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NEW HANOVER CO., NC (NEWS RELEASE) — Earlier this week, several fifth grade Bellamy classes were relocated to Parsley due to mold contamination in fifth grade mobile units. New Hanover County Schools (NHCS) ordered further mold testing to be conducted after the relocation.

After retesting the fourth grade mobile unit at Bellamy Elementary, the results came back negative for mold contamination.

All of the mobile units at Parsley were tested as well.

Four out of the five mobile units at Parsley tested negative for mold. One, which had been used only part time for the past two years, was found to have airborne mold. No classes, for the relocated Bellamy students or for Parsley students, will be held in any of the contaminated mobile units.

The affected mobile units at Bellamy and Parsley will be shut down until remediation is complete.

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2 Comments on "Mold test results in for mobile units at Bellamy and Parsley"

2015 years 8 months ago

I bet all these kids live in mold free homes. We live in a subtropical climate. Get over it.

Henry Redick
2015 years 8 months ago

No one reports about the black mold at Forest Hills Elementary or fact more kids got sick in that trailer class than any other class for several years or why teachers belongings were quarantined.

One teacher lost 15 years worth of supplies because she can’t get into a contaminated trailer! Stay on this story WWAY and keep up the good work!



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