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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A man Leland Police say beat up an officer during a field sobriety test in July has been indicted.

District Attorney Jon David says a grand jury indicted Joseph Allan Lambert for one charge of assault on a law enforcement officer inflicting serious injury, two charges of assaulting a government official, two charges of resisting a public officer, DWI and possession of an open container.

Sgt. J. Keel was attempting to give Joseph Allan Lambert a sobriety test, but police say Lambert came out of the car swinging. The warrant says the suspect repeatedly punched and kicked officer Keel in the face.

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3 Comments on "Man indicted for allegedly attacking Leland officer"

2015 years 10 months ago

….shut up.

Why? Because while you clearly know some things, you obviously don’t know enough to speak intelligently about this particular subject. Yes, John was involved in an incident where he repeatedly told a jackass kid to stop creating a disturbance while John and another officer were on a stop and dealing with another subject. That kid was taping the incident THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM but he was also creating a disturbance and making a nuisance of himself while officers were conducting a stop that had nothing to do with the kid with his little camera. Officers DO have the right to tell people to stop creating a disturbance while they are conducting an investigation. That kid that was taping WAS shouting and screaming and hurling insults and obscenities at the two officers who were doing their jobs – jobs that had nothing whatsoever to do with the idiot kid that was taping. The kid INJECTED himself into that by creating a disturbance, and in doing so broke the law. John was not reprimanded for arresting the kid. John was reprimanded for the unfortunate wording he used during the THIRD time he had to stop what he was doing in order to deal with the idiot kid that was taping: John told the kid to stop taping. He did that ONCE.

The two incidents are completely separate. But thanks for taking the time to throw out meaningless snarky drivel in order to prove to the rest of us that…well…ummmm…honestly I have no idea what you were trying to prove. I have facts to back up what I’ve written here, and I can prove my statements with documentation. Can you?

2015 years 10 months ago

I wonder if Keel would have minded if somebody had been recording him getting beaten so it could be used in court as evidence or if he would have falsely arrested them???

2015 years 10 months ago

Guesty, your a complete idiot to even suggest something like that. Get your facts straight man. For beginners you are certainly taking two completely separate situations and putting them together. When in fact, on both occasions this police officer had been recording the incidents on his in car camera, so it’s, not like he was trying to hide anything or he wouldn’t have recorded it himself. I think by the comment you’ve made you must be someone he has arrested in the past and has a personal vendetta to settle. So go join Self and you two can live happily ever after.


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