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Chief: Suspect is 'cold-blooded murderer'


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police arrested the man they say is responsible for the murder of Angelo Freeman. The 51-year-old was found dead in his Lilac Court home yesterday morning after police say he was shot three times.

Police say they picked up Nicholas Terrell Bannerman, 20, Wednesday afternoon. They say the murder of Freeman was likely a robbery gone bad.

Police say because their investigation continues, they would not say what led to the arrest. They did say Bannerman was already under investigation for an armed robbery August 30 at the Exxon station on Market Street. Bannerman was also arrested last November for an armed robbery downtown.

Police Chief Ralph Evangelous says Bannerman is "involved with a lot of crime."

"Bannerman is in the New Hanover County Jail under no bond," Evangelous said. "He is a cold-blooded murderer."

A search of the NC Department of Corrections website, though, did not turn up any record of convictions for Bannerman.

Bannerman is charged with first-degree murder, robbery with a dangerous weapon and kidnapping among other charges.

Police say Bannerman has some gang affiliation, but they don't believe the murder was gang related.

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WWAY3 missquote of Evangelous

I've listened to this audio several times and that isn't what the chief said (if this is the clip they're quoting). There's a quick cut to a phrase "...involved in a cold blooded murder." And since it's mid sentence you can't tell what the context was, did he say "Could be", "Is", "May be" etc. I'm not taking any sides and it's tragic regardless however without a confession law enforcement CAN NOT make statements like that. You can't judge someone and then bias an entire community that may have members of it chosen for a jury in this case. I don't have any judgement because I have absolutely no facts but the media needs to be careful here.


My mother was the one who found Angelo's body and that is something she will never forget she is scared for life. I knew his children he wasn't a bad man but he made bad choices and people have to understand the choices we make in life may result in our death he was by no means perfect but no one deserves to be killed for any reason. He will be missed as a father brother uncle grandfather and friend.

Hello, I am Angelo's

Hello, I am Angelo's sister.. I would like to speak with your mother. She can email or call me reply and I will provide you with my information..

Same old story, same old predictable comments

Every time something like this happens, the responses are so predictable.

1. Don't be judging my cuz...he be is a good boy.
2. This is the NAACP's fault!
3. This is the fault of hip-hop culture!
4. The black community needs to step up!
5. Where is Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson?
6. He's a victim of racism!

...and so on. It is sad after murder after murder, death after death, nothing has changed despite the fact that there are a number of solutions to this entrenched problem. Instead of trying to solve these issues though, we devolve into a cycle of mutual recrimination and racial tension. There will need to be a concerted effort between the police and the residents of Creekwood (the ones that obey the law) to put an end to the violence. Or, as I've said previously, raze the entire neighborhood and create a new neighborhood like they did with Jervay and Isabel Holmes. Honestly, if you just look at the place, the very architecture and road-set up is conducive to crime.


I know Nick Bannerman and I can honestly say I don't think he did it,he wasn't ever the type of person to do something like this.I can also say how things are so easily distorted through the media.Nick WORKED AT THE EXXON station he supposedly robbed,stop tearing down his name he is not a cold blooded killer,and he hasn't been proven guilty on anything.On top of that he doesn't gangbang ,that's what the police and media just want to make you think that.

Reflect: to you all

Nobody on this planet is perfect, so who are we to judge? Who are you to point fingers and basically wish death upon anybody? I can understand if some of you have animosity towards Nick, but c'mon! We are all human... and that man that you all are talking about is my best friend and my brother, and it surely hurts me to read all these hatred comments about him. Do you really not have anything better to do than to be on this site making yourself sound more ignorant than you do in person? Do something with your life! This should be a lesson for us all, youth and young adults. My relationship with Nick is between me and him, and I know that he is a good man, a wonderful brother, and will be a wonderful father... we all make mistakes in life and all we can do (those who are in support) is pray for him and the family... Just think: What if it were you behind those bars, knowing that you were an innocent man/ woman? What would you do? How would you feel? Look at yourself and your life situations before you jump into someone else's problems. You aren't one bit perfect; worry about your life and mind your business, Thank you.


Ignorance must be bliss and you must be the most happy blissful person around. Funny how all of you just write this off as some simple mistake that can be remedied with a shrug. If this guy is so great why has he put himself in these positions of being a thug and the perpetrator of violent crimes not once but three times and all recently. He is a LOSER and I might add, so are you.

Because he is human!

Simply because he is human, Ignorant (that's what you named yourself, not me)! Everyone makes mistakes, I know Nick and his entire family and I DO NOT for a moment believe he killed anyone! It will have to be proven without any doubt before I believe and then it will be hard for me to accept!


All aspects of this story are tragic. I knew taught Nick. He was silly, doofy, athletic and sweet in high school. He had such potential.

Along with the teachers that he had at JTH are asking ourselves what we missed. Where did his life go so wrong? Could we have done anything to stop this?

Please remember that Nick is a person. He committed a horrible crime. I am in mourning for both families today.


The answer is yes. If he had so much potential did you ever sit him down a discuss what his future plans were? Or did you sit back & give the curriculum? You most likely didnt! But you did with other students but not him so now he has gone down a road too far gone & yes you are apart of the problem. Maybe if they pay you more you would have a different passion for teaching and not collecting and check and giving grades. Maybe you will do this next time right?

Aman!! it takes a village to

Aman!! it takes a village to raise a child we all influenced him and his decisions that day it is a result of suffering from a lack of vision that he turned to negativity for comfort bc no one around these children gave them guidance its lack of vision to blame... poor education poor job opportunities poor leadership a lack of economic skills along with trust issues in the Serbian communities this is why our people suffer it is not that fact that anyone is better than the other or that peoplee are ghetto and act like thugs its a lack of vision and guidance someone should,have done more FROM THE BEGINNING!!lets all stop the hatred and be grateful for what we got this could have been anyone. I pray that before i die this nation of people can be swept with vision and go to do great things things none of us would have ever seen coming. A new day will come

Parents should be teaching

Parents should be teaching and instilling values, morals... and even when parents and teachers do this, children still make their own choices and may seek the wrong path. People have to be accountable. Yes, this young man had a lot going for him and HE could have made better choices for himself, but chose not too!!!! At 18, 19 and now 20, he knows better! The reason so many children and young people are running wild and crime is high around here is because people continue to make excuses for these criminals and are letting them run rampant at young ages without any structure, discipline or accountability.


King just showed what an idiot he is!! I feel sadness for the murdered man's family, the family of the man who killed this man, and for the teacher who is doing the "what if".


What a horrible comment to make, teachers deal with alot more than you think. My other half is a teacher. He has 23 High school students in his class. He goes in at 6:50 every morning and leaves at 4:00 pm and helps with after school events. If he does not teach the state plan then he's out of a job. He cares about his student more than some of their parents do. How do I know this, Ive gone with him to their homes for birthday parties because his students love him. But guess what 2 of his student committed a big crime 2 years ago..... its their own fault not his for the choice they made. And dont get me started on money and what a teacher makes, after school on fri he works a second job and gets home at almost midnight and works on the weekends to pay the bills...get your facts straight on their pay.

Well said. I believe they

Well said. I believe they all need to be lifted up, even the accused.

Cold blooded

Robbers,Gang members,those that kill cause they can.Should be taken out and shot immediately,

This is a screwed up world

This is a screwed up world we are living in right now. Why is this underage kid in college? My heart goes out to the victims family. However, I'm glad this piece of trash is behind bars. Hopefully his smirky ass will get the death penalty or life without parole you heartless basta $/. You took away someone's father, brother, will get your "robbery gone bad"

Choose your words wisely.

This goes for the Chief, and anyone with anything to say about what has happened. What you people need to do is, instead of posting your every negative thought on a public site, where his whole family can see it, keep it to yourself. Lift him in prayer, because that's what he needs. Life the victims family in prayer, because that's what they need. All this nonsense and cutting down of people is ridiculous. I do not know Nicholas personally, but I do know his brother and his mother, and I know that they are heart broken about this. And you can point fingers, and pass judgement about the way you "think" he may have been raised, but you don't know. I happen to know his mother is a saint and it would break her heart to see some of the things being said about her son. Yes, what he did was, no doubt, a terrible thing...and yes, he should be punished for his crimes. But you people should not be passing judgement. You should keep your negative thoughts and comments to yourselves. Regardless of what he did, or has done in the past, he is someone's child...he's someone's brother...he is someone to somebody.

I agree

I agree you nothing but what has been said in the news and we all know that is not the gospel! This is good family with good morals and I don't believe for one moment that he pulled a trigger to kill anyone. Yes I believe he has been hanging with the wrong crowd and yes I believe he may have even been there. I and praying for him and his family and the the victim and his family it's a tragedy for all.

Lift him in prayer??

"He is someone to somebody". So was the man he MURDERED. He is a 20 year old career criminal. Twenty years old, and already has such disrespect and disregard for another human?
No, I will not lift him. I'll pray for his family.

Innocent until proven guilty

In no way was I saying that the man who was murdered is not important, no doubt he and his family are the most important thing in this situation. However, I can guarantee that if it were your son taking the fall for something like this, you'd choose your words more wisely.


and like the Chief said, apparently he killed a man. this isn't about his Momma, his brother or anyone else in this case. It is all about him. You raise him up in prayer if you think that is what he needs. I think probably what he needs is a needle in his arm.

why is this thug out of jail anyway. Two pending armed robbery charges? But in your way of thinking, he be a good boy. I chose my words carefully and I am sure the Chief did as well.

Choose your words.

It is called freedom of speech! Deal with it as you live your brainwashed life in a bubble.


In no way am I brainwashed. And all of you who speak so poorly on this site about things you know nothing about, should be ashamed of yourselves.

raising thugs

IF he is someone's child, someone's brother and someone to somebody then why hasn't any of these people taken him in and help get him straightened out? They knew he had been in trouble and knew he was MIA from home a lot. Why haven't they tried to help him instead of letting him be a burden to society and now a murderer? I hate it for his mother but she has some responsibility in this, too. She should have been on him from an early age to live right, do the right thing and raised him to have morals and know right from wrong. I think it's time all parents should be punished for their children's behavior. It's not society's place to raise kids for other people or fear kids that are thugs. . and unfortunately he is a thug and obviously runs with thugs.

Lol his mother is a

Lol his mother is a wonderful lady and she did not raise "thugs". A person can be brought up in dance, extra curriculars, taught not to drink or do drugs or even have sex but at some point in everyones life they make their own decisions!! Nick is such a sweet boy he has guys dont know him from adam, if you truly knew Nick..Things happen people change but I dont believe he is capable of the things they are accusing him of. Ugh. Get yourselves together people BEFORE YOU GO POINTING FINGERS MAKE SURE >YOUR< HANDS ARE CLEAN!

She didn't raise thugs, do

She didn't raise thugs, do you know the family?? You people need help.

Well, apparently...

Well, apparently she did.

Way to pass judgement and

Way to pass judgement and make yourself look so very ignorant.

You are...

You are the one who is ignorant. Don't you realize that sometimes love is a spanking or other punishment so a child who is raised knows right from wrong? Facts are facts Samantha W. Who's passing judgment now?