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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — For at least the fifth time in the last several weeks, robbers have targeted an area restaurant late at night.

This time Wilmington Police are looking for two men who robbed the Domino’s on Carolina Beach Road just after midnight.

As the employees were leaving police say two black males with red bandanas over their faces forced the workers back in the store at gunpoint. The suspects robbed the safe and put the victims in the freezer.

This is at least the fifth armed robbery of a fast food restaurant in the Wilmington area in past month. Thieves have made similar heists at the Pizza Hut in Leland, Burger King on S. 17th St., Pizza Hut on Oleander Drive and IHOP on Market St.

“It’s definitely something for concern,” said Brad Corpening, one of the owner’s of Chop’s Deli, with locations downtown and in Monkey Junction.

The trend has business owners like Corpening worried about the safety of their customers and employees.

“Money can be earned again but I just want to make sure that everybody is safe and can get out of a potentially dangerous situation,” Corpening said.

In all five restaurant robberies there’s been at least one suspect with a blue or red bandana covering his face. Police have not said if that indicates a connection to a gang problem they say has led to a rash of shootings in Wilmington the past few months.

We tried to talk with one of the detectives assigned to the case, but Wilmington Police spokeswoman Linda Rawley would not let us talk with him after we questioned online her willingness to help us with information about the investigation.

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  • Monkey Junction

    That is terribly weak, even for your low standards. No one is saying there is no crime at all, just that it is down.

    You seem happy that crime is occurring in Wilmington. What makes you such an angry and sad person?

  • Morty Sussman

    Between the prayer meetings and gun “buybacks” violent crime in WILM is way down. Read that on the news. Even had statistics to back it up. Maybe the Dominos employees lied?

  • Guest5555

    At this point, I’m embarrassed for any official who has to state out loud that crime is “dropping.” A person with gang ties was recently shot while riding through one of Wilmington’s more picturesque neighborhoods. This AM we awake to news of another murder and this is just days after other shootings and a slew of armed robberies. Any official trying to convince us that crime is dropping is reminiscent of Kevin Bacon at the end of Animal House as the parade was imploding: “Remain calm, all is well!”

  • Guest 1492

    Here posts Morty Sussman

    He never posted a word that some AM radio extremist hadn’t used first.
    An attention starved sycophant of those he spent time worshiping on the radio, he apparently never had an original thought in his life.

    Here posts Morty Sussman. Wind him up and watch him jabber.

  • Morty Sussman

    Typical leftist tactic! Call names, cast aspersions! Anything to deny the facts that Obamas policies are making things worse, and the media is lying to hide the bad news! Nice try leftist, but calling me names doesn’t change the facts that crime is UP not down, as the media bots would like the useful idiots like yourself to believe!

  • Morty Sussman

    is the liberal leftist logic that says crime is down.

  • GuestMort

    You say leftist like that is a bad thing. Better that than some right-wing whack job with too much time on their hands.

  • antithug

    According to the officer the other day, the shooting on S17th st was not gang related because it was not a gang area. Who cares if it is or not. It is still a cowardly crime by THUGS. Gang or no gang. Store owners need to start arming themselves, As for these stores that have young people working them, they should have someone old enough and packing when the store closes.

  • RumorKiller

    They should give all those handguns they got in the buyback the workers who close these restaurants at night to carry. I know if I worked late at night in right now I would be carrying a firearm.


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