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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It was pool day at the YWCA, and some kids got a chance to dive in, splash around, and learn a thing or two about swim safety.

“I’m learning how to swim,” little swimmer, Zakhi Smith said.

Zakhi says he loves going to the pool. So much so, that his mom says he wanted to be the first one to arrive at YWCA’s pool day.

“We were the first ones here today, and he was really excited! He was like, ‘Oh, I get to learn how to go swimming,’ and you know, he was really excited,” Crystal Smith, Zakhi’s mother said.

Smith says beyond the excitement, she was happy to find her son doing more than just swimming.

“They get to learn something different,” Smith said. “So, with all of this being said, it’s a lot of safety, and precautions that they have learned that they probably never had learned before, and I think that’s a big ordeal for them.”

The YWCA’s Community Outreach Committee… with the Wilmington Housing Authority pinpointed a community where kids may not have access to a pool, to teach them important rules of the water.

“They’re doing this event to reach out to those children in our community to help them learn water safety, and a little bit about learning to swim, if they don’t know how to swim,” Susan Fennell, Executive Director of YWCA of the Lower Cape Fear said. “So, just to be safer around the water, and to be smart around the water.”

She says working with children, and giving back to the community makes her feel great.

“I feel really good because, like I said, this facility is made possible by our community, and we want to give back,” she said.

And little Zakhi says he has no complaints.

“It’s so great, I can have fun with all of that thing,” Zakhi said.

The YWCA partnered with the Wilmington Housing Authority to put on the event.

The pool day ended with pizza, and birthday cake to kick off the countdown to the YWCA’s 100th birthday next spring.

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