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HAMPSTEAD, NC (WWAY) — Folks from near and far made their way to Hampstead for the North Carolina Spot Festival this weekend, and they came with an appetite.

WWAY’s own Good Morning Carolina anchor Ashley Jacobs hosted the event.

Vendors brought plenty of food and drink including Hampstead’s highlighted spot. Spot Festival Queen Samantha Romero and Princess Savannah Shirley say if you like seafood, the Spot Festival in Hampstead is the place to be.

“Spot is a small panfish,” said Romero.

“They are caught best at the end of the pier right after daybreak or after a bad storm,” added Shirley. “They are really tasty and taste best fried up by our spot festival firemen.”

Romero and Shirley will continue to raise money for the festival and the Hampstead area year-round. They say there is no better way to represent their community.

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