Holly Ridge council terminates contract with fire department

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Submitted: Wed, 10/09/2013 - 3:33am
Updated: Wed, 10/09/2013 - 11:52am

HOLLY RIDGE, NC (WWAY) — The Holly Ridge Town council voted Tuesday night to terminate its contract with the Holly Ridge Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department.

The two sides have 180 days to negotiate a new contract or else the citizens of Holly Ridge will be without fire coverage.

Fire Chief Brandon Longo says one hang up in negotiations is the town council’s insistence that the fire department turnover all assets to the town of Holly Ridge, which he says it can’t legally do since Onslow County paid for the majority of their equipment.

Chief Longo says unless the council is willing to change its strategy in negotiations no deal will be reached.

“Unfortunately the citizens will feel the biggest blunt of this because being unprotected their insurance rating will go up 100% and their ISO class will be a 10,” said Longo.

The Holly Ridge Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department will remain open after the 180 day period runs out because it still has an active contract with Onslow County.

Holly Ridge Town Council members maintain that a deal can be worked out if Chief Longo will cooperate with them.

The two sides hope to schedule a budget session in the coming weeks.


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  • d. Baxley says:

    If someone higher up the food chain looked into the inner workings of the Town of Holly Ridge and it’s PD. Someone would probably be in jail.Drugs missing after arrest’s,Intimidation, and other actions that border on illegal.


    HEY, Chief LONGO incorporate your fire department and provide fire services to local residents. For a nominal fee (Lets say $150), they have fire protection coverage from your company. If they have a fire, you’re contracted to put it out. If they don’t have a contract with you (they didn’t pay the $150 fee). You put out their fire anyways (THEN YOU BILL THEM THE $8000 or so it cost you to put the fire out: you know for the water, hoses, trucks, personnel, training, etc). Tell Holly Ridge to put that in their sewage spray fields and smell the roses!

  • Guest99 says:

    Hey on WICT12, the council member interviewed is one of the members who last year was voted off the fire department because of misuse of funds. If you keep up with the council meeting minutes, Mr Hines also lied about his affiliation with the fire department at last year’s budget meeting. He claimed he never received a paycheck from the department when asked if him voting on town funding going to the fire department was a conflict of interest when in fact has was an employee and did receive paychecks for hours worked and the department. Mr Hines also was a big supporter of the part time program at the fire department when it came to be but now because he isn’t there he is the first one to want that program gone. Messing with the emergency services provided to his citizens is a sick way to try and seek revenge. I think this needs to be looked into further. Hey Holly Ridge, go count your stupid recycling cans… that cost the town citizens more money!

  • Deborah says:

    Nobody has bothered to mention that the fire department & the town have come to an agreement and a new contract has been approved & signed.

  • Guest009 says:

    Hey Jack, the new contract cuts the funding for paid employees. That department is an incorporated nonprofit organization. The new contract will cut out the funding for those employees. So…what hungry and willing person will work for free. The fire department will still operate and cover their county district as normal so how would that same county lease the department’s equipment to anyone? Fore thought that a little bit.

  • Beach Bum says:

    NC Law only requires municipals to provide a minimal amount of infrastructure but can also contract out those services, including protective services.

    I would like to urge the fire chief to put some fore thought into their decision making. ALL personnel can be replaced. Especially by those who are hungry and willing to work.

    I also have all ideas Onslow county government would have no problem leasing the equipment over to the municipality of Holly Ridge for a minimal amount of expense.

  • beach guy says:

    Is there such a lack of intelligent people willing to volunteer for the good of the common cause that the same idiots in candidates clothing are being elected to these councils?
    Holly ridge guess what the chief is right you are wrong. Idiots sign the contract or you and your constituents will have to shell out thousands of dollars more a year for insurance and that includes the town,
    What a bunch of morons first you sue someone for something that is not even in the town citing safety concerns and now you will not even work with volunteers that protect the same people you claim to want to protect?????
    So what is your real agenda? is it to serve the people or boost a megalomaniac type ego?
    any way I am glad I do not live in your town because you are a bunch of losers how did you ever get into office I bet you were the only ones running am I right?

  • Kay Burros says:

    What is more important than public safety? Fire Departments, Law Enforcement, and EMS services are unequivocally necessary to protect citizens of any given area.

    As a member of this community, I depend on those departments with the professionally trained, certified personnel, who are willing to make themselves available 24 hours a day for an emergency. I respect them all, paid or volunteer.

    My concerns are valid . I encourage the parties involved to reach an agreement as to benefit the citizens of the quaint ” Town of Holly Ridge”.

    Kay Burros

  • native carolinian says:

    I wonder if this situation with the fire department which is been in a contract with the Town of Holly Ridge for I don’t know probably 40-50 maybe even 60 years has anything to do with the fact that one of the councilman was was accused of stealing from the fire department and therefore can no longer be on the fire department so is it that he can’t be there so he doesn’t want anybody else there now.

    It is unfortunate day for the town of Holly Ridge when the people that are placed in office to protect the people are only there for their agendas. Remind Jane this is the way Holly Ridge ran for probably sent it incorporated in 1949. this is the town that hired the town manager that was already the chief of police with his brother as the head of maintenance and his other relative is now working for the town. the comical thing is the Chief of Police doesn’t live in the town he’s a manager his brother doesn’t live in the the town.

    This town was originated as Camp Davis North Carolina which was a military facility with meany firings of mini guns Davis North Carolina which was a military facility with many guns firings.

  • jimmy says:

    And I thought all the idiots were in Washington, D.C. Guess not!

  • jimmy says:

    FI live in the holly Ridge area and i also served as a volunteer for a few years.its sad to see people dont care for the safty of others the fire department has been a part of holly Ridge before most of you were born everyone wants change well get ready cause change is on the way with out messing with the fire department you need to let be thw way it has been for years . Change is not always good and if you drop them i just hope you don’t need them think first ..

    Your friend JimmyTyson

  • Guest 87 says:

    You better believe the Holly Ridge Council has an agenda they are trying to play out here. Not sure what it might be, but follow the money trail. Maybe they want to use the gun range land for a new fire house.

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