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CAMP LEJEUNE, NC (WCTI12.com) — A sixth-grade teacher at Camp Lejeune has been arrested on heroin charges.

Onslow County deputies have charged Theresa Catherine Fedor, 53, of Hubert, with one count of possession with the intent to manufacture, sell and deliver heroin, one charge for allegedly keeping the drug in her home, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Camp Lejeune Public Affairs Director Nat Fahy said Fedor is a sixth-grade teacher at Brewster Middle School on base. NCIS agents took Fedor into custody at the district superintendent’s office Friday morning, Fahy said.

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  • VeteranRN

    WOW… with NCIS putting so much time, manpower and investigative energy into “super important” cases like destroying the lives of teachers who brought ZERO drugs into the classroom it’s no wonder people are getting shot to death at Naval yards.

    Maybe it’s time to get some PRIORITIZING done? Just a suggestion from a veteran.

  • shakingmyhead

    Did you really just make that remark? Are you that stupid? a teacher under the influence of AN ILLEGAL substance, around children, expected to set a better example, ethically bankrupt……and you compare that to the shooting? you are a special kind of stupid. KUDOS TO THE WORKERS

  • Reclmn

    I am a parent of one of her students and was told on the first day of school she could barely keep herself awake. After that the classroom atmosphere was up and down. Happy one day, yelling “Shut up!!” & “Stupid!” the next. I can feel for anyone who has made personal mistakes but am very glad she’s no longer in charge of our students.


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