Cigarette to blame for Friday fire at Oleander Dr. office

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Submitted: Mon, 09/30/2013 - 7:48pm
Updated: Tue, 10/01/2013 - 12:45am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington Fire Department says a fire that damaged an Oleander Drive office building Friday was an accident caused by improperly discarded smoking material.

Investigators say the fire at 6329 Oleander Drive started outside on the second floor landing. They say it burned up the exterior of the building, through the soffit and into the attic.

The fire department estimates damage at about $800,000.


  • Guesthowdumbareyou says:

    So you don’t think insurance should have to pay? Hmmm, let’s look at a few scenarios here.

    You hire a contractor to do some repair work on your home. He happened to throw a cigarette into your yard. It was not properly extinguished. A fire starts and spreads to your home. It is severely damaged. I bet you expect YOUR insurance to pay for the damage.

    Your teenager was driving your car. He’s talking on this cell phone, not paying attention. He ran a red light and hits several other cars. People are seriously damaged. Should those people not be covered by insurance because your son was careless?

    I mean really what rock did you crawl out from under? People purchase insurance for a reason. I would bet you have insurance yourself. Well don’t you dare use it, just keep paying for it. Unless of course you get sick, injured or whatever else due to no carelessness of your own.

    How about showing some compassion for the people who now have no place to work, have no income and who lost everything. How about showing compassion for the owner of the building who now has the task of rebuilding so that he too can have a livelihood. He certainly didn’t do anything wrong.

    I’m appalled that someone would even begin to post a comment like you did. How about instead of posting such comments you offer to lend a hand to help those affected. A much better use of your time.

  • Guest1851658 says:

    Insurance should not be required to pay for damages caused by pure carelessness.

  • Guestomfg says:

    When I saw the photos of the back of the building with the fire just over the door I said it was a cigarette! Just awful !!

  • Guest tigercat says:

    I happen to be a smoker and i have trouble keeping it lit long enough
    to finish it. Sometimes it goes out 3 times and you say it caused a building to catch fire and burn down? I find that hard to believe since
    i can place it in an ashtray and it will go out almost immediately

  • taxpayer says:

    the fire at what used to be called the First Union Building, now Murchison Building, on Front Street in 2000 or 2001. That fire was also started by a cigarette on the landing outside a conference room on the second floor.

  • tke1 says:

    I guess the Fire Marshall or Investigator knows more than I do, but sometime you should try to start a fire using a cigarette butt. Maybe when no one is looking they jump up and dance or something.

  • Brian says:

    A smoldering butt can roll underneath a deck or the siding of the building and transfer its heat to that material. It can smolder there for many hours, with the building insulation keeping the heat in. When a breeze picks up and fans the smoldering material, it gets hot enough to burst into flame.

  • dust commander says:

    Since all cigarettes have “FSC”, written in the UPC box, in accordance to fire safety with the Department of Insurance, I find it hard to believe that your view is not in past tense.

    Since the new chemical has been added to ALL cigarettes, at a higher cost to smokers, we can hardly keep them lit long enough to smoke them, now they say they stayed lit long enough for a building to catch a fire?

    Being a smoker myself, I’d like to see just HOW the cigarette stayed burning long enough for this to happen.

    Who would have approved the “FSC” if this wasn’t working as intended?

    Are we going to blame pine straw this time too?!

    Please feel free to respond to the last 2 questions.

  • Guestomfg says:

    The FSC process simply decreases the burn rate and does not prevent unattended cigarettes from igniting nearby materials or tinder, the term “fire-safe” has been called a misnomer which could lead to a false sense of security.

    What do you mean we can hardly keep them lit? LOL I smoke and have NEVER had a cig go out on me unless I knock the cherry off it.

    Why are you on here trying to state a lit ember cant start a fire? Your stupidity is astounding.I think one of two things, YOU are the one tho left the cig burning or you know the idiot that did.

  • Guestomfg says:

    I also smoke (outside only) and I never had that problem. If you are dragging on a cig every minute like a NORMAL smoker does it WILL NOT just go out. A cig is burning leaves, if its in contact with anything combustible and a slight breeze it will easily set a fire. If a lit cig is in an an ashtray it will burn all the way to the filter on its own.

    I think you are confusing cigs with blunts. Oh wait, are you the nit that left that cig burning at Dr Wards office?

  • Guesttigercat says:

    Actually the brand i smoke has a flame retardent in the paper or tobacco so no it wont burn up in an ashtray smarta**

  • Guest tigercat says:

    Wasn’t me coz i was out of town all that week anyway, i didnt even know that was a docs office and never heard of dr ward and what is a blunt?

  • Guestsfndi says:

    Dude, take a cig and light it, smoke it say halfway. Hold it at a 45 degree angle butt up like in sits in an ashtray, it will burn all the way up. I smoke Marlboros and the DO burn.

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