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WPD: Void in gang leadership behind rash of violence


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police are trying to figure out if multiple shootings this weekend are connected.

The first shooting in Forest Hills Saturday left a teenager dead. Now police think most of the shootings are gang related.

Police responded to Forest Hills Drive Saturday evening after residents reported hearing several gunshots. Officers found Joseph David Williams, 18, lying in the street dead of a gunshot wound to the back. Police say Williams was riding on the back of a moped with Mark Richie, Jr., 18, when the shooting happened.

Witnesses told police that a grey Honda coupe was following with a passenger firing shots at the two teens.

There have been more shootings since.

Police responded to reports of shots fired near the 900 block of N. 30th Street and Emory Street Sunday night. One witness reported seeing a silver Honda body style car in the area. That matches the description of the car wanted in connection with Saturday's shooting death on Forest Hills Drive.

Early this morning, police say someone fired into a home on Evans Street.

Then officers responded to another shooting at a house at 823 S. 6th Street.

As police searched for suspects, an officer saw a suspicious vehicle near 19th Street and Queen Street that accelerated toward an officer before eventually wrecking near the scene.

Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous says the violence has gone up because of a power struggle between gangs.

"We have recently arrested some high level gang members, gang leaders," Evangelous said. "We believe that has created a void in local gangs."

Evangelous says police are actively working to dismantle these gangs, but change won't happen overnight.

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The lawmakers are wise to it...

...and pander to them for votes. Vote for me and I'll give you a phone and extend your benefits for life. Have more children you can't afford, no problem, we'll give you a raise in benefits. Just remember who to vote for next election.


All of these shootings are typically committed by the same race in the same neighborhoods.

Can't be true

Ralphie said crime was down. Maybe he was talking about the criminals within his own department.

Is it the fault, of the WPD,

Is it the fault, of the WPD, that $40 Million in Housing Authority money, is being used, rebuild, and increase Creekwood. Or that over $60 million is given out in welfare, paying 16 years olds to have out-of-wedlock, babies ? Then we get mad at the police, when some drug dealing, gangster gets shot, on a moped. Hey, lets stop creating (funding) the environment, that breeds this insanity, and violence.

True That!

Everything is handed to them, and they got all this free time, to be running the streets, shooting and killing each other. They got a better cell phone, cable, free food, then most who work for a living.


Get over it already

Maybe the bike patrol

Maybe the bike patrol officer's can stop writing seat belt tickets on front st and start doing some real police work.


Let me call the waaaaaaaambulance. Put on your big boy panties (and your seatbelt) and get over it.

Bike patrol

Maybe you should where your belt when you drive your car, as the law states? Don't blame officer for doing his job!

You got pulled

You got pulled over by a bike patrol officer? LOL

Sure did

Everyone on here thinks Im crazy. I do not care about the ticket or the money. The fact it was not a regular vehicle stop for some other traffic violation or a Click it and ticket. It was A DAMN BIKE PATROL standing on the side of the road talking to some chicks!


Maybe you can wear your seat belt.

Are you still

Are you still your ticket, get over it, and next time put on your seatbelt.