Chief: Suspect is ‘cold-blooded murderer’

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Submitted: Fri, 10/04/2013 - 3:53am
Updated: Fri, 10/11/2013 - 8:47pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police arrested the man they say is responsible for the murder of Angelo Freeman. The 51-year-old was found dead in his Lilac Court home yesterday morning after police say he was shot three times.

Police say they picked up Nicholas Terrell Bannerman, 20, Wednesday afternoon. They say the murder of Freeman was likely a robbery gone bad.

Police say because their investigation continues, they would not say what led to the arrest. They did say Bannerman was already under investigation for an armed robbery August 30 at the Exxon station on Market Street. Bannerman was also arrested last November for an armed robbery downtown.

Police Chief Ralph Evangelous says Bannerman is “involved with a lot of crime.”

“Bannerman is in the New Hanover County Jail under no bond,” Evangelous said. “He is a cold-blooded murderer.”

A search of the NC Department of Corrections website, though, did not turn up any record of convictions for Bannerman.

Bannerman is charged with first-degree murder, robbery with a dangerous weapon and kidnapping among other charges.

Police say Bannerman has some gang affiliation, but they don’t believe the murder was gang related.


  • Guest123456 says:

    What a horrible comment to make, teachers deal with alot more than you think. My other half is a teacher. He has 23 High school students in his class. He goes in at 6:50 every morning and leaves at 4:00 pm and helps with after school events. If he does not teach the state plan then he’s out of a job. He cares about his student more than some of their parents do. How do I know this, Ive gone with him to their homes for birthday parties because his students love him. But guess what 2 of his student committed a big crime 2 years ago….. its their own fault not his for the choice they made. And dont get me started on money and what a teacher makes, after school on fri he works a second job and gets home at almost midnight and works on the weekends to pay the bills…get your facts straight on their pay.

  • Laney Guest says:

    This is a screwed up world we are living in right now. Why is this underage kid in college? My heart goes out to the victims family. However, I’m glad this piece of trash is behind bars. Hopefully his smirky ass will get the death penalty or life without parole you heartless basta $/. You took away someone’s father, brother, son…you will get your “robbery gone bad”

  • GuestX says:

    Robbers,Gang members,those that kill cause they can.Should be taken out and shot immediately,

  • Unique Segar says:

    Aman!! it takes a village to raise a child we all influenced him and his decisions that day it is a result of suffering from a lack of vision that he turned to negativity for comfort bc no one around these children gave them guidance its lack of vision to blame… poor education poor job opportunities poor leadership a lack of economic skills along with trust issues in the Serbian communities this is why our people suffer it is not that fact that anyone is better than the other or that peoplee are ghetto and act like thugs its a lack of vision and guidance someone should,have done more FROM THE BEGINNING!!lets all stop the hatred and be grateful for what we got this could have been anyone. I pray that before i die this nation of people can be swept with vision and go to do great things things none of us would have ever seen coming. A new day will come

  • Teacher says:

    All aspects of this story are tragic. I knew taught Nick. He was silly, doofy, athletic and sweet in high school. He had such potential.

    Along with the teachers that he had at JTH are asking ourselves what we missed. Where did his life go so wrong? Could we have done anything to stop this?

    Please remember that Nick is a person. He committed a horrible crime. I am in mourning for both families today.

  • A Sister says:

    Hello, I am Angelo’s sister.. I would like to speak with your mother. She can email or call me reply and I will provide you with my information..

  • Samantha W. says:

    Well said. I believe they all need to be lifted up, even the accused.

  • King says:

    The answer is yes. If he had so much potential did you ever sit him down a discuss what his future plans were? Or did you sit back & give the curriculum? You most likely didnt! But you did with other students but not him so now he has gone down a road too far gone & yes you are apart of the problem. Maybe if they pay you more you would have a different passion for teaching and not collecting and check and giving grades. Maybe you will do this next time right?

  • Leah says:

    Nobody on this planet is perfect, so who are we to judge? Who are you to point fingers and basically wish death upon anybody? I can understand if some of you have animosity towards Nick, but c’mon! We are all human… and that man that you all are talking about is my best friend and my brother, and it surely hurts me to read all these hatred comments about him. Do you really not have anything better to do than to be on this site making yourself sound more ignorant than you do in person? Do something with your life! This should be a lesson for us all, youth and young adults. My relationship with Nick is between me and him, and I know that he is a good man, a wonderful brother, and will be a wonderful father… we all make mistakes in life and all we can do (those who are in support) is pray for him and the family… Just think: What if it were you behind those bars, knowing that you were an innocent man/ woman? What would you do? How would you feel? Look at yourself and your life situations before you jump into someone else’s problems. You aren’t one bit perfect; worry about your life and mind your business, Thank you.

  • Guest10042013 says:

    King just showed what an idiot he is!! I feel sadness for the murdered man’s family, the family of the man who killed this man, and for the teacher who is doing the “what if”.

  • 3rd st says:

    I know Nick Bannerman and I can honestly say I don’t think he did it,he wasn’t ever the type of person to do something like this.I can also say how things are so easily distorted through the media.Nick WORKED AT THE EXXON station he supposedly robbed,stop tearing down his name he is not a cold blooded killer,and he hasn’t been proven guilty on anything.On top of that he doesn’t gangbang ,that’s what the police and media just want to make you think that.

  • CM says:

    Every time something like this happens, the responses are so predictable.

    1. Don’t be judging my cuz…he be is a good boy.
    2. This is the NAACP’s fault!
    3. This is the fault of hip-hop culture!
    4. The black community needs to step up!
    5. Where is Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson?
    6. He’s a victim of racism!

    …and so on. It is sad after murder after murder, death after death, nothing has changed despite the fact that there are a number of solutions to this entrenched problem. Instead of trying to solve these issues though, we devolve into a cycle of mutual recrimination and racial tension. There will need to be a concerted effort between the police and the residents of Creekwood (the ones that obey the law) to put an end to the violence. Or, as I’ve said previously, raze the entire neighborhood and create a new neighborhood like they did with Jervay and Isabel Holmes. Honestly, if you just look at the place, the very architecture and road-set up is conducive to crime.

  • K says:

    Parents should be teaching and instilling values, morals… and even when parents and teachers do this, children still make their own choices and may seek the wrong path. People have to be accountable. Yes, this young man had a lot going for him and HE could have made better choices for himself, but chose not too!!!! At 18, 19 and now 20, he knows better! The reason so many children and young people are running wild and crime is high around here is because people continue to make excuses for these criminals and are letting them run rampant at young ages without any structure, discipline or accountability.

  • Cindy says:

    Simply because he is human, Ignorant (that’s what you named yourself, not me)! Everyone makes mistakes, I know Nick and his entire family and I DO NOT for a moment believe he killed anyone! It will have to be proven without any doubt before I believe and then it will be hard for me to accept!

  • Barry says:

    Ignorance must be bliss and you must be the most happy blissful person around. Funny how all of you just write this off as some simple mistake that can be remedied with a shrug. If this guy is so great why has he put himself in these positions of being a thug and the perpetrator of violent crimes not once but three times and all recently. He is a LOSER and I might add, so are you.

  • A Daughter says:

    My mother was the one who found Angelo’s body and that is something she will never forget she is scared for life. I knew his children he wasn’t a bad man but he made bad choices and people have to understand the choices we make in life may result in our death he was by no means perfect but no one deserves to be killed for any reason. He will be missed as a father brother uncle grandfather and friend.

  • Guest9999 says:

    I’ve listened to this audio several times and that isn’t what the chief said (if this is the clip they’re quoting). There’s a quick cut to a phrase “…involved in a cold blooded murder.” And since it’s mid sentence you can’t tell what the context was, did he say “Could be”, “Is”, “May be” etc. I’m not taking any sides and it’s tragic regardless however without a confession law enforcement CAN NOT make statements like that. You can’t judge someone and then bias an entire community that may have members of it chosen for a jury in this case. I don’t have any judgement because I have absolutely no facts but the media needs to be careful here.

  • Guestifer says:

    Give him the electric chair!

  • Guest111 says:

    IF he is someone’s child, someone’s brother and someone to somebody then why hasn’t any of these people taken him in and help get him straightened out? They knew he had been in trouble and knew he was MIA from home a lot. Why haven’t they tried to help him instead of letting him be a burden to society and now a murderer? I hate it for his mother but she has some responsibility in this, too. She should have been on him from an early age to live right, do the right thing and raised him to have morals and know right from wrong. I think it’s time all parents should be punished for their children’s behavior. It’s not society’s place to raise kids for other people or fear kids that are thugs. . and unfortunately he is a thug and obviously runs with thugs.

  • antithug says:

    It is called freedom of speech! Deal with it as you live your brainwashed life in a bubble.

  • Barry says:

    and like the Chief said, apparently he killed a man. this isn’t about his Momma, his brother or anyone else in this case. It is all about him. You raise him up in prayer if you think that is what he needs. I think probably what he needs is a needle in his arm.

    why is this thug out of jail anyway. Two pending armed robbery charges? But in your way of thinking, he be a good boy. I chose my words carefully and I am sure the Chief did as well.

  • Guest, just another says:

    “He is someone to somebody”. So was the man he MURDERED. He is a 20 year old career criminal. Twenty years old, and already has such disrespect and disregard for another human?
    No, I will not lift him. I’ll pray for his family.

  • Cindy says:

    I agree you nothing but what has been said in the news and we all know that is not the gospel! This is good family with good morals and I don’t believe for one moment that he pulled a trigger to kill anyone. Yes I believe he has been hanging with the wrong crowd and yes I believe he may have even been there. I and praying for him and his family and the the victim and his family it’s a tragedy for all.

  • Samantha W. says:

    This goes for the Chief, and anyone with anything to say about what has happened. What you people need to do is, instead of posting your every negative thought on a public site, where his whole family can see it, keep it to yourself. Lift him in prayer, because that’s what he needs. Life the victims family in prayer, because that’s what they need. All this nonsense and cutting down of people is ridiculous. I do not know Nicholas personally, but I do know his brother and his mother, and I know that they are heart broken about this. And you can point fingers, and pass judgement about things…like the way you “think” he may have been raised, but you don’t know. I happen to know his mother is a saint and it would break her heart to see some of the things being said about her son. Yes, what he did was, no doubt, a terrible thing…and yes, he should be punished for his crimes. But you people should not be passing judgement. You should keep your negative thoughts and comments to yourselves. Regardless of what he did, or has done in the past, he is someone’s child…he’s someone’s brother…he is someone to somebody.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    …before your own ignorance outruns you. This is a public news website that has a public forum where people express opinions and ideas. We can say all we want, anytime we want and what we want as long as it is within the sites guidelines. We don’t care about his mama, his dog, who’s an angel, how he be raised and whose heart be broken. These comments are the very least of his consequences.

    This article is about a murderer. That’s what we are discussing and will continue to! Got that?

    You’re right! He’s someone to somebody. Used to be anyway. We can pretty well tell you “who’s somebody” he’s going to be in the near future as well and it ain’t gonna be mamma. When a murderer has a smirk on his face like that during his mugshot, his future is in deeeeeeep doodie!

  • Guest2020 says:

    He is where he is due to the choices he made. Any negative comments that may affect his family is on him, not the people on these boards exercising their freedom of speech.

  • Guesttoo says:

    Okay. I’ll pray…

    I’ll pray that justice is swift…

    and I’ll pray that the sentence, if found guilty, is appropriate and fulfilled completely.

    Am I the only one that finds it difficult to lift someone in prayer that thinks so little of his fellow human being?

    Please don’t forget that the man that was killed in cold blood was also someone to somebody.

  • sure blame hip hop says:

    Yeah I’m sure hip hop is the problem. It has more affect on people than the violent movies, tv shows and video games right? Your comment was based on pure ignorance

  • Hello says:

    When you put all the children from the worst neighborhoods around the city in the same schools never to see a different way of life and experience something better, why is it a surprise when they don’t do better later in life. This is the biggest factor that can be controlled, because parents cannot be. Wilmington will continue to see criminal activity rise while schools are segregated.

  • Ralph McNair says:


    Are there any community leaders in Wilmington’s black communities?

    It’s time black leadership try a little harder to try to curtail the violent behavior of young black males.

    I know it’s a difficult, if next to impossible, task. But something has to be done, and it has to be done by black community leaders.

    Unemployment is surely a factor in this crime wave, but Hip Hop music and the violence it celebrates is another cause of this senseless and pervasive violent crime.

    I’m afraid the popular culture is now so depraved that nothing can be done to change it. And the popular culture of rap–a music that pushes a thug lifestyle–is here to stay. Rappers have blood on their hands. Blood on their hands.

    Hip Hop should be condemned loudly and clearly for the wreckage it has wrought in inner-city neighborhoods.

  • Hefty says:

    Mr. Lewis,

    Unfortunately, black males are committing the most violent crime by far. I wish this were not the case, but it is. We blacks must get more involved. Young black males will listen to a black male far more readily than they will listen to a white man.

    Check Wilmington Crime Statistics by Race and you will see that the violent crimes are overwhelmingly committed by young black males.

  • James E. Lewis says:

    In response to someone saying “It’s time for black leadership to try a little harder to curtail the violent behavior of young black males” Please Stop. Crime in this city is not just a black issue, it’s just talked about more in the local media. This entire city is a crime infested, from rapes, murders, breaking and entering, cars being vandalize, car jackings, robberies etc. You name it it’s occurring in Wilmington. If you think I’m joking look at the daily police response to calls within the city limits. These young people today don’t want to hear anything older and wiser people have to say. They don’t care about dying and they don’t fear anything. Some already expect to live a short life. What possibilities do they have when most can’t comprehend what they have read? Our school systems have pushed children through because of numbers and are pushing dummies out on the streets. This is a ballgame in which all colors should be involved in

  • Carly says:

    Yes, but only because black males are more likely than anyone to be taken far into the criminal justice system. White males are less likely to be booked and very rarely convicted for committing the same crime that a black male committed. Police statistics are not the most accurate thing in the world because they fail to mention a lot of crimes that do occur; especially those by white people. Black people are unfortunately over represented in prison and in the media when it comes to crime. With all of that being said, this issue does not have to be about race. It’s about how we can get violence down. That first starts by blurring society’s view on race so that it isn’t the thing we notice about someone.

  • StreetSmartz says:

    I would reject the NG coming to Wilmington for many reasons.

    1) This ISN’T the job of the National Guard.

    2) It would be a waste of resources and money to have the NG here. They don’t work for free and we’ve already been throwing too much money in the wrong direction to solve this problem. Having the NG won’t solve the problem.

    3) We don’t need the NG to do the job of the police here in Wilmington. We need the POLICE to do the job of the police here in Wilmington. Start busting people for whatever illegal activity that they see happen and have them stop turning a blind eye. Hell, they have a little station underneath the parking deck downtown, but can’t smell the pot smoke coming from up the corner. Sure they take care of Front Street (all 12 of them on Fri/Sat), but they ignore anything else going on around the perpendicular or parallel roads.

    4) Have our City Government stop worrying about ballparks, fountain lighting, and business window sign laws and have them get their rears in gear on the real hindrance to getting people spending money downtown.

    5) Close down WDI and use that money for better lighting, or another TRAINED officer without the freaking good ole boy mentality.

    We don’t need the National Guard. We need Wilmington to make some changes.

  • Guest Reply Redux says:

    …To let the WPD handle a growing crime situation that “they are not controlling now”…and will continue to “not control” and all law enforcement offices *Just* need to take ahold of the situation and get to work and all will be good?
    You in Wilmington haven’t even got a Mayor that will take on an interview or address with the media his plan of backing up police efforts and telling the taxpayers what he will do for his part of preventing/fighting crime. He’s only the Police Chief’s Boss hiding behind closed doors…and that’s where he will stay…behind closed doors hoping it’ll just “Go Away” so he can get on with hotel plans.
    If you people really believe that soon the balloon will burst, and City Council and City Leaders will come to their senses, and do what’s right in regards of crime fighting/prevention, then you’ll have to take a look at how history of their leadership has panned out in the past “9” years of your current Police Chief and the escalation of how crime has risen (not dropped)…and when you get tired of being lied to…when your neighborhood hears shots ring out (never heard before)…then you will realize your leaders haven’t a clue as to what to do…much less “How did it get this far?”. But in reality…they do know, and citizens of Wilmington have been too blind to see it, or too tired to step in and make their leaders do their jobs.
    You criticise outside help as though it was a plaque or some horror to deal with, when the handwriting is on the wall that Wilmington and her citizens need a higher force of protection then what her leaders are giving now…and the hole gets deeper every day.
    I have a daughter and son-in-law in Wilmington, and I want their protection as much as you want it for yours. I don’t see help from the Guard in a sense of…”what can they do?”. What they can and will do, is the job your leaders won’t do.
    Remember this…crime won’t just disappear, but the sense of action by your Mayor and police, has never materialized either.
    I met with Police Chief Cease…his Narcotics Lt., and the school board at Gregory School years ago, when drugs were being sold at 10th and Castle St. I saw it every time I went to have lunch with my daughter.I got together with the Principal, and we hailed the Chief to a PTA meeting. He pretty much told us all to mind our own business. The same attitude remains today I’m sure…but back then, with help from parents and the school board…that area was then patrolled and the store it took place at “shut down”…and the PTA pushed for it…and got it.
    Power works in numbers…if the numbers stick together for the good of the community.
    So before you shake off any idea of outside help and protection from within…take this into consideration.

  • PublicAvenger says:

    Guest Reply Redux…………
    Three more helicopters, 1000 National Guard soldiers “patrolling” the streets, and twice as many cops, would not have prevented this, nor any other murder, we have had in Wilmington, or New Hanover County, this year.

    Pouring $40 Million into Creekwood, certainly won’t help matters either.

    Mark my words. The killer will be getting arrested again, in Wilmington, within the next ten years.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    Why? That doesn’t even happen in Chicago, why here? Besides, all of the cowardly, lice-ridden rats would just hide in thier holes until the NG left and would crawl back out with their hats cocked sideways as soon as it got dark.

    How about a more reasonable solution. Keep them in prison in the first place. The vast majority of them are stellar prison record holders with multiple violent felony convictions. Until the people that are supposed to stay in prison actually have to remain there to complete real and substantial sentences, they will continue to wreak havok on society at every opportunity. They know no other way. They are capable of…no other way. They don’t care, they just want and they’ll get what they want any way they can.

  • Guest Reply Redux says:

    But you would not oppose help from the National Guard…correct?

  • Guest Reply Redux says:

    But you would not oppose help from the National Guard…correct?

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    You don’t need a sledgehammer to kill a fly, only a flyswatter and a little patience. Our “flyswatter” is our judicial system. It has a broken handle, huge holes in the paddle and is used with a girlish swing by blind people that can’t hear.

    Startin’ ta ring a bell with ya yet?

  • PublicAvenger says:

    We don’t need any help from the National Guard. We need help from the Courts. This monster was ARRESTED by the WPD, less then a year ago, for ARMED ROBBERY. He got a ‘Slap On The Wrist’, from the courts.

    Forty years ago, you did a mandatory seven years, in prison, for Armed Robbery. All the police can do, is arrest these guys. They can’t throw them off the bridge. With thugs like this, being caught, again and again, no wonder they’re so many robberies and murders.

    Again I say, “He will commit another crime, in Wilmington, within the next ten years”. He needs a lethal injection.

  • female dawg says:

    Dont Talk bout My Kuzn And He didnt Do It So Leave That To Tha Birds

  • Glenda Smith says:

    And he has the gall to smile , i hope he gets a death sentence after every inmate has had sex with him . Another scum bag off the streets . Good job WPD

  • justice4nicholas says:

    This Scum bag you speak of is not a bad guy. I have known him since the day he was born and have never even seen him be aggressive with anyone. The charges of robbery everyone speaks of last year, the reason they were dismissed is because it was proven by video that Nicholas was working at the time the robbery occurred. The accuser later admitted to law enforcement that he was lying on Nicholas. As for this robbery the police have charged Nicholas with now, did any of you know it was Nicholas being robbed at the gas station he worked at. That is why it was an open investigation, simply because the police don’t want to admit they cant solve that robbery and figure they can add try and charge Nicholas with it because the ignorant people of this town will automatically assume someone charged with murder surely did it. they wont have to actually solve a crime and find out who done it because people are to ignorant to actually go after a criminal not a conviction. The police have already came forward and admitted to this boys mother that they know he was not the shooter. Sadly they want to make it look like they are doing their job while the real killer runs free. I know there are millions of people incarcerated that say that they did not do it, but this is a sad case where the police are admitting that this young man didn’t do this. Yet they still charged him with another persons crime. where is the justice. And shame on you for condemning someone before you get the facts. what happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty. Ignorance is what has this country in ruins.

  • Carly says:

    You are a horrible person for saying something like that.

  • Guest321 says:

    Nothing like good grammar to prove a point of higher education! On another point- It’s getting to the point where people are going to start purchasing guns to secure themselves at home. Too bad that people are going to have to start taking the law into thier own hands.

  • Guest111 says:

    It should read “don’t talk about my cousin and he didn’t do it so leave that to the birds” . . which makes absolutely NO SENSE to anyone but you.

  • Samantha W. says:

    In no way was I saying that the man who was murdered is not important, no doubt he and his family are the most important thing in this situation. However, I can guarantee that if it were your son taking the fall for something like this, you’d choose your words more wisely.

  • Samantha W. says:

    In no way am I brainwashed. And all of you who speak so poorly on this site about things you know nothing about, should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Samantha W. says:

    She didn’t raise thugs, do you know the family?? You people need help.

  • Guest6858 says:

    Well, apparently she did.

  • Samantha W. says:

    Way to pass judgement and make yourself look so very ignorant.

  • guesty says:

    How is it ignorant to say the mom raised a thug when her child is currently under arrested for first-degree murder, robbery with a dangerous weapon and kidnapping.

    Then add in this:
    They did say Bannerman was already under investigation for an armed robbery August 30 at the Exxon station on Market Street. Bannerman was also arrested last November for an armed robbery downtown.

    Wait, he was a good boy, never hurt anybody, went to church, went to school, wore his pants like he had sense, scraped gum off the sidewalks and helped old ladies cross the street, right?

    So it appears the only one ignorant here is you not wanting to admit to the facts that are right in your face.

  • Guest6858 says:

    You are the one who is ignorant. Don’t you realize that sometimes love is a spanking or other punishment so a child who is raised knows right from wrong? Facts are facts Samantha W. Who’s passing judgment now?

  • Cheyanne Raquel Brown says:

    Lol his mother is a wonderful lady and she did not raise “thugs”. A person can be brought up in dance, extra curriculars, taught not to drink or do drugs or even have sex but at some point in everyones life they make their own decisions!! Nick is such a sweet boy he has guys dont know him from adam, if you truly knew Nick..Things happen people change but I dont believe he is capable of the things they are accusing him of. Ugh. Get yourselves together people BEFORE YOU GO POINTING FINGERS MAKE SURE >YOUR< HANDS ARE CLEAN!

  • Samantha W. says:

    This is, by far, the most ignorant response I’ve gotten. Has he been proven guilty? Talk to me then.

  • PublicAvenger says:

    Another great job by the WPD. There is no way, Law Enforcement can prevent murders. But to solve them, time and again, with a high rate of efficiency, shows the WPD is well organized, and on the ball.

  • Guest Reply Redux says:

    “Another great job by the WPD. There is no way, Law Enforcement can prevent murders” (Unquote)

    PublicAvenger…as a citizen of Wilmington…would you and your friends (and neighbors) support a National Guard Surveillance Act of the “High/Hot Crime Areas” of Wilmington, to help curtail future murders?
    Just curious.

  • Barbara says:

    The WPD has had a lot of practice solving murders…..

  • ranger1 says:

    I agree, PA. Police don’t carry around crystal balls to prevent what might happen in the future. They deal with after-the-fact situations. Ignore the flack.

  • guesty says:

    Did somebody in that area finally ‘see’ something and report it?

  • Guest0101 says:


    Just a simple thank you for making my day. That was HILARIOUS

  • Guest Reply Redux says:

    Should Police Chief Evangelous and Mayor Saffo:

    1. Ask for help in fighting crime from the National Guard?
    2. Not seek help from the National Guard, and try and curtail violent crimes on the rise in Wilmington by means of the WPD alone?
    3. It would be an embarrassment to the Police Dept./Mayor to ask for additional help?
    4. National Guard presence in Wilmington (news media coverage) would be bad for local tourism?
    5. And as always: Don’t Know/Don’t Care

  • cheryldra says:

    I think any outside help to make the citizens of New Hanover feel safe should be welcomed.There is a lot of robberies and shootings going on ,this has to be overloading our WPD.The crime from the downtown area is out of control and soon will be spilling over to other areas.I could not imagine living in such a war zone not knowing one day from the next will I or my family be their next victim.I pray for safety of the good families that live in the bad areas,that have no other choice.So yes I would let the National Guard help clean up the streets of wilmington.

  • Areukiding says:

    The National Guard isn’t being paid right now. The Government left them out of Military the Status Pay. So this isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

  • viking fan says:

    the former Hoggard football player? why?

  • Adam says:

    I’m assuming because he used to play Hoggard football, but I may be mistaken

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    …”ex” football player, which is all he is…an “ex”! Now he’s going to be an “ex”-citizen. “Former” is reserved for those that bravely fought for the freedoms of this country and made it back home to return to civilian life! Sometimes, what you “are” never goes away. Sometimes what you “were”, never meant anything in the first place.

  • Guest6858 says:

    I would like to slap that smug smirk right off of his face. He’s thinking how notorious he is now.

  • Realist says:

    The amount of crime in the area lately is terrible. Murders, shootings, robberies, break-ins, thefts…it’s only getting worse. Advice? Stay the heck out of downtown from PPD in the north all the way to Greenfield Lake in the south. It’s turning into a little Chicago.

    Until a heavier police presence in the area can curtail these crimes, Wilmington will continue to lose revenue from people choosing to stay away based on the chance they could get caught up in this mess and become a statistic.

  • James Lewis says:

    I am a native Wilmington and just to let you know there is crime all around this town, not just only in the Downtown Area. A heavier presence of Police Officers will not solve the matter just move the crimes to another area. Some people cause things to happen to them especially downtown. One thing I learned a long time ago don’t drink too much so that you aren’t aware of what’s going on with you which is what occurs downtown mostly. Traveling down a dark ally isn’t on of the smartest things either especially females by themselves. Going to a teller machine late at night. Theses are just a few examples of things that people do to set themselves up for something to happen to them. I wish the WPD stop saying gangs, I’ve lived and worked in Washington, DC and know what a gang truly is, these clowns around may wear colors but if some real street gangs showed up they would run to the hills. If people started reporting crime and stop worrying about the repercussions then this city may become a better place. The justice system needs to stop playing with these clowns, lock them up and thrown away the key then and only then would this city be a better and cleaner city.

  • susan k says:

    Our police chief has no right to publicly call this man a cold-blooded murderer, even if it were true, at least not BEFORE an investigation, a trial, and a conviction. He needs to keep his opinions out of the press unless he wants to help the defense rather than the prosecution.

  • bsk28425 says:

    Called it as he see’s it. If the shoe fits!!!

  • tke1 says:

    I think if you will read the article you will see that this suspect was already under INVESTIGATION for one armed robbery and had been charged in another. Do you think the WPD just pulled his name out of a hat and said,” Let’s charge this guy” without having something to back it up? I am sure the cops conferred with the DA before charging first degree murder. You need to understand that Law and Order and NCIS are television shows, not reality.

  • Guest2020 says:

    He probably has enough evidence to warrant his statement. You, on the other hand, have nothing but what the media supplies. Would you feel better if the chief had gone the PC route and called him an alleged cold-blooded murderer?

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