Carolina Farmin’ finds new location

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Submitted: Wed, 09/25/2013 - 10:59pm
Updated: Thu, 09/26/2013 - 4:23am

WILMINGTON, NC, (WWAY) — Carolina Farmin’, Wilmington’s leading locally sourced foods business, has announced the opening of it’s new Farmin’ Campus at 4102 Emerson Street in Wilmington.

The 23,500 square foot building, located off Kerr Avenue, will serve as the creative production hub for all of Carolina Farmin’s fresh food offerings, including artisan breads, southern confections, butcher services and unique deli selections. The facility will also house Central Market, the business’s wholesale food division.

“A centralized campus was the next major step in our growth plans,” said Ben Long, president and general manager. “It will serve as the hub for all our operations, including our administrative offices and training center. Now that we have that critical infrastructure in place, we can continue to build our wholesale business and move forward with our retail store plans.”

Val D’Auvray, recently hired as director of wholesale operations, appreciates the distinct advantages this space affords Carolina Farmin’ in taking its local foods offering to a higher level. “This facility gives us so much more room for the intake and storage of fresh produce from our suppliers,” said D’Auvray. “The superior condition of the building also gives us greater quality control.”

D’Auvray is also excited about the production kitchen that will be built inside the new campus space. “Our new prep kitchen will be much larger than the small, makeshift spaces we worked from at the Market Street store,” said D’Auvray, “and we’re equipping it so that we can produce a greater array of our own fresh deli, bakery and grab-n-go foods. This is a huge win-win for our wholesale and retail customers.”

The Farmin’ Campus will also serve as the product development and testing lab for new wholesale and retail food offerings. The result will be a wider variety of southern food favorites and private label creations.

The business has already started moving into the new campus. Once fully functioning, the Farmin’ Campus is expected to employ approximately 45 people.

The public will have access to new retail stores in 2014. In the meantime, Carolina Farmin’ can be found at the Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market and at local events, like the upcoming Wilma Expo. Customers are encouraged to follow the progress of the business through their website and on social media.


  • taxpayer says:

    a new bucket…it’s still crap.

  • Guest111 says:

    Where is Emerson St?

  • Vog46 says:

    It runs off of S Kerr near the old building supply company there. (just south of Cinema drive)

    Funny – I remember John Hinnant implying that Carolina Farmin could open a boutique store down town as proof that down town was thriving.
    Oops……another missed opportunity there John?
    Of course they need both a retail and distribution building combined, so down town was probably not going to happen anyway.
    The new place is out of the way but if I’m not mistaken gives them much needed space – and hopefully a roof that does not leak.


  • Guest 1492 says:

    C’mon, this isn’t exactly rocket science anymore.

  • guesty says:

    Welcome to the world of people that need to be spoon fed for life.

  • Guest4572 says:

    I wasn’t a fan after repeat attempts to shop there before, but I can’t imagine the chosen new location is going to work out for these guys. Not very easy to get to and zero visibility. Given the rather low opinion expressed by most in response to the closing of the Market St. location, I don’t see many going out of their way to shop there. I doubt I will bother either.

  • SusanR says:

    When will the store on Emerson St be opened to the public?

  • ADN says:

    Hopefully, it will employ cleaner people. Just after ordering some gelato I went outside to see a couple of the workers playing with dogs just before returning to the bakery counter. I haven’t been back since then.

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