Cape Fear CW is on the air; RetroTV moves channels

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Submitted: Tue, 10/01/2013 - 12:30pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Cape Fear CW is on the air. You can find the Wilmington market’s affiliate for The CW on digital channel 3.2.

That means RetroTV, your home for classic TV shows, has moved to digital channel 3.3.

You will need to rescan your channels on your set-top over-the-air converter box to find RetroTV on its new home at channel 3.3. If you watch RetroTV on cable, you won’t have to do a thing.

Check your local listings for channel assignments for RetroTV and Cape Fear CW on cable and satellite.


  • viewer #556 says:

    The CW channel is on Time Warner cable.

    Unfortunately, they dropped RTV in order to make the change.

    Another “Off Beat Cinema” fan here. Very sad to see it go.

  • Lynn Norton says:

    Why do you claim to carry RETRO TV when it is suffering technical difficulties more than half the time?
    Here’s an idea- Promote your relative to Technical Director and hire a competent technician(unrelated to you)to actually perform the technical duties.
    I will not be watching ANY WWAY programming for the next 30 days.
    On 12-1-14 I will check back.
    No improvement, no more 3 for me.

  • Guest2020 says:

    I wish ATMC still had the CW station out of Myrtle Beach. They had shows for us insomniacs. With WWAY taking over, it’s just “paid programming” at night.

  • OtherGuest says:

    Retro has good programming but half the time it is a black screen. Or it breaks up, freezes so much you cannot watch it (on TWC). Rebooting does no good, it is a waste.

  • Guest9872 says:

    I called Time Warner, and they said that they won’t be carrying the CW. I asked why they removed the WB, which carried the same programs. They said it has something to do with exclusivity? Basically BECAUSE WWAY now has it on the air, they can’t carry it anymore. Big blank where it used to be.

    Thanks for nothing WWAY!

  • Rick says:

    Audio is lagging behind video on CW for me, anyone else having that issue?

  • Beth says:

    I hope that is just through the week, and doesn’t include weekends. Offbeat Cinema plays at 10 pm on Saturdays.

  • Guest1978 says:

    I have time warner cable Digital with the cable box,yesterday and the days before it was told we check our on screen guides.well i the best interest of viewers shouldn’t yall know the channel numbers the station is goin to be on to help viewers out some.As of 9 this morning we still dont have it but we still have shows CW on the guide but it retrotv.

  • Guest8756 says:

    The offset is about 1100 ms. Also, to go along with other questions about multiple HD channels, and data rate, here’s what I’ve found as of tonight:

    The main channel, 3.1 is at about 9.8 Mbps
    CW-HD 3.2 is at about 6.9 Mbps
    Retro 3.3 is at about 1.8 Mbps

    On HD, lower rate doesn’t automatically mean lower resolution, but it does affect how fast the screen can be updated. Hint: watch scene changes on a low rate channel like Retro. It’s blurry at first, then fills in the detail.

    There’s a total budget of 19.4 Mbps, so that’s the balancing act that the engineer has to follow to fit all on 4.x and make it all look good.

  • Rick says:

    Ok thanks for the reply and clearing that up for me

  • wway news says:

    The 10p news will be on the CW only.

  • Joe says:

    YES, I have an air antenna and have no problem with reception , but only on 3.2 Cw the audio is definatley lagging

  • Guest2342 says:

    You can manually tune it on a Time Warner digital box, but it’s not in the Time Warner guide, not on their web site, and they actually have deleted the former version of – WBW – it from the channel lineups that they distribute. I have Tivos, and they cannot tune it because – according to Tivo, Time Warner issued a delete request.

    Calls to Time Warner customer service resulted in them telling me that neither WB (I know, but that’s what they called it) or CW is available on the Wilmington system. It is.

    If you go to, there is no CW on the Wilmington Time Warner system.

  • Darrell Jackson says:

    Has Time Warner Cable made a decision where Retro TV will go or has moved to?, according to their legal notice on September 18th, they didn’t give us any information on where it will be, it was on channel 106 where “Cape Fear CW’ will go, and didn’t see it after rescanning my TV on Friday, and is “Cape Fear CW’ going to be on Channel 20 where the CW is now?, let us know.

  • Darrell Jackson says:

    It’s good that WWAY is going to put Channel 3.2 to use carrying The CW, i’m surprised that hasn’t occured till now, i assume most of the programs that will air here will be from their CW 100 plus service we currently recieve on cable in Southeastern North Carolina, at least it will be on in HD, as far as “Retro TV” goes, have you all ever considered replacing it with “Antenna TV”?, it’s much better than Retro TV, and come December 1st, another retro channel will be airing in Wilmington, so this would a good move if you consider this move down the road.

  • beth says:

    If you want to ADD antanna tv, fine. But don’t take away Retro TV. I love its shows, especially OFFBEAT CINEMA.

  • Guest3553 says:

    The sub channels that broadcasters put on their OTA are generally not HD. They are digital, and generally have decent resolution, but they are usually lower data rate channels. Something like a mostly static weather channel showing radar uses virtually no bandwidth since there’s not alot of motion. WWAY said nothing about HD in the story. Maybe they can comment here.

  • GuestCWViewer says:

    We’ve been looking forward to viewing the CW channel over the air. We, however, have not been able to see any content. 3.0 and 3.3 are just fine. But, 3.2 appears to just be showing a black screen with intermittent visual noise and no audio.

    We’ve retuned several times. All out other expected OTA channels are received normally except this one.

    Before the switch, we were receiving 3.2 (retroTV) just fine.

    Mr. Wuzzardo, can you comment on whether or not this is a broadcasting issue or maybe something else?

  • Kevin Wuzzardo says:

    RetroTV moved to 3.3 Friday afternoon, leaving 3.2 empty through the weekend. As of this morning, you should now see Cape Fear CW on 3.2.

    If you have any problems, give us a call at the station at 910.762.8581 and ask for an engineer.

  • STAN says:

    Will you guys still run the local news at 7pm on Retro or CW???

  • WWAY GM says:

    The 7p news will continue on RTV and we will be producing a 10p newscast to start in January.

  • nikatnite says:

    Dumb question,but is this channel going to be on cable because i have time warner?

  • wway news says:

    Yes CW will be on Time Warner. However we are not yet sure what channel number they will put it on. Please check your channel guide.

  • Billy Stratton says:

    With each passing day, technology advances in leaps and bounds. I too was not very happy about the thought of watering down our channel quality in order to put a 3rd channel on… especially one that is HD! But with the new equipment available today it is in fact possible! Especially so since both of our HD channels are native 720p. We will be adjusting the bandwidth for a while until we find the sweet spot so you may see some digitizing/blocking, but rest assured that we will do everything we can to maintain the quality signal we have had since the digital switch.

    Billy Stratton
    Chief Engineer
    WWAY TV3

  • Kevin Wuzzardo says:

    I just asked our Chief Engineer, and he said the over-the-air signal for Cape Fear CW WILL be HD. As far as cable and satellite, that’s up to those providers.

    News Content Manager
    WWAY NewsChannel 3

  • jsmith says:

    That’s actually not good news because the overall transmitted signal (for all the sub-channels combined) has a fixed bandwidth, and HD takes up quite a bit of that. Even with whatever technology you might have (like VBR?) the 3.1 main signal quality will have to suffer a bit, just by adding a 3rd sub-channel alone, and especially if the new sub-channel is also in HD.

    Yeah, maybe most people won’t notice, but most people are probably not getting their programming via OTA, which I am, and on a 73″ tv, so yes, I will likely see the difference…

    Billy, can you squeeze the 3.2 a bit so that 3.1 doesn’t suffer??? Please??

  • guest1 says:

    What are the channels you get from antenna? Would love to make the change from cable. Can you get PBS? Thanks!

  • Guestbird says:

    Got rid of cable years ago. Too expensive. Pick up 16 stations thru the air with a $35.00 antenna. Now 17 channels! Love the CW programing and am looking forward to many of the cw programs which previously my family recorded for me. Now I can watch Supernatural in real time. Thanks so much for making these programs available thru the air!

  • ChefnSurf says:

    Would have been nice if you had told us what “Cape Fear CW” was. Duh!

  • Guestbf bc says:

    The CW is a network. WB and UPN merged maybe 5 years ago, to create CW. This is common knowledge for most people. Do we need to tell you what NBC or ABC is?

  • larry2013 says:

    I love it . The more channel’s the better. We were first to go all Digital and now we have fell behind. Raleigh has 39 channels to watch. Myrtle Beach has 27 channels, so what happened why did we fall so far behind? Wilmington has 10 well now 11. If we had ALL the stations in Wilmington do this i could cut out the cable and save $90.00 a month and watch more local tv.

  • Guest 10101 says:

    The smaller the market, the less channels.

  • wway news says:

    Our feed to Time Warner will consist of WWAY, Cape Fear CW and Retro Network (RTV). We ask them to carry all three. It is up to them as to what channel they put them on. Unfortunately we don’t have much say in the matter but we do encourage them to put them on as many tiers as possible.

  • Darrell Jackson says:

    As of 8pm this evening, Time Warner Cable has Cape Fear CW on 106, so where will Retro TV wind up on?

  • GuestCWViewer says:

    Outstanding! Got a first look this evening. Nice, clear, sharp OTA signal (in HD!). Thanks for the reply to the earlier post and thanks for adding CW to you OTA offerings.

  • Guest1851658 says:

    Why be so arrogant Guestbf? I doubt very few if any, have ever heard of the “CW Network”. My guess is that you had not either and had to research it before you made your know-it-all comment.

  • ChefnSurf says:

    Wow, without people like you, who apparently spend most of your time passively watching TV to the point where you even keep track of the various network historys, how would people like me survive?

    Thank you so much for offering to explain what NBC and ABC are but that won’t be necessary. I called a friend and he explained it to me. He also said that there are even other networks with names that like that that also use initials. If perhaps, you weren’t aware of that, this will give me an opportunity to help you, just like you helped me.

    Sorry again for not knowing about that CW thing. Unfortunately, I spend most of my time being proactively creative instead of just passively sitting in front of a TV tube.


  • Guesthf bdhf says:

    Oh yes, we can tell! What with you averaging 15 comments a day on WWAYs website and all. TRULY PRODUCTIVE!! Nothing says ‘productivity’ like a guy who spends his days posting insulting comments on a local news website.

  • ChefnSurf says:

    It’s like anger management but it’s for math. Perhaps you should try it.

    Just for the heck of it, I decided to check and see how often I post a day. I went all the way back to the first of the month (I know, I know, I should have just watched TV instead, but I usually find more productive things to do like running my business, but I was curious myself as to how often I posted) and it turns out I have 21 posts. 21 posts divided by 27 days equals .777778 posts per day. Unless MY math is as bad as YOUR math, that doesn’t even come close to 15 posts per day. One of us must be an idiot.

    Hint: I don’t think it’s me. (Yea, I know, that was insulting, but you have to admit it was probably a direct result of your post.)

    Have a great day!

    Chef :-)

    P.S. I didn’t include this post in my count. Sorry

  • Ben Treece says:

    The CW Is A Good Move We Need More TV Channels In Wilmington,NC And Channels Like The Cool TV And MyNetworkTV And Zuus Country And Live Well Network We Need Better CBS Affiliate Than WILM-TV In The Wilmington Area

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