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Green homes slashing electric bills


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Home and business owners are slashing electric bills and getting tax breaks by going green.

Cape Fear Solar Systems hosted the National Solar Tour this weekend to expose the solar secret. The tour featured solar-powered homes throughout Wilmington, homes that cut energy costs by nearly 90%.

"The total bill after we got the rebates from NC Green Power and from Progress was $119 for the year," said local homeowner Ron Hess. "So, basically we reduced our bill by around $1,400 per year."

Hess made the switch to solar systems a few years ago. He said it only took about 6 weeks for the first solar system to be installed, and it was an investment that paid off.

Hess said in tax-breaks alone, he reduced costs by 50%.

Cape Fear Solar Systems said every home is different. Savings depend not only on the systems, but the direction the home is facing and other factors.

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Let me see, you were able to

Let me see, you were able to lower your electric bill but it was on the back and expense of taxpayers thru subsidies and tax breaks, if the going green was such a good idea why were you not willing to do it out of your own pockets for yourself? Is there something I'm missing here?

I look at it that I am just

I look at it that I am just getting some of my own taxes back. Do (did) your kids go to public schools? Why don't you pay for that out of your own pocket? How about roads? Get a life! Or better yet, get solar!

I would like to know how

I would like to know how many panels you have because 12 is not even saving me 30 percent.

I have 20 @ 228 watts each.

I have 20 @ 228 watts each. 10 face East and 10 face South. The program I am on with Duke (Progress)is Buy All Sell All plus I sell the SRECs to NC GreenPower. Hope this helps.

Your tax dollars at

Your tax dollars at work...helping to pay to put solar panels on your neighbors roof. Just great.

What's stopping you AND your

What's stopping you AND your neighbors from getting your own taxes back? By the way, these are tax credits, so you have to pay taxes to be able to use them.

Ron, thanks for your

Ron, thanks for your comments. I'm looking into this myself. I have large open southerly and easterly exposures on my own home. Hey, maybe the guys that are criticizing you and the tax credits have interests in fracking businesses.....