ashamed of themselves and need to take a serious look inward. Anonymous forums bring out the worst from the keyboard commandos. It's an ugly sad, sad person who gets their jollies off making mean, evil & vicious comments to a family in mourning. Should a tragedy befall them, I sure hope they don't have to experience the same hate they've extended to the Williams family in this instance.

its all fun and games...

until a innocent little girl or boy gets killed in their own house due to a stray round. This poor "Teen" that got shot was most likely engaging in all the gang activity and violence that has been plaguing our area for some time. These little thug wanna be's out acting all bad, and shooting each other. It's getting out of hand.

R.I.P Jose Miss you my boy,

R.I.P Jose Miss you my boy, you in a better, i don't care what nobody say you was good dude at the end of the day you could make anybody laugh when they was having a bad day,So rest easy my guy and watch ova us as we go threw life out here in this krazy world. "Coming from the Port City it's like we curse from the birth with two options you get locked up or put in the dirt" R.I.P JD! #GONEBUTNEVERFORGOTTEN

VoiceOfTheBlackPpl, expand more on your ignorance...

...and show everyone just how stupid you can be without an education. If "Yo boy" hadn't been doing the wrong things at the wrong time, he'd still be here today. You run with the dogs, you're going to get fleas. In his case, a bullet in the back.

Do yourself a huge favor and do all you can to learn something from just one of your teachers tomorrow. Try to do the right thing, actually work for a living, lay off the drugs and get a job! Most of all, STOP blaming the "crazy world" or the "port city" for you AND yo brothahs shortcomings. Your curse of getting locked up or put in the dirt is brought on by your own behavior, lack of a daddy and the total lack of motivation to get off your asses and do something for yourselves. This is NOT anyone's fault but yourselves!

If only....

If only this boy stayed in school, got an education, was driven to be better than his "friends", to not get mixed up with drugs, to not get involved with gangs.....if only....

He might have been a good friend to you, but he made bad choices. From my heart, I am sorry for your personal loss. He did not deserve to be shot in the back, but choices he made set the perfect environment for his demise.

Coming from the Port City, I know plenty of people of all color that came from the worst of conditions, but they used these low places to jump to higher inspire them to seek a better life....not use them to cripple themselves believing that all they have is this drug, thug, guns and gang life. That's bull. There are so many options more than what he settled for. his choices cost him his life!!!!

These gangs and drug dealers prey on and recruit young men and give them some false sense of glory in being "big". They have NO RESPECT FOR HUMAN LIFE!!!!!!!! Whether it is the life of their brother or an innocent child riding their tricycle on a sidewalk. Your "friend" was this kind of person, and another such person shot him and killed him and is probably now some kind of hero in his gang, boasting of his hit.

My advice, go get an education of ANY kind. Get a job even if its fast food, mowing lawns, cashiering. Get off the streets and get away even if you have to move from the Port City. Hey, thats not a bad idea.

Im Highly educated im been

Im Highly educated im been made it out the Port City and in college right now, so yea you'll never see me mowing a lawn or flipping burgers at micky d's, i might give you a job. Thats what JD was trying to do he was trying to get his ife back on the right path. R.I.P Jose, Love you my boy!

Let me guess...the 6th grade....

...were the toughest 3 years of your life?

You have no life, tough

You have no life, tough behind these comments tho. You a clown, straight JOKE! R.I.P JOSE!

doubt it

I really doubt you are highly educated.

Street Justice

Certainly, this young man did not deserve to die! But quite sadly, it is likely this murder saved much heartache to other families who would be adversely affected by this man's future actions. AND, having him off the streets with no possibility of committing crimes and without being incarcerated will likely save taxpayers a TON of tax dollars...


So the driver of the moped was treated and released and let me guess, has no clue who the shooters were, right? Of course he doesn't know....he was just speeding along and some guy just started shooting at him for absolutely no reason....................yeah right.

JD was no angel; but, no one

JD was no angel; but, no one deserves to be hunted down by a coward, shot in the back and have their life snuffed out at age 18. And, no mother should have to bury her child, let alone one who's been murdered. For those criticizing his family, or alleging lack of parenting, you couldn't be further from the truth. He's from a large, very close knit, loving Christian family. Everyone -- his mom, aunts, uncles, his grandma -- intervened to try to help this kid. All of you on your high horses should really hold your tongues if you have no clue what the situation is. You know what they say when you assume... RIP JD

Him's a good boy

Him's a good boy, he didn't do nothing wrong, he just turning his life around to try to do the right thing, him was gonna be an aspiring rapper or feetsball player and was going back to school get get an education, he's just been hanging around with the wrong crowd, just last weekend he was at church, and now hims with god now, praise the lord!

re: Him's a good boy

Good Lord..."Him's a good boy". Really?..."Him's"?

"him was gonna be an aspiring rapper or feetsball player..." Wow!

"was going back to school get get an education"...You should as well.

"just last weekend he was at church"...going to church doesn't make you a Christian anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car.

Him's was a good boy

I do believe Burgerboy was using sarcasm in that posting.

Not having read...

any posts from Burgerboy previously, I hope Bb comes back to clarify. There's never a shortage of "he was a good boy and will be missed" posts.

Rip sweet jossiiee

Such a sad sad thing to lose a close friend. He wanted away from all this madness. RIP Josiiebaby. I will always remember our last conversation 2 days ago. Ilyf. Otf

Stop talking about a dead

Stop talking about a dead teenagers criminal record. No matter what he did no one deserves to die and have lifeless adults gossip about how he lived his life