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TAR HEEL, NC (WWAY) — Shareholders have approved the sale of Smithfield Foods to a Chinese company. The buyout comes amid food safety problems in China, and its impacts could be felt in our area.

As the sale of Smithfield Foods to Shuanghui International Holdings, the largest meat producer in China, moves forward, Smithfield workers at the world’s largest pork processing plant in Bladen County are weighing in.

Smithfield Foods employee Adrian Peterson says he is looking forward to the merger.

“I think it’s a good thing, because it’s guaranteed no closures in the state of North Carolina,” he said.

He says this buyout is just what the doctor ordered.

“That’s what we need: some kind of security for us jobwise,” Peterson said.

While some employees say they don’t mind the merger, one man says he does not like the idea of a Chinese-based company taking over.

“It just bothers me that a company like that that’s already in the United States, you know, built by the United States people, that it would end up going to another country, owned by another country,” said William Thompson, whose brother has worked at the Smithfield plant in Tar Heel for nearly five years.

Thompson says he’s concerned that this merger could cost some in Bladen County their jobs, but employee Christopher Fields says he feels neutral toward the buyout, because he’s been told there will be no changes.

“They say it ain’t going to be no changes, so hopefully there won’t be no feelings, as long as nothing don’t change,” he said.

Peterson agrees. He says he is not worried about losing his job.

“I’m secure,” he said. “Yeah, I’m secure.”

The deal is expected to close by the end of the year. Once complete, it will be the largest takeover of a US company by a Chinese firm, valued at about $7.1 billion, including debt.

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  • Guest Speaker

    Still failing to review my points I see. The matter of the food scare was addressed in my original statement. You know, the one where I describe that the USDA (responsible for pork products) wouldbe present here. We are not importing bacon. It appears the racist term really bothers you and its far from discriminatory language. Maybe is it you’ve been accused of this more than once. Thou protest too much…

  • Gustafo

    Calling me out after a rebuttal on your comment out clearly shows your lack of debating skills, not trolling on my part. I understand the modus operandi though. Still within the parameters of a liberal democrat. Personal attacks on me and the people who choose to think differently than you is the status quo. Maybe they choose to no longer support this company because of the things China stands for and numerous poisoning with lead. Even children’s toys. Not to mention their communistic ways. I bet you’re a Noam Chomsky fan, aren’t you. Wait, is that the same as calling you a derogatory name like a racist? I guess that’s ok as long as you’re the one doing the name calling. Carry on thin-skin.

  • Guest Speaker

    Clearly, you refused to actually read the article or the most insightful comments that followed; which prompted my response. Please do no post if you are here to troll on articles with the most responses. No one cares what political thoughts you have; it is not a party matter it is an ignorance and loss of jobs matter.

  • Gustafo

    So calling someone a liberal democrat is the same as spewing a “racist” charge? Lol. What else do you have?

  • Guest 10101

    Well at least you go that right.

    Only libs like to hurl charges so fervently? Then why are you doing it? Just proves you’re full of crap.

  • Gustafo

    My guess is that you’re a over-zealous liberal democrat. Come on, tell me I’m right. Only the libs like to hurl charges so fervently and freely after they absorb a statement they don’t agree with. “You don’t think the way I do, so you’re a #%@^!*!*^&#&*@!” Am I right?

  • Burgerboy

    When them chineses get ahold of them smithfield ham’s you better check it or you might end up eating cat meat, ha!

  • guesty

    And lead.

  • Guest Speaker

    A company sells out to ensure its doors do not close; which in turn keeps it’s employees in jobs and families fed. Now your arrogance and racism leads you only to a boycott conclusion, which will cost these employees their jobs anyway. The Chinese food safety concerns have surfaced in China; this is a US production plant, with NC jobs at risk. Trust the USDA will secure that all your pork products are properly handled; or is it you proud ‘Mericans do not trust your own governments food safety regulations? My guess is, your just racist…

  • Guest123

    “The buyout comes amid food safety problems in China”. what a joke!! My family will no longer eat this meat either. China has, as the news story says, food safety problems.
    No thanks. let the greedy seller eat China’s meat. we won’t.

  • beach guy

    How many of these commentators own a Chevrolet this company is partially owned by foreign investors and is building plants in china which are in partnership with the Chinese government? How many of you drive a dodge they are owned by Fiat and the UAW thanks to our government. This is the reality of a global economy that has been thrust upon us by our elected leaders. If you have not realized it yet the folks that have a bunch of money are making a killing on the stock market and the blue collar folks are getting gigged at every turn.
    I thought this administrations mantra is that they are the working families friend and that a strong middle class is the backbone of a strong country. my question is why do they prop up the markets with bond buying ,bail out companies building factories in china when the cost of living in this country is going through the roof. I am not talking about housing which is another debacle brought about by governmental controls but the every day Items we need to survive food prices have doubled in five years gasoline is at a steady $3.40-50 a gallon electricity is going up water and sewer is as high as it ever has been more people below the poverty line since the thirties.
    Something has to change or the whole country will be owned by foreign investors it used to be the oil sheiks buying everything in sight then it was the Japanese and now the Chinese Americans cannot go to these countries and buy their factories or even own businesses.
    The government is allowing a fire sale of every industry in this country all for the sake of money and I for one am not seeing a dime of it.
    My message is do not support companies that sell out to foreign governments or have majority of foreign stock holders that means stop drinking AB products since they are owned by a conglomerate in Brussels do not buy gas at a BP (British) or a Citgo (Venezuela) if the people that own the gas station want to sell gas let them buy is from an American company. Also stop these idiotic farm subsidies that is why milk is $4-$5 bucks a gallon do you really think we do not have enough cows to supply milk? And with corn $9 bucks a bushel I think that they can take care of themselves. And folks small farmers get no subsidies it is the large corporate farms that clean up.
    people like David Letterman and the Rockefeller family get millions upon millions in subsidies every year and do not produce a thing think about it. Why do you think they are on the big government band wagon?
    Folks need to stop watching reality shows and American Idol and figure out what is really going on honey boo boo is not going to get your kids a better life than what you have had.
    And is that not the American Dream.

  • Guest2020

    I’ve worked for a company before that got sold. The buyers made guarantees that they did not carry out. I pray that these people do not lose their jobs.

  • Jimmy

    For what it’s worth, from this day forward, I will buy no more Smithfield products. That’s all I can do, but, I can do that!!

  • truthseeker

    First they stop their business with Paula Deene over nothing and now sell to foreign investors. OK Hormel here I come.

  • GuestMan.

    The new governor McRotten will make sure that the same illegals processing your meat will still be working. They can work there longer now keeping North Carolinians out of work thanks to this administration.

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