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Chief: Suspect is 'cold-blooded murderer'


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police arrested the man they say is responsible for the murder of Angelo Freeman. The 51-year-old was found dead in his Lilac Court home yesterday morning after police say he was shot three times.

Police say they picked up Nicholas Terrell Bannerman, 20, Wednesday afternoon. They say the murder of Freeman was likely a robbery gone bad.

Police say because their investigation continues, they would not say what led to the arrest. They did say Bannerman was already under investigation for an armed robbery August 30 at the Exxon station on Market Street. Bannerman was also arrested last November for an armed robbery downtown.

Police Chief Ralph Evangelous says Bannerman is "involved with a lot of crime."

"Bannerman is in the New Hanover County Jail under no bond," Evangelous said. "He is a cold-blooded murderer."

A search of the NC Department of Corrections website, though, did not turn up any record of convictions for Bannerman.

Bannerman is charged with first-degree murder, robbery with a dangerous weapon and kidnapping among other charges.

Police say Bannerman has some gang affiliation, but they don't believe the murder was gang related.

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Please explain

How is it ignorant to say the mom raised a thug when her child is currently under arrested for first-degree murder, robbery with a dangerous weapon and kidnapping.

Then add in this:
They did say Bannerman was already under investigation for an armed robbery August 30 at the Exxon station on Market Street. Bannerman was also arrested last November for an armed robbery downtown.

Wait, he was a good boy, never hurt anybody, went to church, went to school, wore his pants like he had sense, scraped gum off the sidewalks and helped old ladies cross the street, right?

So it appears the only one ignorant here is you not wanting to admit to the facts that are right in your face.


Give him the electric chair!


Okay. I'll pray...

I'll pray that justice is swift...

and I'll pray that the sentence, if found guilty, is appropriate and fulfilled completely.

Am I the only one that finds it difficult to lift someone in prayer that thinks so little of his fellow human being?

Please don't forget that the man that was killed in cold blood was also someone to somebody.

He is where he is due to the

He is where he is due to the choices he made. Any negative comments that may affect his family is on him, not the people on these boards exercising their freedom of speech.

Samantha W, you need to shove off and silence yourself...

...before your own ignorance outruns you. This is a public news website that has a public forum where people express opinions and ideas. We can say all we want, anytime we want and what we want as long as it is within the sites guidelines. We don't care about his mama, his dog, who's an angel, how he be raised and whose heart be broken. These comments are the very least of his consequences.

This article is about a murderer. That's what we are discussing and will continue to! Got that?

You're right! He's someone to somebody. Used to be anyway. We can pretty well tell you "who's somebody" he's going to be in the near future as well and it ain't gonna be mamma. When a murderer has a smirk on his face like that during his mugshot, his future is in deeeeeeep doodie!

This is, by far, the most

This is, by far, the most ignorant response I've gotten. Has he been proven guilty? Talk to me then.

glad hes caught

And he has the gall to smile , i hope he gets a death sentence after every inmate has had sex with him . Another scum bag off the streets . Good job WPD

This Scum bag you speak of

This Scum bag you speak of is not a bad guy. I have known him since the day he was born and have never even seen him be aggressive with anyone. The charges of robbery everyone speaks of last year, the reason they were dismissed is because it was proven by video that Nicholas was working at the time the robbery occurred. The accuser later admitted to law enforcement that he was lying on Nicholas. As for this robbery the police have charged Nicholas with now, did any of you know it was Nicholas being robbed at the gas station he worked at. That is why it was an open investigation, simply because the police don't want to admit they cant solve that robbery and figure they can add try and charge Nicholas with it because the ignorant people of this town will automatically assume someone charged with murder surely did it. they wont have to actually solve a crime and find out who done it because people are to ignorant to actually go after a criminal not a conviction. The police have already came forward and admitted to this boys mother that they know he was not the shooter. Sadly they want to make it look like they are doing their job while the real killer runs free. I know there are millions of people incarcerated that say that they did not do it, but this is a sad case where the police are admitting that this young man didn't do this. Yet they still charged him with another persons crime. where is the justice. And shame on you for condemning someone before you get the facts. what happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty. Ignorance is what has this country in ruins.

(No subject)


Dont Talk bout My Kuzn And

Dont Talk bout My Kuzn And He didnt Do It So Leave That To Tha Birds

Lord your grammar is horrible. . go to school

It should read "don't talk about my cousin and he didn't do it so leave that to the birds" . . which makes absolutely NO SENSE to anyone but you.


Nothing like good grammar to prove a point of higher education! On another point- It's getting to the point where people are going to start purchasing guns to secure themselves at home. Too bad that people are going to have to start taking the law into thier own hands.

You are a horrible person

You are a horrible person for saying something like that.

bad choice of words

Our police chief has no right to publicly call this man a cold-blooded murderer, even if it were true, at least not BEFORE an investigation, a trial, and a conviction. He needs to keep his opinions out of the press unless he wants to help the defense rather than the prosecution.

He probably has enough

He probably has enough evidence to warrant his statement. You, on the other hand, have nothing but what the media supplies. Would you feel better if the chief had gone the PC route and called him an alleged cold-blooded murderer?

I think if you will read the

I think if you will read the article you will see that this suspect was already under INVESTIGATION for one armed robbery and had been charged in another. Do you think the WPD just pulled his name out of a hat and said," Let's charge this guy" without having something to back it up? I am sure the cops conferred with the DA before charging first degree murder. You need to understand that Law and Order and NCIS are television shows, not reality.

Called it as he see's it. If

Called it as he see's it. If the shoe fits!!!

Avoid Downtown!

The amount of crime in the area lately is terrible. Murders, shootings, robberies, break-ins,'s only getting worse. Advice? Stay the heck out of downtown from PPD in the north all the way to Greenfield Lake in the south. It's turning into a little Chicago.

Until a heavier police presence in the area can curtail these crimes, Wilmington will continue to lose revenue from people choosing to stay away based on the chance they could get caught up in this mess and become a statistic.

You Should Never Leave Home

I am a native Wilmington and just to let you know there is crime all around this town, not just only in the Downtown Area. A heavier presence of Police Officers will not solve the matter just move the crimes to another area. Some people cause things to happen to them especially downtown. One thing I learned a long time ago don't drink too much so that you aren't aware of what's going on with you which is what occurs downtown mostly. Traveling down a dark ally isn't on of the smartest things either especially females by themselves. Going to a teller machine late at night. Theses are just a few examples of things that people do to set themselves up for something to happen to them. I wish the WPD stop saying gangs, I've lived and worked in Washington, DC and know what a gang truly is, these clowns around may wear colors but if some real street gangs showed up they would run to the hills. If people started reporting crime and stop worrying about the repercussions then this city may become a better place. The justice system needs to stop playing with these clowns, lock them up and thrown away the key then and only then would this city be a better and cleaner city.

I would...

I would like to slap that smug smirk right off of his face. He's thinking how notorious he is now.

the former Hoggard football player?

the former Hoggard football player? why?

Let's not call it "former" football player, let's call it...

..."ex" football player, which is all he "ex"! Now he's going to be an "ex"-citizen. "Former" is reserved for those that bravely fought for the freedoms of this country and made it back home to return to civilian life! Sometimes, what you "are" never goes away. Sometimes what you "were", never meant anything in the first place.

I'm assuming because he used

I'm assuming because he used to play Hoggard football, but I may be mistaken

Individual Poll idea for WWAY

Should Police Chief Evangelous and Mayor Saffo:

1. Ask for help in fighting crime from the National Guard?
2. Not seek help from the National Guard, and try and curtail violent crimes on the rise in Wilmington by means of the WPD alone?
3. It would be an embarrassment to the Police Dept./Mayor to ask for additional help?
4. National Guard presence in Wilmington (news media coverage) would be bad for local tourism?
5. And as always: Don't Know/Don't Care

wway poll

The National Guard isn't being paid right now. The Government left them out of Military the Status Pay. So this isn't going to happen anytime soon.

Individual Poll

I think any outside help to make the citizens of New Hanover feel safe should be welcomed.There is a lot of robberies and shootings going on ,this has to be overloading our WPD.The crime from the downtown area is out of control and soon will be spilling over to other areas.I could not imagine living in such a war zone not knowing one day from the next will I or my family be their next victim.I pray for safety of the good families that live in the bad areas,that have no other choice.So yes I would let the National Guard help clean up the streets of wilmington.


Did somebody in that area finally 'see' something and report it?

Thank you


Just a simple thank you for making my day. That was HILARIOUS

Another great job by the

Another great job by the WPD. There is no way, Law Enforcement can prevent murders. But to solve them, time and again, with a high rate of efficiency, shows the WPD is well organized, and on the ball.

I agree, PA. Police don't

I agree, PA. Police don't carry around crystal balls to prevent what might happen in the future. They deal with after-the-fact situations. Ignore the flack.