Attempted robbery ends in gunshots

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Submitted: Thu, 10/03/2013 - 3:59am
Updated: Thu, 10/03/2013 - 12:48pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A man was shot during an attempted robbery in Wilmington Wednesday.

Lt. Obbie Blanton with the Wilmington Police Department said it happened around 9 p.m. at 8th and Dawson Streets. As the victim was walking up to some people he knew, the suspect approached him and tried to rob him. When the victim tried to run, the robber’s gun went off as the robber put bullets in the chamber.

The victim somehow made it to the hospital. Blanton said he walked into New Hanover Regional Medical Center with a gun shot wound in the left arm, and a possible exit wound from his right arm.

Blanton said the victim’s wounds are not life-threatening and they do not have a description of the suspect at this time.

Stay with WWAY for more information as it becomes available.


  • Alli says:

    Yeah, right. The gun went off as he tried to put bullets in chamber? Someone is covering for someone. This guy was shot and he won’t tell the officers who it was. I heard mulltiple shots around the time this alleged robbery occurred. I believe this is is more gang related violence/ posturing. Ive been robbed at gunpoint and robbers don’t shoot people if they are running away. This guys story doesn’t add up.

  • beach guy says:

    gun went off while putting bullets in the chamber?????
    I own several types and ages of guns made from the early fifties right up into present day
    and none of them will actually operate while putting bullets in the chamber. more than likely the assailant was using a semi auto and was depressing the trigger while cocking the firearm , this is totally impossible while using a revolver due to the chamber is actually outside of the frame while the cartridges are being loaded into the cylinder.

  • Robert Green says:

    Wilmington is a cesspool that is breeding an evil element . Wilmington has parallels to Chicago. The origination of much of our crime is in our public housing. The murders and daily robberies are alarming . These thugs have nothing to lose by preying on people and killing one another because their human condition will be just as good behind bars.The liberals city council and Pretty Boy Saffo need to sit up and pay attention. The gangs are well entrenched and this is starting to spillover beyond the confines of these zoos ( public housing ). Wilmington is not a safe community and citizens need to be aware of their surroundings regardless of the time of day. A solution would be to limit section 8 housing in incorporated areas and bulldoze public housing and these cockroaches would scatter elsewhere. Candlelight vigils and calls from clergy for peace is liberal bs.These pleas fall on deaf ears when you are dealing with UNCIVILIZED people. The rule of law does not deter these thugs. Watch the body count rise and the robberies to continue daily. Government has no solutions therefore citizens of Wilmington , you are on your own to ensure your security.

  • Guest Reply Redux says:

    “Government has no solutions therefore citizens of Wilmington , you are on your own to ensure your security.” (Unquote)
    Here’s what Chicago was considering doing to curtail violence as of last month (Sept. 2013) Mr. Green (and citizens of Wilmington as well)…and if it creates a feeling of military occupation in these particular areas of Wilmington…then so be it. The police aren’t making a difference obviously.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    It’s very simple. There’s nothing there to steal, right? It’s about one thing, DRUG ACTIVITY! You know, the very reason they tried to institute “drug testing” as a qualifier to the residents of public housing? Remember? That didn’t go through though, saying it wasn’t effective and too costly, but the evidence is clearly there. Nobody wants the reality of it. Nobody REALLY wants to do anything about it. The politicians are scared death to lose the vote of the “needy” that depend on them for gov’t assistance. We have the voting power of the dumb and the slow electing our leaders. The judges fail to keep violent criminals out of society, so they continually return among us with the vitality of cockroaches and the mindset of worms.

    So, we have what we have. Nobody does anything and this is what we get. How could anyone possibly expect any different?

  • guesty says:

    Most thugs wouldn’t know how to operate a revolver. They would be confused when brass didn’t pop out.

  • Guest0101 says:

    Drug deal gone bad. I’m no detective and I can solve this case. Go get your crack somewhere else. Try Creekhood

  • Alexander says:

    When is Ralph Evangelous going to get a hold on the crime in our city? In the very recent past, I’ve seen vehicles ticketed downtown for parking on the wrong side of the street…yet we’re having multiple unsolved shootings on the weekends. Aren’t there better uses of the Wilmington Police Department’s time then giving traffic citations? Why aren’t these officers trying to reign in the VIOLENT crime that has taken our city over? And Evangelous’s response is to try and pass some kind of (completely unconstitutional) ban on “gang members” in public parks. Go find the people or persons responsible for the crimes being committed. – FED UP

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