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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Yellow tape surrounded the Columbus County home today where deputies say two men were shot and one died last night.

The brother of the surviving victim, who was one of the first to arrive after the shooting, says he knows who did it and caught them on camera.

“I already know who you are, and I’m going to get you,” Tim Sasser said.

Sasser says he knows who the attackers are thanks to a surveillance camera on his brother’s porch.

Columbus County deputies say just after 6 p.m. Tuesday, they got a call of shots fired at 332 Shug Norris Road near Tabor City. When they arrived they found Lee Wright, 20, dead and Johnathan Long, 25, with several gunshot wounds.

Long’s brother says he was just down the street when he heard the gunshots.

“I heard like about seven, eight, nine gunshots go off down the road at my brother’s, and I knew something wasn’t right, because there shouldn’t be no gunshots going off,” Sasser said.

He says he ran to see what was wrong.

“I seen several people running out of his house and (they) jumped in the minivan,” he said.

Sasser says he narrowly missed becoming a victim himself. He says when the suspects left, they shot at him as well.

“They come down the highway towards me coming this way, and so they started shooting out the window at me,” Sasser said.

They missed, but when he ran to his brother’s house, he discovered Long and Wright were not as lucky.

“I found my brother laying down, not moving or nothing next to the front door with bullet holes,” Sasser said. “I seen he had a bullet hole in one shoulder, and I thought he had one in the other shoulder, and I started trying to press on them, and then his shirt pulled down, and I see he had one in the throat.”

Investigators have taken the surveillance video from the home. They say they are tracking down several witnesses.

Long’s family tells us he is in critical condition at a hospital in South Carolina.

The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office asked that anyone with information about this crime to call (910) 642-6551.

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  • concerned

    Drug deal gone bad. I travel this road daily and each time you pass this house you witness drug deals and boys with pistols in there pants. They were just busted by police months ago and caught with pills and many drugs but still continue. Hope this will end it but I highly doubt it,when he gets out he will reopen business again as usual. Sad but true.

  • telling the truth

    I wish that people would keep their mouth shut. This had nothing to do with drugs and please keep your mouth shut. Maybe something like this will happened to you and maybe someone WILL SAY THAT YOU ARE DEALING DRUGS. It takes someone sorry to see someone get killed and another one seriously injured to say this. Think about this noisey before you speak, By the way, someone in Chadbourn got robbed and shot last night and that they think it is the same people. Think about this and know more you are talking about!!!!

  • columbuscowatch

    I agree, this was nothing more than a robbery of a drug dealer gone bad. As a resident of columbus county i can say this ridgeland acres and surrounding areas are notorious for backwoods drug dealing. Its sad that a young kid was killed but this story will continue to get media attention because the victims were white.

  • Rebecca burton

    You need to know that no drugs were in the home so how could it be a drug gone bad he can’t help he is a fun loving person and has a lot of friends that love and care for him that he and his family are victims as well so know your facts before you sound like an idiot you know lee was a great guy question would you trust his judgement to know he felt comfortable enough there visiting he’s friend they were both victims in this senseless crime

  • cool_cat01

    I wish people would keep their mouths shut. To this nosey person I want to tell you the truth.. this was nothing dealing with drugs so tend to your own business. If this happened to you or someone you loved and people labeled you as a drug dealer how would you feel? Just think about that. This was just an act of stupidity. Someone is shot and in seriously injured and another is dead and you have no compassion for no one.. by the way, someone got shot and robbed in Chadbourn last night too and they think that its the same people, are you going to assume that they were drug dealers too? maybe something like this will happen to you for opening your big mouth about something you know nothing about.

  • contradictory

    Whether or not something like this happened to me, i am not a convicted drug dealer so that’s irrelevant. Anyone can look up a criminal conviction record its public record. So what you’re trying to say is chadbourn is a safe place now, and because the same people robbed someone there it was in no way drug related? Know before you speak

  • cool-cat01

    I am saying that one person at the police department said that they thought that it was the same people. By the way nothing was missing from the home and where the 2 boys were shot, this was just a senseless crime. Don’t make more into this than a undeserving crime. Both boys did not deserve this. No one deserves to be shot in their own home with their friends. A lot of people care for both of the 2 mens. So know your facts. I know these boys personally. So the past is the past. You don’t judge people from past. Both boys were very good friends. Don’t you have friends that comes over to see you? If so that does not mean that they are coming over and drugs are involved. Know your facts!!

  • concerned friend of family

    I just want to say that I have known these people at the residence of shug Norris rd WHERE the incident happened, not at ridgeland acres that was a mistake in this report. But, anyways I have never known this family to deal with drugs they are very friendly, kind hearted people who would give the shirt off their there back for someone if they needed it, especially john, he did not deserve this to happen and im sure he is so broken hearted that it happened at his house and his friend was killed, it was nothing but a stupid act of violence from people who have nothing better to do than to wreck other peoples lives because they don’t have one theirselves or have anything to live for, therefore they do not care what happens to anyone, they may have been on drugs to do something so stupid and crazy like that, but those people are a family and not only did they not deserve something like this to happen to them but they do not deserve to be talked to about like this and to have all these assumptions made. After all, it could happen to anybody just like whoever just posted about what happened in Chadbourn.+ mind your business.


    And the RACE CARD comes out! How classy! Regardless of where the shooting took place…regardless of the circumstances leading up to the shooting…The REAL issue is an innocent life was taken way too soon. Family and friends of the victim are heartbroken. Have some class. Have some compassion and keep the negative comments to yourself. If you are SO concerned about the neighborhood…do your part to make a change. While you’re at it, you might want to take a minute to thank the good Lord up above that this didn’t happen to someone you love.

  • Guest 25

    It is my business.

  • veeictoria

    Speaking evil does not help so please if you have nothing helpful to offer don’t bother with your accusations in regards to drugs. Wether or not this is drug related it is a frightening tragedy . MANY families from Columbus county are suffering from this and you should have compassion for them. There are so many people in the USA addicted to drugs, selling drugs including pharmacies but they do not deserve to be physically harmed or tortured . This situation is no different PEOPLE ARE UPSET . PLEASE DO NOT BE EVIL IT PRODUCES MORE EVIL. BEING KIND HAS BETTER RESULTS.


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