Truck accident in Brunswick County

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Submitted: Sat, 10/05/2013 - 3:17am
Updated: Wed, 02/05/2014 - 7:25pm

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — This is video of what looks like a motorcycle semi crash on 74-76 Friday night. A viewer, who did not want to be named sent this in to WWAY.

He said the accident was just east of the first Leland exit and traffic started backing up around 10.

The Brunswick County Fire Marshal confirms there was an accident but has no other details at this time.

Stay with WWAY for more on this story.


  • nofaithnlaw says:

    As for “idiot drivers” I think that there are lessons to be learned for all persons operating a motorized vehicle of any type on the roads. Pay attention to everyone. At night it is hard to see certain vehicles & do the person/persons operating these vehicles wear appropriate clothing so that they can be seen? I have come across many of them driving scooters & mopeds & a lot of them DO NOT adhere to safety precautions to prevent an accident. If I remember correctly there was an accident on 74/76 not too long ago where a moped/scooter ran into an 18 wheeler and why did this happen? Can you recall that article. Who was the “idiot driver” in that story?

  • T Holder says:

    The driver of the semi amazingly swerved to avoid a man that had been hit moments earlier and was laying in the left lane. The motorcycle / scooter ? was also in the middle of the highway and was pushed In front of the semi but was not the one who hit the man. I’m not sure how the semi missed the man other than he was alert and had quick reflexes. Prayers to the man on the bike tonight. Ambulance was on the scene in what seemed like minutes.

  • Robin says:

    I was about 5-15 seconds behind the accident. I saw break lights of cars, then a semi trailer bouncing from slamming on the breaks. Thankfully I didn’t get in the left lane. After seeing something in the road, I realized it was a body laying there. It happened so fast, it didn’t register right away. I ended up stopping even with the man laying in the road. I was on the right hand shoulder, he was on the left side of the left lane, but in the road. He did not have a helmet, but it could have come off. When I looked over, he wasn’t moving, but shortly afterward his hands stretched out, wrists bent a little bit, and his arms seemed rigid — I thought he was having a seizure. He was taking very deep breaths, and I could see his chest moving up and down and his stomach, too. I didn’t get out of the car, since a man had already walked up to him, and thankfully didn’t touch him. A woman walked towards him, and she most likely was calling 911. The seizing stopped, but he kept breathing, so that was encouraging. He appeared to be a white man, mid 20s to early 30s, and thinner build. Once I knew my help wasn’t needed, and I didn’t see the actual impact, I decided to leave by driving a little up the shoulder and then moving into the right lane. I saw part of a small suspension in the middle of the road, and what looked like the front or rear tire from a moped on the right side of the shoulder. I’m guessing a moped due to the size of the tire. There were about 6-8 cars pulled off to the side, evenly split on the left and right shoulders, and the semi was off to the left, I believe. When I got to the front of the stopped cars, there were, I think, two women very distraught, crying and trying to console one another; they were by the metal wire divider. The news would have said if there was a fatality, so I hope the man is okay. I wish I were paying attention to more detail; meaning I can’t recall if the semi truck was driving aggressively.

    Now my commentary for the idiot drivers in North Carolina. Stop following so closely. This is not a race. I have family to take care of, and I want them safe on these roads. I am sick and tired of seeing rear end collisions, and innocent people being hurt. You are not on a NASCAR track. STOP IT! (I wish I owned a tank to deal with you horrible drivers.)

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