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Family searches for owners of a dog who bit their child


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- A family vacationing in Carolina Beach needs your help in finding the owners of three dogs, one of which bit their daughter over the weekend.

Holly Biron says she realized her 18-month-old had been bitten, and they need to know whether that dog’s rabies vaccination is up to date.

If they do not find out, the baby will have to go through a series of painful shots in her head and stomach.

“We would just like them to know that we are not trying to get them in trouble, or the dog in trouble, we just want to make sure that the dog was vaccinated so we don't have to put our baby through all of these shots,” said Biron.

Biron describes the couple as appearing to be in their 60s, with a hint of a British accent, both with thin to average builds. The three dogs were: a dark brown Olde English Sheepdog, a Beagle, and a Boxer-like small white and brown dog they had recently rescued.

If you have any information, you can contact us at WWAY, and we will get you in touch with the Biron family.

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child bit by dogs

So sorry for the child. I have a friend who just did the series of shots because of a neighbors dog. Just a hint, Old English Sheepdogs are gray and white but not brown. Maybe a better description would be a brown hairy or shaggy dog.

The doctor at Duke

The doctor at Duke University Hospital said her shots would be near the bite (her head) and in her stomach and leg (since she's a baby). Rabies vaccinations are all unique to the person and situation.


We the forwarded you the email address of the person you are talking about with the dogs. They have indicated to us that the dogs have all their shots up to date.

rabies shots

I recently underwent a series of four rabies shots. It was not pleasant but was not horrible either. You don't get them in the head or stomach you get then in either the arm or hip. I certainly hope this couple finds the dogs they are looking for so they don't have to get the shots.


The dog that bit her looked exactly like an Old English Sheepdog, but it was dark brown with some black hair mixed in. It was very tall- almost as tall as a Great Dane. The woman owner had red hair- all one length to her ears. Very classy people.

I don't understand if you

I don't understand if you have such a good description of the dogs and owners, you had to have been there, so, how could you have not known your child was bitten at the time?


Because it barely bit her in the head but her hair was covering it (she has thick hair). We all thought it just warned her. A lot of dogs use bite regression or just posture at someone and bark to warn them but don't actually bite. That's what we thought happened. I saw that it had actually bit her when the wind blew her hair and revealed the bite. However, the owners saw the news story and contacted me and their dog is updated! Thank you soooooooooo much to WWAY TV3!!!!! We are beyond grateful!!

Amen to that....

Let's see, 18 month old on the beach with strangers and strange dogs. SURELY someone saw this happen at that instance it happened. My guess is that they did see it and maybe it wasn't so bad at the time, so they bade the dog-walkers goodbye and told them "no worries"...then later had the realization that they should have gotten the information on these people and their dogs...just in case. Now it's a full blown APB. I can understand that you are scared to death with the "not knowing", and I hate it so bad for the innocent baby, but this could have been avoided if there was a bit more responsibility taken when the incident occurred.

Judge much

You have no idea what happened. If you have kids you probably think you're the model parent. Ask me if they will be doing all kinds of things that you're not aware of because you're too busy being too full of yourself to notice. Once you realize you're not the perfect parent I demand you come back and apologize to this lady.