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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police say the PNC Bank at 2015 S. 17th Street was robbed around 11 a.m. Thursday.

Investigators are looking for two white men. One was thin, about 6’2″ wearing a t-shirt, shorts, baseball cap and sunglasses with a light beard and a bandage wrapped around the right arm. The other was medium build, about 5’0″ wearing a dark sweatshirt over a collared shirt, jeans and a knit hat. He had light facial hair.

Witnesses told police when the men entered the bank, they did not show a weapon. They reportedly handed a note to a teller, who complied with their demands.

Police say the suspects headed north on 17th Street. Witnesses in the area reported seeing the men run to a car in the parking lot of Doctors Vision Center at 1994 S. 17th Street. The car was last seen headed north on S. 17th Street.

If you have any information about this bank robbery call the Wilmington Police Department at (910) 343-3609, text Crimes (274637) start your text message with “Tip708” then type your message or call Crime stoppers at (800) 531-9845.

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  • Nothing to see here!

    In the space of couple of weeks, we’ve had random shootings of individuals and shots fired into houses, multiple armed robberies of citizens and businesses, murders and now a bank robbery. And it’s not like all was Quiet on the Western Front just before this rash of violence.

    Que the officials (particularly those of the liberal persuasion) to remind us to “Remain calm! All is well!”

    Or that there’s “Nothing to see here!”

  • Guest Reply Redux


    If’n they get enough questions from the public about these recent crimes…they’ll most likely delete their website!

  • StreetSmartz

    It can’t be. There has to be a misunderstanding.

    To hear everyone talk about crime in Wilmington I would have thought the suspects would be black males. It can’t be the white people because they don’t get government assistance.


  • GuestMan.

    Thanks, I needed a laugh. Too bad all the racists on here don’t feel the same way.

  • deputy25

    thats because all the black guys are dead or locked up!

  • Gues211

    How do you know they are from the Monkey Junction area? Inside information? Wouldn’t they have headed south, instead of going north>

  • antithug

    The bandage boys! White boy gang from south central Monkey Junction!

  • Guest-o-matic

    Is that Woody White in that photo?

  • tattooerofthedarkarts

    Wow the ward brothers. Some things don’t change. I laughed for an hour over this. Its so funny how much taller brandice is than robbie. Hope you never see the real world again trash!!!

  • TattooGeorge 666

    I’ve done time with al three of these boys and spent alot of time with them inside. I know they’re all pretty smart about the things they do ,but right in your hometown, c’mon y’all could’ve gone to Jacksonville or somewhere else to do this. and Robbie… damn, boy you’re only 5 feet tall you’re so recognizable you really should’ve played the part where you weren’t on camera. Maybe next time… see you soon boys I’m on my way back in too, get me a place at that spades table,


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