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By Jeff Zeleny, Russell Goldman and Mike Levine
ABC News

WASHINGTON, DC (ABCNews.com) — An attempt to ram the White House gates ended with shots fired at the U.S. Capitol, senators put under lockdown and a female suspect dead, sources told ABC News.

A Capitol police officer was also reported shot, sources said.

The suspect was killed by cops near the Capitol following a high speed chase from the White House, along Pennsylvania Ave., the same route the president walks typically walks following an inauguration.

A child was found unhurt in the woman’s car, authorities said. The woman was not carrying ID and has not been identified. Police said there were no weapons found in the suspect’s car.

Sources said the woman’s vehicle is leased with out of state license plates.

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  • GuestMan.

    Born and raised in The Old North State. I am ready to make some changes, though.

  • byrdman13

    I sure do Love to read the dribble that you demorats write about
    us uneducated republican/Americans! I’ll just Bet you came from
    the North, moved here and are Ready to change the South.
    Keep on Truckin’, Florida has plenty more room for you Brilliant
    Northern Brethren!

  • wilm nc here

    you are a idiot read again i hate republicans

  • Not a government tit sucker

    I don’t have to read it again. You’ve just proved my theory that 7 out 10 people today are dumb as rocks. Get of the crack, read, learn, and educate yourself. I know this is a tall order for you but, it will help you in the long run if you have any sense.

  • byrdman13

    Well, good to hear from home folks! We all have to work together
    for change and we know it isn’t always easy!!

  • Guestin

    i guess they are gonna try to ban cars now.!

  • guesty

    Just those with automatic transmissions or high capacity fuel tanks.

  • GuestMan.

    That is all this guy is. A republican troll. Democrats are better educated than our knuckle-dragging, cousin-marrying, republican counterparts.

  • wilm nc here

    great great maybe we going to have a civil war, i hope alot of republicans get shot. this is what we need is a civil war. republicans dont care anything about the poor or working class, i hate republicans

  • Guest45

    obviously you are to retarded to realize that it is the republican party that cares deeply for all people and races, of course if you have never had any education (and i doubt it) you know nothinfg of history, and even if you get your way and war is waged on the republicans, how do you propose to fight them, you people, (and I am assuming you are a demorat) don’t believe in the right to self protection, so what are you gonna be shooting??? a tater gun????

  • Educated

    Your grammar and punctuation is horrible. Before you begin to rant about how uneducated a group may be you may want to look at your own penmanship. First, please start sentences with capital letters. Next, go and borrow a dictionary and a book on sentence structure. You make a poor argument regarding intelligence when you do not even have the ability to master the basics of English.

    Here are a few tips:
    i should be capitalized
    alot is written as a lot
    This is what we need is….. Should be written as: A civil war is what we need…. Or you could pose it as a question along the lines of “Maybe a civil war is what we need…”

    Best of luck in learning to write

    Southern and educated

  • Guest2020

    Republicans make more charitable donations than the democrats. The democrats only care about helping people with money that isn’t theirs.

    When Harry Reid was asked why the Senate wouldn’t try to help “one child who has cancer” by approving a mini-spending bill, he shot back: “Why would we want to do that?”

    The House bill to approve funding veteran’s benefits was rejected by Reid.

    Harry Reid showed his ignorance by asking what gives the House the right to pick and choose which parts of the government to fund. I guess he forgot that the House is in charge of appropriating money.

    The House sent the Senate four proposals that would have kept the government open. Reid didn’t even let them go to a vote. Reid and Obama have hijacked the government by their refusal to negotiate. The democrats are essentially holding the government hostage in an effort to get the House Republicans to cave.

  • WOW!! Your thinking and level of intelligence is off the charts. You have got to be a neurosurgeon or biophysicist with the quality and sophistication of the comment which you posted. Man, if more people thought as yourself, what a wonderful world we would be existing in. Please let everyone know what your estimated IQ score is so we can have a general idea as to if we can even communicate with you. Make sure ALL dem republicans get shot. I can’t even begin to compete with a sensible debate on that argument. Einstein HAS TO BE one of your closest descendants..WOW…(o_O)

  • Guest 1492

    Not getting enough attention lately widdle dean bailey?

    (He only posts this stuff so that others will react to it. uses a whole bunch of aliases but it’s always the same crap.)

  • Guest2769


    The kid was Bo’s love child and she got pissed because he would not give her stimulus money to raise it. Orders where to shut her up and “bury” the story.

  • beth

    Sure we had these crazy things happening. I guess you forgot about WACO and the mass murder of American citizens by fire.

  • laneygirl

    You are all idiots!!! Democrats is the reason this world is the way
    it is! You friggin idiots voted for this conartist! When Democrat Bill Clinton was president did you see all this crap happening. Did you see all the robberies, gangs, murders, wars?? No!! I wonder how many thugs, black people voted for him? Did the White House ever shut down? You all are freaks and morons!!

  • guesty

    Her car was her weapon and officer safety takes precedence when dealing with a potentially mental subject due to the unpredictable behavior.

  • Guest-o-matic

    A woman with a child in the car. They didn’t have any other method to subdue her rather than shoot and kill her? She didn’t even have a weapon. One of the cops even shot another cop in this fiasco. Let’s see here, if you don’t know how to corner one automobile with 100 cop cars, I guess you’re forced to start spraying bullets, right? You got a batallion of “Barnies” up there? You need some serious tactical training! What are you going to do when the going gets REALLY tough?

    Police strategy can go a long way, but you need to know how to use it first! Now, they’ll never know what caused her to act in such a manner.

  • GuestMan.

    John Boehner won’t let the House vote for a clean bill instead of pick-and-choose what parts of government you like. You either open up all the government or none of it.
    He knows if it went to a vote the republican’ts would lose.


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