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WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — Wilmington International Airport will soon get funding from the Federal Aviation Administration to improve an existing runway, according to a news release.

The release from Senator Kay Hagan’s office says she announced a $5.4 million grant from the FAA yesterday. The grant comes after ILM got a $1 million grant last week to add land for additional approach space, which will make landings safer, according to the release.

In the release, Sen. Hagan says the grant “will make crucial improvements to the Wilmington Airport runway that will make it a safer place for travelers and workers.” “It is critically important to North Carolina’s economy that we continue making investments in transportation infrastructure,” Hagan said.

“We are pleased to receive the grant for the runway because it has been 20 years since the runway had been rehabilitated,” said Jon Rosborough, Director of ILM. “The FAA grant for easements and obstruction clearing is an important safety improvement associated with the Runway 17-35 rehabilitation project we have programmed for construction 2014,” he said.

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  • taxpayer

    And yet, the folks at ILM say “Enjoy the experience…fly ILM!” I don’t know what “experience” they’re talking about! Sucking a few extra hundred out of my wallet to “enjoy the experience” isn’t the kind of “experience” I want to experience.

  • Guest3130

    Flying out of ILM is quite nearly cost prohibitive – hate the drive to RDU or Myrtle Beach, but it’s so much more affordable! It WOULD be nice if ILM flights weren’t so expensive!

  • taxpayer

    flying out of ILM was affordable. For example: Flying Delta from ILM to Atlanta to Little Rock: $560 roundtrip.

    Charlotte to Atlanta to Little Rock on Delta: $289 roundtrip.

  • Guestfly

    Only way that will happen is if SouthWest comes here. I remember having to fly to Birmingham Al and the ticket from here was 1500 and out of Raleigh it was 250.00. Both flights connected to the same connection in Charlotte.

  • Rusty

    When I fly to Palm Springs from ILM it’s cheaper than if I go to another airport also car rental is better.. before we condemn the airport we should look at the airlines and the rental companies. Ticket fares are not set by our airport so better to rail against the airlines than our local airport.

  • Guest Reply Redux

    …of the 2 guys flying from New York to L.A. on a Boeing 747 back in the late 1990’s.(Non Stop/Round Trip Coach/$343 per passenger/but luggage fees not included unlike Southwest that allows free luggage transport/with restrictions).

    Anyway…One of the 2 guys mentioned, hated to fly…and I mean hated it, but his buddy talked him into it by paying for his ticket, and a KFC dinner pack once in L.A.

    Flight Status:
    By the time they were flying over Kansas @ 34,000′, everyone heard a “thump”, (and then)….the Pilot made an announcement saying “We have just lost outer engine #1 folks, but we will be just fine, because we have 3 engines remaining. The only thing is Ladies and Germs, we will land in L.A. (ETA) 30 minutes behind schedule.”
    The passengers all settled down.

    Another 30 minutes went by, then another “thump” was heard, and then the Pilot made another announcement that they had just lost outer engine #2. The Pilot proceeded to inform the passengers that they were still “Good…and they still had 2 remaining engines intact…but they would now land in L.A. 1 hour behind schedule now”. (Then the passengers heard over the intercom the Pilot telling the Stewardess…”Come here Darlin'”) Then the mic was turned off all of a sudden. Another story there :-)

    Anywho…By this time, the guy that hated to fly was furious, and told his buddy that “This is the last time I ever fly!!” His friend looked at him and said…”Hey buddy…we will be just fine…quit worrying”.
    His worried friend replied back to him…”Yeah….BUT IF we lose the other 2 engines …we will be up here all day!!!”

    Due to the Open Mic incident…the Pilots wife divorced him 1 year later!

    PS: Let them repave ILM…Pilots can’t dodge potholes at 150 MPH! Speaking about a Thump!


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