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STOCKHOLM (AP) – A landmark report by an international scientific panel says it’s “extremely likely” that human activity is the dominant cause of global warming.

That’s the strongest statement to date on the issue by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

In its previous assessment, in 2007, the U.N.-sponsored panel said it was “very likely” that global warming was man-made.

It now says the evidence has grown thanks to more observations, a better understanding of the climate system and improved models to analyze the impact of rising temperatures.

The IPCC says a human footprint can be found in the warming of the atmosphere and oceans, in rising sea levels, melting snow and ice and in changes in some climate extremes.

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  • beach guy

    Well if that is the case there is only one way to save it…you first!
    but seriously you could conduct an experiment and take all the people from all over the world that believe in global warming drop them off at either pole of the planet for a year with no shelter or fuel and see if humans do contribute to global warming after twelve months we can ask them if they think the planet is warming up!

  • Guestomfg

    Whether or not you think humans are responsible for global warming or you think its a huge money making scam from Al Gore, you have to agree that humans ARE destroying this beautiful planet.

    Our planet is alive. We are a cancer, we spread uncontrolled and consume everything possible. Our planet gave us ALL life. Everything on this planet is here for a reason, if you don’t know the reason it doesn’t make that creature less important. Humans will one day cease to exist and this planet will be better for it. It will heal.

  • beach guy

    Do you ever notice that the UN always has a way to blame the industrialized nations for the woes of the world and they have a committee or a plan funded by these nations. this is a money game to take from the people that have a little bit and give it to those whom do not ,after the UN gets its cut of course.
    I thought I saw something in the news last week about a forest in Russia that was covered by Ice but now they can see it.I know that is not very scientific but my point is that the Earth has been going through changes in climate since the beginning, Ever hear of the Little Ice age? And We get pretty much a one sided opinion from most of these scientists. It is obvious that mankind pollutes the earth. but the only way you are going to stop that is to remove us from the picture.
    besides what we in this county do will matter little as China and India pump more Co 2 into the atmosphere than we ever have or will. this really is a short sighted theory that they have sold to governments and the governments have bought into it because because it cedes power to them instead of the individual. Did you catch the news when they changed the name of this phenomena from global warming to climate change they did that because we are currently in a cooling pattern and all the frame work they had laid to control industrialized nations out would have been lost.

  • Guest7969

    Truth is…they are speculating much like they did in the 80’s with the coming ice age….that I must have missed. Complete BS science!

  • Guest2769

    The arctic will be “ice-free by 2013.” “An ice-free Arctic is] definitely coming, and coming sooner than we previously expected.” These were but some of the breathless pronouncements made by scientists, climatologists, and even NASA over the last decade or so. All the while, the summers were getting colder and the ice caps more voluminous — quite a bit more, apparently.

    According to a report in the Daily Mail, the Arctic ice cap grew by nearly a million square miles from 2012-2013, an increase of 60% year over year. This sharply contradicts earlier reports of doom-and-gloom and a climate change-induced apocalypse (not to mention, hyperbolic and slightly-ridiculous Hollywood blockbusters). Back in 2007, the BBC — in a report echoed by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center — touted the following headline: “Artic summers ice-free by 2013”.


  • Guest45

    B/S again, so who is the magical person we should now pay, Al Gore’s pockets are lined enough, who’s gonna be the person or organization to extort money from us now?

  • Guest-o-matic

    …their eyes are brown. Sort of funny how most of the UN is comprised of the very countries that have zero laws, zero controls and zero enforcement of anything that may be considered any sort of “environmental regulation” over their emissions, waste product and discharge of such to the environment? Ya thank? Yet, they think they have the credentials to place blame for a concept that really doesn’t appear valid in the first place? I fully disagree. They defecate in the very water they drink from and wonder why they have major disease and health outbreaks. There’s a “starter” for ya…

    Don’t get me wrong. We all have to do our due diligence to protect our environment in all areas. Education of such is important, as is implementation

    Just 2 weeks ago, the UK released a cognitive study stating the whole global warming concept being caused by man is: A Farce. That’s right, it was never anything more than a money generating scare tactic fueled by bad science to make government paid “scientific studies”, to make news and most of all…to make money. You won’t find those news stories being reported in any US news media. I was very surprised to see this news release to be reported in such conflict.

    We live on a planet that has cyclical changes. These have been going on for millions of years and will never stop. Heating and cooling has occurred in higher extremes and many times throughout the millennia. This all happened well before and after man barely existed as a tiny speck in earth time (as we still do on a time scale). I detest scientists that attempt to bring such fear to the average person that doesn’t understand the evolution of earth, man and the grand scale of this wonderful planet we live upon! Everything changes, we all know that and we as humans are the very worst at accepting such. “Creatures of habit”, “Prisoners of ignorance”.


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