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Entire school joins in for anti-bullying video


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Students at Myrtle Grove Middle School took bullying into their own hands today by making a video condemning the act.

The students lip synced and sang to popular music and held up signs against bullying.

The entire school participated as one camera caught all the action in one take.

"We decided that we wanted to come up with a music video inspired by the cypress ranch high school out in california, I believe, who did a music video about bullying involving their entire school," chorus and drama teacher Kaitlin Baden said. "And last year we saw that video, and we decided that we didn't think it would be possible to do something like that, and this year we decided we were gonna go for it."

October is Bullying Prevention Awareness Month.

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School Bullying

It's time that our school systems come up with better laws to protect our children from school bullying. We filmed a music video in Wilmington North Carolina July 8-9, 2013. The Artist Monte Proctor, stage name MP3 The Entertainer wrote a song title THE MIND OF A REJECT. At 10 year old, Monte was thoughtful well spoken and enthusiastic about school. But when Lucama Elementary fourth grade's picture and thoughts about school and his future became the basis for a marketing campaign for Wilson County Schools, life change. Monte's photos were all over folders and brochures district officials used to lure potential teachers and families interested in relocating to Wilson. There was even a 7-foot poster, professional photo shoots and public appearances. But it's also when the bullying started. Classmates, even some teachers, bullied Monte. "Look at Urkel", they compared him to the TV sitcom geek Steve Urkel. Monte wore cute little plaid shirts with all but the top button buttoned. His shirttails were always tucked in. His belt secured around his waist. Children blamed Monte for the change in the school dress code. Even after the school change its marketing campaign several years later, Monte continued to be bullied. Monte developed the habit of wearing long sleeves of jackets to cover up the bruises left behind by his peers. Even in High School the bullying continued Monte was having trouble concentrating on his work. Monte completed his last two years of High School at a Christian Academy. He graduated with the class of 2011. Bullying exists everywhere even in the Christian Academies by students and teachers. Monte is now a student at Full Sail University Winter Park Florida majoring in Recording Arts. The Mind Of A Reject Music Video will be release October 15, 2013. This song was written to give people that are being bullied and fill rejected by other hope. It don't matter who you are or where you are right now in life, don't never stop dreaming and believing in yourself,dreams do come true and you will rise to the top.

Feel good politically correct nonsense

"lip synced and sang to popular music and held up signs"

Yup, nothing stops bullying quicker than that.

Negativity will get you nowhere

With all due respect, no one claimed that this project would "stop" bullying. October is Bullying Awareness month, not Bullying Prevention month, and while we would love to believe that "lip syncing and holding up signs" will put an end to bullying the fact is that the intention was to show the school's united effort to make it known that bullying should not and will not be tolerated at MGMS. Regardless of what the final outcome is, I have to say that watching those 800+ students work together in such a positive manner was truly heartwarming and I hope that it will inspire these students and encourage them to be the ones who make the change in their futures. In the end it's up to them, anyway.

Applied correctly, negativity is actually beneficial.

Negativity, if it's directed towards preventing uselessness has a benefit. Positivity, if it's directed towards uselessness, achieves nothing but uselessness. That's like multiplying a number times zero.

If you read the response below by Brynnan Henry, a purported student at the school, you would notice that not one word of his post was about bullying. He simply had fun making a video and would like to play at making videos every week. Good for Brynnan (except for him being short changed on time for actual schoolwork), but that has nothing to do with stopping bullying.

Stuff like this is about as useful as hugging a tree and certainly much easier to come up with than something useful. If we keep spending our resources on nonsense, there will be nothing left for effective programs.

Someone once said "The road to hell is paved with good intentions'"

i was in it

I had so much fun being in the movie and i just wish that we could do that every weekend.Mrs. Baden is an a amazing drama/chorus teacher.