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Chief: Suspect is 'cold-blooded murderer'


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police arrested the man they say is responsible for the murder of Angelo Freeman. The 51-year-old was found dead in his Lilac Court home yesterday morning after police say he was shot three times.

Police say they picked up Nicholas Terrell Bannerman, 20, Wednesday afternoon. They say the murder of Freeman was likely a robbery gone bad.

Police say because their investigation continues, they would not say what led to the arrest. They did say Bannerman was already under investigation for an armed robbery August 30 at the Exxon station on Market Street. Bannerman was also arrested last November for an armed robbery downtown.

Police Chief Ralph Evangelous says Bannerman is "involved with a lot of crime."

"Bannerman is in the New Hanover County Jail under no bond," Evangelous said. "He is a cold-blooded murderer."

A search of the NC Department of Corrections website, though, did not turn up any record of convictions for Bannerman.

Bannerman is charged with first-degree murder, robbery with a dangerous weapon and kidnapping among other charges.

Police say Bannerman has some gang affiliation, but they don't believe the murder was gang related.

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"Another great job by the

"Another great job by the WPD. There is no way, Law Enforcement can prevent murders" (Unquote) a citizen of Wilmington...would you and your friends (and neighbors) support a National Guard Surveillance Act of the "High/Hot Crime Areas" of Wilmington, to help curtail future murders?
Just curious.

National Guard surveillance?

Why? That doesn't even happen in Chicago, why here? Besides, all of the cowardly, lice-ridden rats would just hide in thier holes until the NG left and would crawl back out with their hats cocked sideways as soon as it got dark.

How about a more reasonable solution. Keep them in prison in the first place. The vast majority of them are stellar prison record holders with multiple violent felony convictions. Until the people that are supposed to stay in prison actually have to remain there to complete real and substantial sentences, they will continue to wreak havok on society at every opportunity. They know no other way. They are capable other way. They don't care, they just want and they'll get what they want any way they can.


But you would not oppose help from the National Guard...correct?

Yes, I would reject the NG

I would reject the NG coming to Wilmington for many reasons.

1) This ISN'T the job of the National Guard.

2) It would be a waste of resources and money to have the NG here. They don't work for free and we've already been throwing too much money in the wrong direction to solve this problem. Having the NG won't solve the problem.

3) We don't need the NG to do the job of the police here in Wilmington. We need the POLICE to do the job of the police here in Wilmington. Start busting people for whatever illegal activity that they see happen and have them stop turning a blind eye. Hell, they have a little station underneath the parking deck downtown, but can't smell the pot smoke coming from up the corner. Sure they take care of Front Street (all 12 of them on Fri/Sat), but they ignore anything else going on around the perpendicular or parallel roads.

4) Have our City Government stop worrying about ballparks, fountain lighting, and business window sign laws and have them get their rears in gear on the real hindrance to getting people spending money downtown.

5) Close down WDI and use that money for better lighting, or another TRAINED officer without the freaking good ole boy mentality.

We don't need the National Guard. We need Wilmington to make some changes.

We don't need any help from

We don't need any help from the National Guard. We need help from the Courts. This monster was ARRESTED by the WPD, less then a year ago, for ARMED ROBBERY. He got a 'Slap On The Wrist', from the courts.

Forty years ago, you did a mandatory seven years, in prison, for Armed Robbery. All the police can do, is arrest these guys. They can't throw them off the bridge. With thugs like this, being caught, again and again, no wonder they're so many robberies and murders.

Again I say, "He will commit another crime, in Wilmington, within the next ten years". He needs a lethal injection.

So the plan is....

...To let the WPD handle a growing crime situation that "they are not controlling now"...and will continue to "not control" and all law enforcement offices *Just* need to take ahold of the situation and get to work and all will be good?
You in Wilmington haven't even got a Mayor that will take on an interview or address with the media his plan of backing up police efforts and telling the taxpayers what he will do for his part of preventing/fighting crime. He's only the Police Chief's Boss hiding behind closed doors...and that's where he will stay...behind closed doors hoping it'll just "Go Away" so he can get on with hotel plans.
If you people really believe that soon the balloon will burst, and City Council and City Leaders will come to their senses, and do what's right in regards of crime fighting/prevention, then you'll have to take a look at how history of their leadership has panned out in the past "9" years of your current Police Chief and the escalation of how crime has risen (not dropped)...and when you get tired of being lied to...when your neighborhood hears shots ring out (never heard before)...then you will realize your leaders haven't a clue as to what to do...much less "How did it get this far?". But in reality...they do know, and citizens of Wilmington have been too blind to see it, or too tired to step in and make their leaders do their jobs.
You criticise outside help as though it was a plaque or some horror to deal with, when the handwriting is on the wall that Wilmington and her citizens need a higher force of protection then what her leaders are giving now...and the hole gets deeper every day.
I have a daughter and son-in-law in Wilmington, and I want their protection as much as you want it for yours. I don't see help from the Guard in a sense of..."what can they do?". What they can and will do, is the job your leaders won't do.
Remember this...crime won't just disappear, but the sense of action by your Mayor and police, has never materialized either.
I met with Police Chief Cease...his Narcotics Lt., and the school board at Gregory School years ago, when drugs were being sold at 10th and Castle St. I saw it every time I went to have lunch with my daughter.I got together with the Principal, and we hailed the Chief to a PTA meeting. He pretty much told us all to mind our own business. The same attitude remains today I'm sure...but back then, with help from parents and the school board...that area was then patrolled and the store it took place at "shut down"...and the PTA pushed for it...and got it.
Power works in numbers...if the numbers stick together for the good of the community.
So before you shake off any idea of outside help and protection from within...take this into consideration.

I oppose your method because it simply isn't necessary.

You don't need a sledgehammer to kill a fly, only a flyswatter and a little patience. Our "flyswatter" is our judicial system. It has a broken handle, huge holes in the paddle and is used with a girlish swing by blind people that can't hear.

Startin' ta ring a bell with ya yet?

Guest Reply

Guest Reply Redux............
Three more helicopters, 1000 National Guard soldiers "patrolling" the streets, and twice as many cops, would not have prevented this, nor any other murder, we have had in Wilmington, or New Hanover County, this year.

Pouring $40 Million into Creekwood, certainly won't help matters either.

Mark my words. The killer will be getting arrested again, in Wilmington, within the next ten years.

The same question as above...

But you would not oppose help from the National Guard...correct?

The WPD has had a lot of

The WPD has had a lot of practice solving murders.....

Community Leaders?


Are there any community leaders in Wilmington's black communities?

It's time black leadership try a little harder to try to curtail the violent behavior of young black males.

I know it's a difficult, if next to impossible, task. But something has to be done, and it has to be done by black community leaders.

Unemployment is surely a factor in this crime wave, but Hip Hop music and the violence it celebrates is another cause of this senseless and pervasive violent crime.

I'm afraid the popular culture is now so depraved that nothing can be done to change it. And the popular culture of rap--a music that pushes a thug lifestyle--is here to stay. Rappers have blood on their hands. Blood on their hands.

Hip Hop should be condemned loudly and clearly for the wreckage it has wrought in inner-city neighborhoods.

Yeah I'm sure hip hop is the

Yeah I'm sure hip hop is the problem. It has more affect on people than the violent movies, tv shows and video games right? Your comment was based on pure ignorance

New Breed

In response to someone saying "It's time for black leadership to try a little harder to curtail the violent behavior of young black males" Please Stop. Crime in this city is not just a black issue, it's just talked about more in the local media. This entire city is a crime infested, from rapes, murders, breaking and entering, cars being vandalize, car jackings, robberies etc. You name it it's occurring in Wilmington. If you think I'm joking look at the daily police response to calls within the city limits. These young people today don't want to hear anything older and wiser people have to say. They don't care about dying and they don't fear anything. Some already expect to live a short life. What possibilities do they have when most can't comprehend what they have read? Our school systems have pushed children through because of numbers and are pushing dummies out on the streets. This is a ballgame in which all colors should be involved in

Check the Crime Statistics

Mr. Lewis,

Unfortunately, black males are committing the most violent crime by far. I wish this were not the case, but it is. We blacks must get more involved. Young black males will listen to a black male far more readily than they will listen to a white man.

Check Wilmington Crime Statistics by Race and you will see that the violent crimes are overwhelmingly committed by young black males.

When you put all the

When you put all the children from the worst neighborhoods around the city in the same schools never to see a different way of life and experience something better, why is it a surprise when they don't do better later in life. This is the biggest factor that can be controlled, because parents cannot be. Wilmington will continue to see criminal activity rise while schools are segregated.

Yes, but only because black

Yes, but only because black males are more likely than anyone to be taken far into the criminal justice system. White males are less likely to be booked and very rarely convicted for committing the same crime that a black male committed. Police statistics are not the most accurate thing in the world because they fail to mention a lot of crimes that do occur; especially those by white people. Black people are unfortunately over represented in prison and in the media when it comes to crime. With all of that being said, this issue does not have to be about race. It's about how we can get violence down. That first starts by blurring society's view on race so that it isn't the thing we notice about someone.