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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — With a government shutdown looming federal workers at Sunny Point in Brunswick County say they will hit the picket line if forced off the job tomorrow.

In the meantime, negotiations continue in Washington. The Senate today voted down a House bill that would have funded the government but defunded Obamacare.

Some supporters of that bill, including Rep. Mike McIntyre (D-7th District) say now is the time for compromise.

“That does no one any good for the government to shut down,” said McIntyre, who says he has voted 43 times against the president’s health care plan. “So we want to find a way to keep the government from shutting down. And it doesn’t mean there’s a compromise on the position on Obamacare or the medical device tax or any of these other issues that still need to be dealt with, but the bottom line is we have to keep the government open, because no one wins if the government shuts down.”

McIntyre said he and a bipartisan group of about 100 members called the No Labels Coalition have been working today on a deal to keep the government going and come back to the objections on health care later. Still, McIntyre says it’s about a 50-50 chance that Congress will reach a deal in time.

Rep. Walter Jones (R-3rd District) did not respond to our request for comment on the stalemate.

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  • Guest45

    That’s right Mike, there is no reason we are facing a shutdown except you DEMORATS have been acting irresponsible in Congress for a very long time, you guy’s run around with big blank checks signing yaw’s name on the line, and dole out all those federal grants for pure PORK, yaw have let several federal agencies run around since 9/11 with unlimited budgets, for example, DHS has spent fortunes on county boats and personeel carriers and drones, etc…, nothing to do with curbing terrorist, yet you guy’s fail to secure our own borders and stop and deport illegals! You have set back and allowed a failed health care plan to pass, you left wingers have dug us a hole, now it is time to get a handle on it, and I for 1 am proud we have a few rep’s that are willing to stand up and be heard, let them shut it down, it’s time to trim fat and PORK!

  • ronnie

    the blame is not democrats that’s obvious how can you and others feel that way about health care when u yourself never tried it that’s like me going to purchase a computer and you standing beside me saying that it doesn’t work and you never tried it you never brought it you know nothing about it but the president has his way regardless it doesn’t matter how you feel its the law you and others like u must obey or pay a fine u and others should be ashame of yourselves if it was bush you would stand by him but thats how many confederate sarah palin ted cruz thinking people think if we was in a country not as nice as this one and you speak that trash to your leaders people in black suits would pay you a visit and you would never be heard from again so let it go we dems have won a stupid fight when there should have been peace in the beginning not immature adults playing in sand boxes thinking that’s the American way holla back general lee am sorry he lost that war as well

  • Guest2020

    I am not surprised. He only votes against Obamacare when it doesn’t affect the outcome. The time to fight this monstrosity is before it gets implemented. Otherwise we have little to no chance of ever getting rid of it.


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