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NORTH TOPSAIL BEACH (WWAY) — An Onslow County woman has been arrested for murder in connection to two stabbings on North Topsail Beach in July.
North Topsail Police Officer Sgt. Mark Ray and Onslow County Sheriff’s Detective Sgt. Mark Scott arrested Bekka Shellhammer at her home in Sneads Ferry today around 2:00 p.m. 
In the late hours of July 25, 2013, the bodies of Christopher Stewart and Robert Shellhammer IV were found dead on North Topsail Beach with multiple stab wounds.
Since the discovery, the North Topsail Police Department and the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office have been investigating.
Last Thursday, Ray and Scott presented their evidence to District Attorney Ernie Lee and Asst. District Attorney Mike Maultsby. Lee, Maultsby, and Asst. District Attorney Jamie Askin reviewed the evidence and they agreed the evidence clearly indicated sufficient grounds for a murder charge for Bekka Shellhammer.
There is no other information at this time.

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  • Van

    Disgusting piece of human waste. I hope she rots in hell. Chris was our friend. It sickens me. What a shame.nur comment fits my feelings exactly

  • Guesthj

    Fat white trash

  • PrivateI

    About time! She should have been locked up that night,

  • ShellhammersOldestDaughter

    My Dad was Shellhammer. Bekka and him got married in April but she doesnt have any kids of her own. She has me and my siblings but we would only be counted as step children. She didnt marry him knowing he was a sex affender. Its something no one talked much of. Its the past and there is nothing we can do to change it. He was a good father, I would do anything to have him back. I now dont have either one of my parents. My Mom also passed 4 years ago next week. Im ready for this thing to be over with so we can all just start to move on in life. Ive been living these past few years in nothing but drama, and sadness. I know things will never be fully okay, but I do know that if this keeps going on it sure as hell wont get any better.

  • Guestomfg

    She married Shellhammer April 2013, kills him and another guy 3 months later? She has kids and Shellhammer was a convicted sex offender and 2 counts trafficking opium/heroin, possession with intent to manufacture/sell/deliver. What winners.

  • PeterPump

    Chris was such a great guy — always giving herion to his friends and ready to sexual abuse children the way only he could.

    How did that fat lady kill two men? Perhaps all were strung out on drugs.

  • Morty Sussman

    Did she have an assault knife? One of those high capacity death machine kinds that should only be on the fields of battle and not the streets? Nobody needs more than 6 inches on a knife. This knife violence is out of control! Havent we been held hostage by special interests long enough, when will we get common sense knife control?

  • Guest 1492

    ’nuff said

  • Burgerboy

    Another Borat Heussein Moojambo voting libmeister dumbocrate criminel off the streets, too bad that fat sow will sit in jail getting free food and room and board and cable TV on our tax dollars, thanks to all them snivel-livered bleeding hearted libster judges!

  • Praying

    You are so right….and I’m no one to tell you otherwise, but you are absolutely on the right track!!! You didn’t ask for this and all you can do from here on out is look toward your future! Praying for you!!

  • shadow

    peterpump – the more I think about your comments, the more I really think what a sorry person you!
    you are probably a dealer yourself and married to a 12 year old, that is about what kind of brain that you have.
    My God help you!

  • VanGuest

    Wtf r u talking about? Ur comment makes me sick! U PIece of work!! Let Chris rest!! Ur confusing Chris w the disgusting piece of trash shellshi**er or whatever his stupid name was that died next to Chris. He who was the trafficking, sexually abusive piece of garbage married to the fat slob who is pictured here. Do ur research. Please. Please!!!

  • shadow

    I think you had better get your facts straight! chris giving herion to his friends! you must have been hitting it real hard yourself!!
    if you don’t know the truth, the keep you dang mouth shut!

  • Morty Sussman

    She didnt use a Glock AR15 high capacity machinegun assault rifle death machine. Boo hoo. Nobody cares when its a knife, no talk about the weapon at all. You liberals hate it when you can’t pump a tragedy for more gun control!

  • Disgusted with narrow minds

    Bekka Shellhammer did NOT kill anyone. She is being wrongly accused. While we feel for both families of the dead.. the proven fact is that BOTH men were convicted drug dealers and they were BOTH confidential informants. They killed each other, and she was caught in the crossfire.
    You sick people that have no idea what you are talking about should really think how you would feel if you were a member of ANY of the families involved here.
    Chris Stewart was a known drug dealer as well as Mr Shellhammer. That doesn’t make either of them evil people but it does make them accountable for having lived a life that lead to this horrible event that took both their lives.
    The truth WILL come out…but until then.. Have some kind of respect for all these poor families involved.

  • Setting it Straight

    Bekka’s hand may not have even touched that knife, but what I do know is that she is being charged with malice aforethought. She conspired with her husband to lure Chris to the beach, where Robert could attack. She is just as responsible for Chris’s death as Robert is. But you are right.. the truth will come out.. and I would love to see your face when Bekka gets convicted for her undeniable involvement in this crime.

  • Hope

    Unfortunately you are mis informed, The girl had nothing to do with what her evil husband was up to, but as stated the truth will come out. The proof is on its way…Too bad no one has looked at the real woman involved…who hasnT been named yet. I wonder how you presume to know what you think happened were you there? hmmm.. one has to wonder, and the charges are bogus. After all, the county needs a fall guy for one of their drug investigations gone bad….This will be proven shortly. Maybe, just maybe, you should ask the more pertinent question.
    “How many people were REALLy there on that beach that night?”
    You seem personally involved…so maybe we shall see the look on YOUR face.. when the real fact remains that the two criminals killed eachother..and the REAL reason as to WHY they did.


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