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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Creekwood residents have not been strangers to the story of violence in their neighborhood. Today, many said they saw a much greater law enforcement response than usual.

Earlier today the neighborhood was on lockdown and no one could come in or out by car, which displaced some residents.

Although folks we talked with would not say if they witnessed the shooting or if they saw the suspect run, they did have one clear message. They say they are extremely upset that when one of their own is shot there is not this kind of police presence.

“They let all these other shootings go down, but they don’t come like this right here, this strong. Now they come up in here like they from Iraq or something hanging out the doors and stuff. That’s not right,” said Eugenie, who would not give her last name and whose daughter lives in Creekwood. “You can use our taxpayer money to do this right here, but you can’t come out here for the other shootings like that. That’s not fair.”

Another concern for a lot of parents here was getting their kids from school. At about 3 p.m. school buses started dropping kids off at the top of the neighborhood. When those buses entered into the neighbors they were shadowed by law enforcement.

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  • jj

    They need to turn this into a gated community and if you don’t live there you don’t get in. Next everyone over the age of 12 should be drug tested and if they fail kick them out. If there is no druggies living there, then drug dealers will not be around. If you don’t want to take a drug test they get yourself out and find another place to live.

    Next put up security cameras. If something happens it will be recorded and if someone is shown in the video and they said they didn’t see anything, out they go.

    I am tired of seeing tax dollars wasted on people that will not help themselves.

  • deputy25

    THANK YOU!! great response.

  • guesty

    When the shot deputy was asked for a description of who shot him, do you think he gave the normal Creekwood response of “I don’t know nuthing” or was he helpful?

    If the residents want things to change they need to start standing up against the thugs running around in there. Call the police and be helpful, call WHA and report violations. Take pride where you live and actually use trash cans for trash, not just dropped on the ground. Teach your children how to act and dress in public. Get an education, get a job and get off living on tax money.

  • Guest Vader

    A police officer is more important than an armed thug.

  • GuestUGenie

    You-genie, It is very likely that detective avoided one of your daughters from getting hit by a stray bullet from whoever the fine, upstanding citizen was going to shoot.

    Maybe you think you can cross your arms and blink and it will all go away!

  • Dfjustice

    They should be angry, scared, upset, desperate, livid… Their are innocent moms and kids with no where to live. Get in there and shut this down, or move them out until you can. These are lives and so many work and try to be upstanding parents, PTA members, and employees. Obama is wrong to keep them where they are. It’s a catch 22. Lets get them out, National Guard the vicinity, shoot the gangs, and claim back the territory….their homes, this is so stupid….why can’t someone figure this out. Curfew, guns, cuffs, no releases, deport, clean it up. Seriously…these are kids and families versus GANGS ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????????? Get it together. When the Wilmington 10 came in with buses from New York killing by sniper fire our families, National Guard came in, bridges were drawn, no holds bared. Now is the time because this is three hundred times worse. You do not need to be a Dr. In Political Science to FIGURE this out. If its broken fix it NOW. RIGHT NOW,

  • Guest 291

    I recently criticized another article published WWAY pertaining to this shooting. Particularly, I criticized the lack of transparency and accuracy regarding the source of the comments from “Creekwood Residents” (which I mistakenly called “residences”). Subsequently WWAY linked the suspect phrase to this article. This article, unfortunately, does little to remedy the issue. The author of this piece says many residents made statements about the response, and describes them as folks he or she spoke with. One source is listed by first name, without any explanation as to why they chose to withhold their last name; and the person is not a resident of Creekwood, so they can not be one of the many residents the author spoke with. We also have no idea how this one woman arrived at her opinion; has she witnessed responses to shooting, has she been a witness to a shooting, we simply are left to wonder how she arrived at her conclusion, with no waying of guaging its veracity or rational. In the end the reader is left to speculate as to the quantity of people who expressed these views to the author. Furthermore, the reader is left with no way of assessing the credibility of the sources, or any meaningful way to determine the accuracy of the assertions. This report does capture the opinion of some people, but without more information and depth it does little to explore the issue.

  • Guest123

    Of course not. Gang member shooting gang member is completely different then an officer being shot for now reason. People in creekwood etc have gang wars going on all the time and thier drug deals gone wrong. They are killing one another on a regular basis and when law enforcement arrive to investigate everyone runs inside and no one has seen or heard anything! so they say because the residents know if they tell they will be the one dead by morning! shooting an officer who stopped a car to ask a question is going to get a differnt investigation because anyone nuts enough to shoot an officer and on the run is capable of doing anything to the rest of us. He needs to be found , his gun taken and he needs to be locked away!

  • concerned citizen

    What is not fair may I ask? The men were suspicious and were pulled over by law enforcement. And one of the officers were shot yes that is a huge problem! Luckily he wasn’t killed or in serious condition. Police officers risk their lives everyday to protect the citizens against crime! I have utmost respect for law enforcement. Imagine where we would be if we didn’t? Think on that for a while…

  • Guest546546

    What a crock of crap.

    First off, YOUR TAX DOLLARS? Do you pay taxes on land in the City of Wilmington?

    Because not only do you have the regular patrol officers that respond to calls of service, just like everyone else in the city limits, you also have this “Housing Unit” just for your housing projects that was in an article the other day. And you STILL beg for more police. You have more police in your neighborhood in ONE DAY than I have ever had in mine.

    When someone gets shot in your community plenty of officers show up. Just to be told that no one knows who did what and no one saw crap. Well WHAT YOU SEE TODAY IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU HAVE 100% COOPERATION WITH THE POLICE. These officers gave good, ongoing information to the dispatcher, unlike the normal shooting in Creekwood, and gave the officers a REASON to come in force. Not “Subject shot but no suspect information, caller refused to answer questions and hung up” that they are normally told every time there is a shooting anywhere in the projects.

    Two Sundays ago dozens of police officers were in Creekwood, twice in one day. Some residents actually cooperated FOR ONCE and SEVERN GUNS and THREE SHOOTERS were arrested. THAT is what you will get if you act like a responsible adult.

    Take pride in your community. Cooperate with police. Keep these pieces of human filth shooting everyone out of your community.

    And when one of them shoots a police, expect the wrath to come down. That is the way it has always been and will always be.

  • !Concerned Citizen

    i read this story and had to laugh. Has anyone ever heard the phrase “Ain’t no Snitch”. This is why law enforcement has trouble solving crimes in neighborhoods like these. No one saw or knows anything. The reporter spoke to several residence and they would not confirm if they saw or didn’t see anything. That is one of the problems. Law Enforcement can’t make it up. They need help from the public. Take some pride in your neighborhood and kick the punks out. Don’t welcome them in or even worse help them elude Law Enforcement. Stop complaining! Do something to help!

  • Omg

    Did anyone living there that has the “see no, speak no, hear no” attitude eve think maybe the reason the cops came in like it was Iraq is because the other officer was afraid to snitch and provide a description? The two witnesses (2 officers) provided detailed information…they didn’t claim not to see or hear anything…those people are freaking clowns…get a job, pay taxes…stand up for your community…maybe the rest of us will care…

  • NC Guest 238

    Eugenia is a perfect example of these community citizens who cooperate with Police on a day to day basis – NOT!!!! She’s an idiot & would be the example of typical response, blame someone else & not accept any responsibility. If she did, she would not be living on public assistance that we pay for. If these Creekwood residents would step up to the plate & quit blaming everyone else for their problems, they would be cleaning up their neighborhood. Instead, they just slide back under the rock they came out from underneath. If these residents need to blame someone, they should look in the mirror and know very well they are to blame. Great group of low lifes!!

  • Guest9111

    “Although folks we talked with would not say if they witnessed the shooting or if they saw the suspect run……….”

    And they complain that the police do not “help”

    Start by helping yourselves.

  • Guest2020

    Any person who will shoot a trained, armed police officer will shoot anyone. He is a danger and needs to be taken off the streets.


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