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WDI introduces new man in charge


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- After a nationwide search for a new president and CEO, Wilmington Downtown inc. Has its new leader.

Out of 38 resumes, one stood out. Ed Wolverton has more than 28 years of downtown and economic development experience. It's experience he hopes will revitalize downtown Wilmington.

"This is a great city, one of the best cities in the United States, and I am so excited to be a part of that and working with the community to bring even more growth and development to downtown," Wolverton said.

Wednesday WDI introduced Wolverton to his new community, which has a few familiar faces from his past.

"I met Ed when he first got to Greensboro and took over DGI, Downtown Greensboro Inc., and worked with Ed every year on events downtown," Wilmington resident Tommy Lineberry said.

Lineberry lived in Greensboro for several year before moving to Wilmington a few years ago. He says the Port City is fortunate to have Wolverton.

"Ed ran a great organization," Lineberry said. "He supported everybody and everything that he could."

Wolverton says he is looking forward to working with city leaders and downtown business owners to attract even more investment and interest to our area.

"The community has done such a great job through generations of keeping and preserving the older historic buildings," Wolverton said. "Not every community has done that."

And as WDI prepares for this new chapter, residents like Lineberry are looking forward to the new changes heading to downtown.

"He'll step it up," Lineberry said. "He will get people involved, and he'll get people moving."

During Wolverton's time in Greensboro, its downtown attracted more than $290 million in new investment, including both commercial and residential projects.

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Yikes ! His very first quote ands it's is a load of bull pucky!

""This is a great city, one of the best cities in the United States"

I think the greater Wilmington area is nice and I really do love living here ..... but ..... I can't think of anyone these days who would say Wilmington's one of the best cities in the United States. Crime is crazy right now, City Council is populated by a bunch of morons who's only solution to anything is to spend more money (and a local GOP who're so inept they can't even come up with candidates to oppose them), "Downtown" is dying and there's a white elephant of a convention center that's about to start munching on the general budget after it's special funds run out. Best cities in the U.S.? You'd have to be either a moron or a liar to say that.

With a few (very few) exceptions, WDI has done nothing more than drain money from the city"s coffers. If it was otherwise, "downtown" would be doing better, and it's not. Their past CEO is remembered more for what he did wrong than what he did right. Now with a chance for a restart, they choose a guy who leads off the batting lineup by making his first swing at the ball a swing of total bull crap.

Apparently some things never change.

"Now with a chance for a

"Now with a chance for a restart, they choose a guy who leads off the batting lineup by making his first swing at the ball a swing of total bull crap."

You HAD to use a baseball analogy didn't you? Want to rub it in duke's and Mr T's face didn't you? If he was swinging in a ball park he would have hit a home run......

(I'm off my meds - can you tell?)

In the words of Elmer Fudd WDI stands for



Dukie & T-Ball ?

Never heard of 'em. I have a tendency to forget anyone who only achieves 30% of a vote.

Chef :-)