Deputy recovering after surgery, search for shooter continues

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Submitted: Fri, 10/11/2013 - 3:37am
Updated: Fri, 10/11/2013 - 2:18pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputy is recovering after what the Sheriff’s Office called “successful surgery” after he was shot today in Creekwood. Meanwhile, the search continues for the man who shot him.

Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies have joined forces to search for the suspect.

Sheriff Ed McMahon identified the injured deputy as Det. Michael Spencer.

Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer says Spencer appears to have suffered non-life-threatening injuries and should be OK.

Brewer says deputies, including Spencer, approached two men they saw drive into Creekwood. As they approached, the man who had been the passenger in the car started shooting. Spencer, a member of the Gang Task Force, was hit. Brewer says another deputy took cover behind a telephone pole and returned fire.

PHOTO GALLERY: Search for suspect in deputy shooting

Investigators say they are looking for a black male 5’8″ or 5’10”, 215-230 lbs. wearing black jeans, a black hoodie and a knit ball cap. McMahon says the unnamed suspect should be considered armed and dangerous.

At one point officers converged on an apartment at Lennon Woods on Lennon Drive. McMahon would not say whether that was related to the search for the shooting suspect.

Officers captured the driver of the car. They later released him and his vehicle after questioning him. Investigators have not released his identity.

During an afternoon news conference, Sheriff McMahon was asked if Creekwood has a gang problem. He would only say there was a gang problem in general in the area.

The shooting led to lockdowns at Mosley Performance Learning Center and Freeman Elementary School. The district later said law enforcement gave clearance to allow buses into Creekwood with police escort.

Police, deputies and state troopers swarmed the area in and around Creekwood looking for the suspect. Brewer said the SABLE helicopter could not used because of the weather. Pender County and Brunswick County also offered assistance, including K-9 units and the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office’s new armored personnel carrier, which carried its SWAT Team.

Law enforcement officers blocked streets around the neighborhood. For much of the afternoon a Wilmington Police officer with a large firearm guarded the entrance to Creekwood. Officers also checked vehicles as they left Creekwood.

Creekwood residents say they are angry, because they say they never see this many officers when residents are shot in the neighborhood.


  • Guestdeprivedofliberty says:

    Indeed. I wish they came like this when I got hurt in January, they laughed at me at the hospital. Wish it was different. Haunts me everyday.

  • Joe says:

    I’ve been down in Wilmington for 3 months. My stores been robbed right near where this happened. I’ve been hit in 2 accidents with people text messaging and not paying attention. I also watch the hookers, drug addicts, homeless, and the thugs walk along Market St all day. Wilmington PD has publicly stated their short staffed. The Feds need to bring their resources in here along with the National Guard. They need to enforce a curfew for these young thugs much like they do in Los Angeles. Too much drugs in this town. The National Guard needs to take patrol efforts away from the city police and put armored vehicles around these housing projects. These young thugs don’t value life. Lock em all up.

  • PublicAvenger says:

    Why are we dumping $40 million into this Project ? We should empty it out, and trade it, to UNC-W. For student dorms.

    I’m sure glad, our brave deputy, will be ok. But it’s time to realize, all the police, deputies, and Highway Patrolmen, in New Hanover County, won’t stop this $40 million problem. When we keep dumping more millions into it.

    We need to stop paying 16 year old girls, to have babies, out of wedlock. Stop giving dope dealers, slaps on the wrists. And we need to use the Death Penalty more. Starting with these monsters, who almost murdered our deputy.

  • SWF42 says:

    This is getting ridiculous. I am FAR from prejudice, as I have a black boyfriend, but DAMN!! Every time a young person gets in trouble and takes an innocent life, people are quick to say “It wuznt my cuz! Yo, you people don’t no my fam.” Wake up people…when an innocent life is taken people should pay for the crime. I know the family of the young man arrested last week for the killing in Garden Lakes and it is what it is. People that know the family know that the young man was not raised in an environment like that and know that his parents are wonderful people. The kid got caught up with the wrong crowd and it caught up with him. If he is innocent, why is he still being held? If he was not the trigger man, what happened…was he just holding the gun while his hommie pulled the trigger? It is time to stop the dumb shit and face the facts. People cry and complain because the cops call for backup when an officer is shot, but then they would cry prejudice if no one wants to show up to a 911 call in Creekwood because of all of the known gang activity and violence. Young kids these days have no value or respect for ANYTHING, even a human life. You wanna call yourself a man? Then keep your sorry butt at home and take care of your responsibilities. A real man would not break into another man’s home, a man that has suffered a stroke at that, struggle with him, shoot him, and take HIS money. Maybe when people start to look up to God for help, spend a little more time on their knees, and can finally be MAN or WOMAN enough to take responsibility for the crimes that they commit, we will see some positive changes. Law enforcement has grown by leaps and bounds and detectives are not going to risk their jobs or lawsuits for falsely accusing someone of a first-degree murder charge. A persons past can haunt them for a long time and that is just a result of decisions that people make in life. It is time to face the truth, accept responsibility for things that we do, stop with all the denial, and use some of the negative energy to make a positive change.

  • Over It says:

    Why do upstanding citizens have to put up with this crap, Wilmington leaders? I drive home at lunch on a perfectly good work day to enjoy a delicious bologna sandwich only to see police at the boundaries of my perfectly upstanding neighborhood because of this social experiment catastrophe called Creekwood. I have the greatest respect for our men in blue but I don’t want to see them on manhunts in my neighborhood, thank you very much. Something’s gotta give where Creekwood is concerned and it doesn’t involve throwing another $15 million of our tax money at it.

  • Detroit says:

    God Bless and Thank you to all our Law Enforcement Officers!!! I am so Thankful the Officer that was wounded will be okay! These Men and Women in Uniform go to work and put their lives on the line everyday for us!!!
    Proud Daughter of a Retired Police Chief

  • fear for the children says:

    Creekwood residents say they are angry, because they say they never saw this many officers when residents have been shot in the neighborhood.

    Well then just don’t send any help in and let the residents handle it themselves, you’re never gonna make people happy,no matter how you handle things, they all give their two cents worth and expect police protection , but then when there is a shoot out, they are clam up and become silent. You can’t have it both ways, people! The police officers should have never been fired upon to begin with, the thugs must have been quilty of something or why where they riding around with loaded guns?! Put the blame where it belongs, not on our law enforcement! Clean up your neighborhood, there are children in there for God’s sake! They need to feel safe!

  • Amen says:

    Thank the Lord that the Deputy will be ok. The Officers, Deputies and Troopers that patrol New Hanover County should get HazMat pay like we did in the military when going to hostile places. This town has turned into a warzone!

  • Guest111 says:

    Remember when there is a random shooting in Creekwood NO ONE SEES, HEARS OR SMELLS ANYTHING!!! Who are the cops supposed to look for? No one has a description. What kind of car are they supposed to look for? No one has a description. If the residents in Creekwood want help THEY HAVE TO HELP THEMSELVES. However, we all know they wouldn’t hit at a snake if it was two feet away. They would wait for the government to come do it for them.

  • guest8675309 says:

    So your finally now angry? How about being angry next time ant shooting happens in your neighborhood instead of looking the other way and not helping the police catch the criminals. Such hyprocrites!

  • Beach Bum says:

    I say keep dumping just enough money into creekwood to make it livable. Keep all the mutts rounded up in one spot. That way you only have to deal with the meth heads and tweekers outside of downtown vicinity. Why don’t the Wilmington downtown initiative render some monetary assistance to wpd or cow period in the name of public safety?

  • Guest45 says:

    Why are you angry because so many cops show up? It has become a once a week thing. If you would have raised your kids right, then they would not be involved in gangs and shooting at each other or cops for that matter. I say, let the cops back out and stay out. After awhile the gangs will kill each other and the residents will have a nice quite neighborhood. The Police Chiefs plan did not work, so lets try this.

  • conernedcitizen says:

    This is so sad. This is ridiculous, so many crimes have been commited in this neighborhood. Young people die in this neighborhood all the time and the police and city officials overlook it, and say “another dead thug… he must have had it coming”. Officers should do everything in thier power to solve each crime equally without bias. Who are we to judge? Everyone has a family and people who love them so lets show some respect for the departed and people who are victims of violence; whether it be an “at-risk” teen, a teacher, or an officer of the law. I am praying for the officer and his friends and family, maybe now the city will do something about this crime filled area. I sure hope so.

  • Over It says:

    The criminal element is the problem here, NOT the police. God bless the policemen for all they do. God knows I wouldn’t want to be a cop in this town! The thug problem, however, is WAY, WAY, WAY out of hand.

  • Paul says:

    Why am I continually surprised by the ignorant masses? People should think before they expose their opinions to the public. (And think before they vote, but thats a whole other discussion.) For those of you who can’t, here is what you should have thought about.

    First, the reason for the lockdowns has nothing to do with the WPD but has everything to do with the Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Virginia Tech shootings as well as the many other acts of violence our country has experienced in the recent past. It is tightened security in the midst of known threats attempting to keep our children, and us for that matter, safe. Try saying “thank you” rather complaining. What you should be asking or complaining about is why our society has degraded to the point that this becomes necessary.

    Secondly, am I the only one who remembers the NABS (Neighborhood Action Base Station) trailer that was placed adjacent to Creekwood in 1992 by the WPD in an effort to reduce crime? What was one of the first things that happened? I’ll remind you. It got shot up. So again I ask, what are you complaining about? People should be grateful they even stayed. Do you realize, after that occurred, those police officers woke up in the morning and went right back to work? Do you even think about the officers themselves that have continued to go to work everyday since knowing all the crime and violence in Creekwood?

    I say…as is evident by the events of today, why not try loving those officers as much as they obviously love you? Why not thank them for putting their lives in danger to protect yours? Why not say thank you to them for their sacrifice? And why not say thank you to almighty God for making men and women with their capacity for love and devotion?

    Well I will start it…
    Thank you WPD for your sacrifice and effort to keep us all safe. And most of all, thank you God for providing your protection, even though our actions as a society testify to our rejection of you.

  • SHADY says:

    I am a black woman. I love my race. I love black men, would love to say I wish to have no other than a black man. I “quote” A BLACK MAN.
    What I am saying is, who is the black man? and what does the black man stand for? Let me start by saying this. The black man is rough but he is compassionate…He raises his children with tough love and soothes them gently before they goes to bed at night. The black man is firm but gentle…He holds his woman tightly and softly caresses her skin. The black man is hard but soft….he gets out of the bed and goes to work by the sweat of his brow and make peace with his fellow man at the end of the day. that what you want, someone in your life that hunts people. Boys that call themselves men. Living in constant danger, fearing for the safety of your children. Waiting on the first of the month. Should not a boy grow up sometime and do what is right. Hanging out all night why you can’t be at home loving your family, shooting up your neighbors, why? Are you serving your master. Young boys, young boys, please grow up. Grow up to become the strong black men folk said you will never be. Grow up to see your little boys and girls become sucessful doctors and lawyers. Go to church, do not have to be carried in by 6 of your homies pouring beer on top of you. You are dead, your mother is hurting, your father lost his son he is weary, your children lost their dad,they miss you daddy. Your lady lost her man, she proberly gonna end up with your killer, no ones gonna tell he did it. Stop the madness black folk. Let’s break this evil stronghold, and allow God to cover us with His loving strongarm. A man that doesn’t stand for something will undoubtfully fall for anything.

  • GET MAD......... says:

    Police officers are angry because when residents are shot NO ONE talks!!!! By the time Officers arrive on scene of a resident shot The Suspects are long gone. They had a chance to catch the guys so all available officers where dispatched. And its America people Police Officers have alot more pull than residents. Just like the reaction would be different if it were someone more important than a police officer was shot. Get over it always need something to complain about. These guys could have been headed there to rob or kill someone!! BE THANKFUL THEY DID WHAT THEY DID!!!

  • holyshite says:

    I will be amazed if there aren’t riots after this.

  • Guest1978 says:

    If the citizens of Creekwood want a stronger police presence, then maybe the next time one of their neighbors is involved in a crime, SPEAK UP. How about the residents of Creekwood take charge of their own protection and stop their brothers,sisters, boyfriends, and girlfriends from breaking law and turning them in when they do. The police can only protect those that speak up and talk about the crime. The next time an officer of the law asks a question about a crime that took place in broad daylight in the middle of a crowded park, they should get more information than “No one saw anything.”

  • Guest45696 says:

    I have lived in Wilmington since I was born here in 1971.
    The one thing I can say is that area has had more murders and shootings than anywhere I have ever seen.
    I felt safer outside the GreenZone in northern Baghdad in 06.

    Why not do what we did in Ramadi, and Fallujha. Give the residents 24hrs to leave or you are considered hostile.
    The reason is the thugs are cowards!! At least over in Iraq, the enemy would stay and fight! These domestic terrorists
    Run an hide! And yes they are terrorist!! If we were allowed to deal with them as the enemy instead of a useful citizen. This problem would be gone in less than a week.
    If you don’t believe me look at how we took over those cities and wiped out insurgents 100%!
    Fight force with overwhelming force! Make fighting us a no win battle. That’s how u do it!
    If we can beat a well trained, motivated, well armed group. We could crush these idiots in hours. Just saying

  • itsmeagain says:

    On another note, what kind of world do we live in where people can just get out of a car and start shooting police in the middle of the day and get away with it!? No witnesses?? Also, I understand that the residents are upset because the cops never show up on time or put in a lot of effort when they respond to locals being victimized but i hear of many instances where the residents don’t speak up anyway. Are they afraid, i don’t know, but it is cowardly to not speak out. Many sources say that police don’t even want to go into the neighborhood because they are afraid?!? They need to get a large group of officers into that area and STOP THE CRIME! CONTROL THESE CRIMINALS!

  • concerned american says:

    A life is a life and a shooter is aa shooter….a law enforcement officers life is no more or less valuable than anyone else. Does an innocent bystander victims family grieve any less than a police officers family? …I think not.

  • Guest2020 says:

    The judges can do nothing other than what the laws allow. With structured sentencing the judges have to stick to a predetermined sentence based on severity of the charges and the criminal history of the offender. If the penalties are to be tougher, it is up to the General Assembly in Raleigh.

  • Guest654654 says:

    Really? Are you ignorant? Do you know that 30+ officers had to work EVERY WEEKEND THIS SUMMER to provide protection and try to catch the badguys in Creekwood and other projects?

    Do you know that other officers WERE FORCED to work overtime every week this summer just to patrol Creekwood, Hillcrest, Houston Moore, etc.?

    These areas are already getting more police protection than EVERY OTHER AREA IN THE CITY COMBINED.

    They don’t need more police. They need more pride in their neighborhood.

  • LOL Natty Guard says:

    You are under some kind of illusion that “The Feds” and the Natty Guard would really do anything .You obviously have never worked with the National Guard. They are typically posted with firearms but no ammo, and there is a good reason for that.

  • Gustafo says:

    Technically I agree with you, but what would it look like for the government to start killing US civilians on US soil? We’d be better off shipping them to an island ala “No Escape” with Ray Liotta

  • Downtown voter says:

    The cops here are pretty solid, and I hope they shoot to kill when they find this thug.

    I don’t buy that its the residents’ of Creekwood at fault totally, but we could use more Bill Cosbys, and less blaming everyone else.
    I will never vote for any sitting judge again. I am an independent who voted for Obama, but next time every judge I vote for will be Republican. No more second chances for violent felons.

  • FJKlives says:

    ….. So I guess that makes you the “not so brightest” Star (pun intended) although I bet you and Concerned American don’t get it.

    Move into creekwood, do us all a favor.

  • Marsha says:

    AMEN…Very well spoken

  • Guest987123 says:

    Amen! I agree 100%! Want to act in a terror evoking way, then be treated as a terrorist!

  • STAR says:

    SPEAK up if they want help and that’s the root of the problem they seem to act like they are condoning the violence

  • STAR says:

    i say yes to this… stop being blind to the violence and speak up. At the end of the day they have to raise their kids there and they need to start talking

  • Gustafo says:

    “Delicious” belongs with bologna about like thugs and gangsters belong in normal society. It just doesn’t go together

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    Most of these thugs are lifelong criminals with violent felon sheets a mile long. They commit a crime, go to a nice heated cell for a few months, get out and start all over again while laughing at our judicial system. It’s a total joke. Go take a day, sit in district and superior court and watch the circus like antics. It goes on all day…every day!

    The WPD and the Sheriff’s office all work very hard to stifle crime, especially in that worm infested Creekwood area, but when our blind and stupid judicial process keeps putting the criminals right back into society, what do you expect?

  • Jason says:

    Give me a break! “Creekwood residents say they are angry, because they say they never saw this many Officers when residents have been shot in the neighborhood”.
    I guess not! They run in their houses and don’t come out until the Police are gone. It’s like, I see nothing, I know nothing, I hear nothing. Blame the police. They should have tore down Creekwood 20 years ago. Or put a fence up there, and throw in 100 guns and let them shoot it out!
    The only time the people in Creekwood co-operates with the “po-po” is when they want money, cookouts, or free handouts.
    Everytime someone has been shot in Creekwood or a domestic breaks out, you have to send in 20 cop cars, if you don’t the mob will attack you or tear up the police cars.
    Don’t tell me that’s the only time you saw this many police being there. They are there every night because this is the worst of the worst communities in Wilmington.

  • Glad I live in Brunswisk says:

    Not only do they get more attention, but because of their recklessness and ignorance other parts of the town go hardly patrolled due to the attention that goes into these neighborhoods! Had a small traffic accident a few weeks back and had to wait for an hour for a patrolman to show up because they were “involved” in something in Hillcrest! The citizens in these neighborhoods need to step up and take the neighborhood back, stop whining and do something! These punk kids and the ignorant adults that allow their children to act out are at fault, stand up and be parents and roll models instead of outcasts and the root problems!

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    …to be exibited about their neighborhood when they don’t own it, earn it, pay for it, care about it or even clean it? They don’t even have pride for themselves much less their neighborhood, otherwise they would band together and wouldn’t allow the drug dealing thugs to take over like they have in the first place!

  • Guest Apu says:

    All these people complaing about not getting this much police response when an ordinary citizen gets shot need to realize something – Anyone crazy or evil enough to shoot a trained and armed law enforcement officer is an even greater threat to the general public than your typical shooter. Someone who takes that extreme step is a desperate person, willing to do anything to escape. Simply put, they are the most dangerous people in our community.

  • Guest9001 says:

    I am in Wilmington working today on a contract job. Thank God I have a job. While on this contract at the office in Wilmington some days one or two police go by with lights and sirens on, today made me very nervous because the police with lights and sirens keep going by. I knew something very wrong was going on. I’m thankful the Police Officer will be ok. This is a Community of Wilmington no matter where you live or how much money you have or don’t have. The people who live there need to get a backbone. Keep your neighbors and family from getting into the gangs and starting a neighbor hood gang. Working with not against police to clean it up even if it is your family member involved. You need to love your family and community enough to make it better not join in the crime. The police are present and run to all types of danger. Hopefully their training sets in and they handle the situation correctly. Citizens are the first to cry out “racial profiling” and “prejudice”(sometimes it may seem true). It seems to me everyone needs to work together to clean this area up. I’m glad I have worked here and see the news while I am here. I thought about moving here now I’m not sure if that is a wise decision.

  • Guest78592 says:

    in the public school system. Buy enough supplies, pay enough to bring good teachers to the area that will stick around and employ enough busses so our middle school kids don’t have to ride with high schoolers. Give these little kids that have no control over the environment they grow up in some good role models, a good education and some HOPE

  • Lynda H says:

    Thank God the Officer did not have life-threatening injuries but my God people. What is it gonna take for you all to wake up? The police are humans too. They go to work with the expectation of returing home just like we all do. I have lived in Creekwood and then it was the CREEKWOOD STOMPERS…. they soon vanished with the help our WPD. He have got to help one another and the police to help get rid of some of this crime. I am not pointing fingers because I know these gang members all have parents and they did not raise them in that fashion.
    My opinion…send them where they can shoot till they can’t shot no more and get paid to do it…Send them to Iraq and those other places as soliders in the Military and put them on the front line, since they want to shoot. Let the parents collect all of their pay…they don’t wanna work at a job so since they will be shooting over there…they don’t need the money. Times are getting terrible and we gotta find ways to make our state, our city, our homes, our communities a safer place to live….I’m just saying

  • Guest7565856 says:


  • Guest1911 says:

    Funny how they will pull out all the stops and even bring in state troopers to investigate/pursue suspects when one of the King’s men gets shot.. Way more of a response than you would see if it were an average citizen..

  • Challengetheworld says:


    When you get up in the morning, put on a bulletproof vest to protect yourself; then comment. Until then we have a member of our community who may be fatally injured and that is a law enforcement officer. Do you risk getting shot at your desk job every day?

    Shut up. When you need 911, you will hope they come…and this is the kind of people that come – the same that risk their lives every single day.

  • Guest12345 says:

    When’s the last time you stopped to investigate a crime or ran towards a crime instead of away from it? How easy is it to be safe in your homes while you expect the police to make the streets safe for you!! People like you make it tough to be a cop today!!

  • GuestREMS says:

    Ignorant “Funny”: Maybe you should keep negative comments like that to yourself. Who would be your back up if someone was trying to hurt you?

  • Guest1221 says:

    This has got to be the most stupid comment I have ever read. Of COURSE they do bring out all their resources when an officer is shot and they are still actively searching for one suspect. Obviously, the Sheriffs weren’t just pulling this car over for a traffic violation when they were fired upon… Use your brain!

  • GuestSYP says:

    If a genetically challenged individual will pull a gun and shoot an officer, you can bet they would not bat an eye at killing anyone else that gets in their way. This kind of special a$#hole needs to be taken off the street as quickly as possible and in anyway necessary.

    I chuckled at one response that said a policeman was at the entrance to Creekwood with a very large weapon. Probably needs to be one there everyday.

    I ran across a program conducted by the Richmond County Sheriff’s office in Augusta, GA. It is called WEED and SEED:

    “Through aggressive patrol of the community, the Unit identifies and apprehends the criminal element, thereby weeding out the undesirable elements. This includes combatting drug activity, patrolling the high-crime areas within the community, and identifying undesirable characters.
    It is the Unit’s responsibility to return the neighborhood to the citizens residing there and to create an atmosphere of security, safety, and well-being.”

    Creekwood and Hillcrest would be a great place to put a plan like this in action

  • Guest Big5 says:

    Ok so yea its sad a cop got shot. But look at how many other people get shot here on the EVERYDAY basis and now its a big deal. FOH yall wasted all that money pulling hella cops into the area and meanwhile the suspect your looking for is far gon!!!

  • Amazed@stupidity says:

    NOT AT ALL A “TRUE POINT”. I moved away from Wilmington years ago with my school aged son due to the constant “lockdowns” of the schools just outside of these crime infested areas. I have seen several comments on this site that are simply ignorant. Opinions are perfectly fine, and everyone is entitled to one, but if you are going to make a comment that is accusatory toward the people who would be protecting your child if they attended one of these schools, you should check into it. If you do have a school aged child, and you aren’t aware of the precautions taken for EVERY potentially dangerous incident that occurs outside of them, then you need to educate yourself on the safety of your child because you aren’t paying attention. I have known the schools to lockdown because of gunfire in the area. Officer’s respond, check the area, and clear if no victim, bad guy, or reporting person (most likely was anonymous caller) and lockdown is released. If you do not have a child in school, then most likely you aren’t even going to be made aware because as much as people turn to the media for “news”, if it doesn’t seem interesting, it’s not mentioned, and 9 times out of 10, it isn’t accurate. If you feel the need to comment on something you obviously know nothing about, at least try to do a little research first. Crime stats are available. School lockdowns are documented. The definition of ignorance is the lack of knowledge or information. The definition of STUPIDY (my version) is posting said ignorance on a public site. If you don’t believe that the Officers or Deputies do their job correctly, don’t call them. Deal with it yourself. Then you have absolutely nothing to complain about.

  • Guest91111 says:

    Maybe there’s all the law enforcement there because when they heard that another officer had been shot, they all responded as his backup. Mess with one brother, you have to deal with the rest.

  • Guest1008 says:

    Someone needs to know what they are talking about before they speak, all schools that are near a shooting are put on lockdown, not just because a deputy was shot.

    Learn your facts!

  • Somebody says:

    Ok I’m gonna tell you why….because we can not and will not tolerate people shooting the men and women that protect and serve us!

  • Guest1040 says:

    You’re a disgrace to the human race.

  • Seriously? says:

    Funny how you sit behind your computer and trash the police department. When these thugs start shooting police officers, there is a clear sign that there is no fear of their consequences. No respect for anyone…including themselves. I say we just go ahead and demolish that section of town and start over.

  • Guest5558 says:

    Really? Each shooting has brought more and more and more police involvement. My husband is a WPD and has been forced to work mandatory overtime to guard the streets of these “neighborhoods” where “gangs” want to shoot each other… When one of the “King’s men” gets shot vs. a “thug” shooting another “thug” it’s a little more serious, not because he is the “Kings men” but to be defiant enough to come out shooting at law enforcement really shows the lack of care these individuals have. And being they ran on foot with numerous surrounding schools full of children… Yes… Bring all of the departments out please.

  • Guest184 says:

    I have to agree on this one here, I understand crime is crime but you have a point right there. If you want to close off roads and have schools on lockdown for a shooting, then this need to occur around every shooting and gunfight in the city. Not when one of your fellow task member is shot!

  • a deputy's wife says:

    Must be easy to comment sitting safely behind your computer screen. You lack common sense. I hear about the shooting and immediately call my husband to make sure he was not shot while you sit hear and whine about how many responders come out to help. Who are you going to call if someone shoots you? Funny how people have negative things to say but are the FIRST ones to call the cops when something happens to them. My husband risks his life every single day for unappreciative people just like you.

    Proud to be a Deputy’s wife!

  • Guest134 says:

    I have to agree on this one here. I understand crime is crime but why all of a sudden they want to close off roads and lockdown school now? Is it all being that one of your task member was shot? Shouldn’t it be like this when any kind of shooting happens within the city? Don’t take the extra step when one of your fellow members is hurt, do it for each shooting and gunfight!! Whether its black, white, mexican, or etc take the probable cause to do so for each event and not just when a officier is down!!

  • Guest12345 says:

    To answer your question, why is there so much response? For one, there is a gunman on the run who is crazy enough to shoot at a law enforcement officer and hit and injure him. Luckily he is going to be okay, but I’m sure the “thug” was aiming to kill, he wouldn’t have cared. The 2nd reason is because law enforcement knew that the school systems would be out soon, and tons of buses loaded with school children would be coming in and out of the community as a crazed gunman is on the loose and obviously willing to do whatever it takes to evade police. Possibly even hurting children in the course of it. It’s bad enough that these low life “thugs” shoot at each other, but to harm an officer of the law trying to protect the community and to possibly harm children, that my dear sir is why there is such response! And good for them! I’m proud of our brave officers trying to protect and clean up our communities.

  • Guest101111 says:

    Your Husband chose this job, the job did not choose him. Just because he is in law enforcement he should someway be more privlege than the rest of us. Just like a cop and his wife. You are no different nor any better than anyone else out there. If you are afraid he will be shot or if he is maybe he needs to find a different job!!! I have no pity, it could happen to any of us……

  • Guest1911 says:

    Anyone who took up a job in LE knew what they were getting into, no one forced them into it. If they have an issue with the danger associated then they should seek another line of work.

    As far as the shooter being more likely to kill any “average citizen” they ran across, I wouldn’t be so sure, LE can haul them off to jail at a traffic stop for outstanding warrants, etc. Any old average citizen is no threat to them at all. I’d say this deranged shooter was probably MORE likely to take a shot at an LEO than anyone else.

    Bottom line, a LEO’s life is worth the same as any other citizen, no more and no less. I’m not anti-LEO, just pointing out the obvious difference in the response and most of you get butthurt about it.

    And no, I won’t be calling 911 to save me, I think people should take responsibility for their own welfare and safety and not rely on LE. Funny how no one here can handle anyone who doesn’t automatically agree with their viewpoint.

  • Guest11221 says:

    Did you really make this comment?? If someone is crazy enough to shoot at an armed law enforcement officer what do you think they would do to an “average citizen”? You would be the same person bitching if they did not lock anything down and something happened. Nothing worse than an arm chair quarterback. Simply put, it is east to make these dumb a$% comments you make from the safety of your home.

  • jessica says:

    Nope not privlged, but appericated! You are 100% right he CHOSE this job, if not for him and the countless others whom chose this job who would you call? You have no pity, there is another igornat statement. It is people like you that are the first to complain when they dont respond as quickly as you want when you need them, but in the next breath you complain about how you dont need them.

    Think the next you need 911, think of how you are calling because you need help. If all LEO’s chose another job whom would respond when you would call? They do not chose this job for the glamour, the money or the appreciation…they do it to try to make a diffrence.

    I as thousands of other family members of first reponders worry each and every day about our loved ones putting thier lives on the line each and everday. This is the job they chose and will contuine to protect and serve even people like you whom don’t appericate it.

  • Barbara Weaver says:

    You are so right! A lot of people have the same mentality for the Military. It’s too bad, you just can’t fix STUPID!

  • Guest zbbajm says:

    How dare you insult the people who are willing to give their life to protect you and your family. how about you get off your computer and you go look for this guy? Oh that’s right you won’t because you are so wrapped up in insulting and judging while people are risking their life at the moment… Please shut your mouth and get over yourself. The ignorant people of today…

  • proud wife says:

    excatly, my phone was in my hand calling my law enforcement husband. When your family member walks out the house each day with a bulletproof vest on and a gun on their waist in order to do their job …you let me know. Until then your comment is an ignorant one and not appericated.
    I appericate all of our first responders for their scarfices they make each and everyday & for the families that worry for them each day they carry out their sworn duty.

  • Bo better than us says:

    I as thousand of other family members of husbands, wives and children worry each and every day about our loved ones as they walk out the door. Do you think that just because my husband or child is not in law enforcement I worry about my family any less than you do. I will never understand why law enforcement or their wives think they are better than anyone else. We are all human, we all live in the same city. We all pay taxes, so NO you are not better than me or anyone else.

  • Guestp says:

    There are cities in VA that also have this program. such as Newport News and Hampton.

  • Guest757 says:

    NC is always behind in programs like these. This program is working well in Newport News, VA.

  • Teresa Orr says:

    Weed n seed programs are in NC however if the funding isn’t there, it isn’t there. I work for a local department and we had it, but when the money supporting the program is depleted, its gone. Its all about funds.

  • fear for the children says:

    What it really comes down to is that while you are sleeping in your comfortable home and bed at night, without a care in the world, he is on the srtreet protecting you and your loved ones for a measley yearly income that bearly helps ends meet and leaves his family without a protector and now that one of them have been shot, is one less that is going to be able to show up at your place if you them!

  • adam says:

    Generation of entitlement.

  • A deputy's wife says:

    Amen! Thank you!!

  • friend says:

    I agree. I also think its wrong that the 911 callers are made public and actually gets played on the news. Who wants to tell if they know they are going to play the tape on the news.

  • Guest1 says:

    People like you are the reason for the divide between the police and citizens. If this is what you brought out of that comment than I am seriously embarrassed that we pay taxes to for a criminal like you to patrol the streets. I am sure that you belong in prison more than the people there now.

  • Guest6789 says:

    @Guest12345 AMEN! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Guest 1 says:

    The police aren’t the problem. They do investigate, and they do get their suspects as often as possible. The problem is the court system gives too many breaks to deadbeat criminals, and yet seems to throw everything in the book at first time offenders.

  • Sean says:

    He has a point though, if a regular citizen (especially one in the ghetto) gets shot, well it’s ho-hum we’ll investigate it. However if a cop gets shot, they stop what they’re doing (including patrolling other areas of the county) to get this guy. I’m not saying their job isn’t important, but at what point did a cop become worth more than a citizen? Oh that’s right, we live in a police state now, and the gov’t needs as many cops as possible considering the amount of unrest that our society is showing…

  • Tired of it all says:

    Civil unrest maybe not, but out-of-control gang violence yes. We need as many cops as it takes to get this situation under control. I, for one, am so very thankful to these men and women for doing a job that I myself would not want to do.

  • Some Guy says:

    There are several police vehicles with several barreled weapons next to the airport.

  • Guest111 says:

    I’ve had it with all the crime going on around that area and in Wilmington in general. It’s ridiculous the shootings and break-ins that occuring all across the city and no one is ever caught. What is going on? Why can’t we stop these people?

  • tke1 says:

    Part of the reason for the continuation of the violence in these communities is that the residents support the perpetrators. Many indirectly support them because they are afraid to speak out and many more support them because of the “Don’t be a rat” culture that is bred into them. Some horrendous act will have to occur to smack them in the face and bring their outrage to the surface. The cops can only do so much and what they do is mostly based on what someone tells them, whether it is an informant, defendant, or witness.

  • Guest Reply Redux says:

    Looks like Managing Editor Annette Fuller didn’t do her homework, or at least have someone do it for her???

  • steve says:

    They catch a ton of people. It’s the judges who you elect that keep letting them out.
    Not to long ago after a shooting a guy had 4 prior violent felonies and had served no time. Then got caught with a gun as a felon and did only 10 days. If he owed 27 dollars to child support he would still be in jail. Silly
    The people they arrest have huge records. Look them up

  • Valerie says:

    It’s not just Wilmington — I live in Vicksburg MS and it’s not safe to go downtown after dark here because of the young kids with nothing to do and guns in their possession. The police are doing everything they can but until parents start being parents and taking care of their children, this will not end soon and will not be pretty.

    My prayers go out to all of you out there.

  • SoutheastNC says:

    the woods behind creekwood back up to MLK around Kerr

  • jdub says:

    What’s going on near airport on Kerr? Any relation?

  • 5454 says:


  • tbag says:

    “it’s not the people in creekwood, its the outsiders”
    yea that makes a lot of sense, why are the outsiders there in the first place? ill tell you, they are peddling drugs to the addicts, or the bangers in the project! how about making government funded housing projects like military barraks, open to full search at any time without warrant. it’s government owned, private rights do not apply. just like military barracksx.

  • STAR says:


  • Lisa's Two Cents says:

    How can the Police stop the problem in Creekwood, when DSS, and the Housing Authority, are using millions a year, to pay 16 year old girls to have as many unwed babies, there, as they can ?

    The welfare giveaways are so ripe, down here, that we have them coming from, DC, NJ, Philly, and Detroit, where things have dried up.

    One hand is sending teams of cops in, to put out the fire. The other hand is stoking the fire, by feeding, it with our hard earned tax dollars.

  • friend says:

    Its not the people who live out here in Creekwood, Its the outsiders that are taking over!

  • ruredy4dis says:


  • Southern Born says:

    I would like to thank each and every officer who gets up in the morning, night, and evening, to start their shift, you are the symbol that represents the brave that do the bidding while we sleep, and while you are not perfect, most if not all are dedicated. So thank you for the shield even if it is your body, because while you may not be perfect you certainly deserve the respect of those whom sleep, work and eat in the comfort of their surrounding’s while you struggle with object danger.

    Here in my house we thank you, so if someone shoots one of my protectors then by all means bring everything to bare you got and stop him before he does it again, cause one officer out of work is one that no longer stands in the line

  • concerned citizen says:

    Wow that made no sense cops here to protect citizens from crime they risk their lives everyday. For example drugs, guns, and violence….. you obviously live on the wrong side of the tracks and it shows…. I think they did everything they could to help the situation, how would people feel if they called cops and nobody responded?all I can say is ignorance! Don’t call the cops when u have a problem just deal with it!

  • jon q public says:

    I say let it be like cowboy days. Let em just shoot it out. Thugz will be thugz and cops will be thugz. These dirty cops we teying to railrid someone into prison so heck yeah,cowboy up!

  • Concerned Citizen says:

    Did you just say that? They get up everyday to protect and serve our country and its not big deal a deputy got shot! You can tell education is not your first priority! Those people that get shot usually are doing something wrong? very rarely at the wrong place at the wrong time!The truth hurts doesn’t it!

  • Guest semper fi says:

    What Wilmington needs is a company of marines to attack the gangs just like the Taliban.

  • OooRahh says:

    AND the need to demolish public housing while they are at it.

  • Scott Pickey says:

    We asked the Sheriff’s Office why – and it was because the cloud ceiling was too low Thursday.


    Scott Pickey
    WWAY News Director

  • Guestinnameonly says:

    Why wasn’t SABLE called in?

  • Guest101010101 says:

    BE A PARENT!!! TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HOME AND YOUR CHILDREN!!!! YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEM UNTIL THE ARE 18 YRS OLD. STOP BEING A FRIEND AND A LANDLORD!! STOP BEING A FRIEND meaning RAISE YOUR CHILDREN TO ACHIEVE AND EXCEL IN LIFE. RAISE THEM WITH MORALS AND VALUES. EXPOSE THEM TO POSITIVE THINGS IN LIFE. Carry them camping, to the library, museums,parks, plays, listen to classical music and spend SOMETIME with them. Instead of spending $100’s of dollars on sneakers, name brand clothing and trying to give them all the material things. Buy them a book. Challenge their minds. Landlord meaning STOP TAKING THAT MESS and MONEY that they bring in your house. You know dog on well that they dont have a legal job. Stop the FOOLISHNESS and STOP BLAMING OTHERS.START BY LOOKING IN THE MIRROR. And if your child is out there doing that foolishness, TURN THEM IN!!! You’d rather have them in JAIL than BURY THEM. IF YOU KNOW THAT YOUR CHILD IS DOING SOMETHING ILLEGAL TURN THEM IN!!! BECAUSE THESE YOUNG PEOPLE DO NOT VALUE THEIR LIVES NOR YOURS. STOP TAKING ABOUT THE PROBLEM AND WORKING ON A SOLUTION BEFORE YOU BE ON TV HOLLERING AND CRYING BECAUSE MY CHILD WAS A GOOD CHILD. SOLUTION. Start evicting the problem people OUT.. Start doing a monthly checks in every house- open closet doors, make sure that every tenant is on the list. You SORRY BEHIND GIRLS( no matter the age) ALLOWING THESE SORRY MEN to LIVE WITH YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN. What example are you setting for your children when the boys NOT MEN come and go out your door NOT WORKING a JOB WHERE THEY VALUE THEIR FREEDOM NOR SOMEWHERE THAT TAXES ARE TAKEN OUT OF THEIR CHECK. IF you are allowing your children or boyfriends, or whatever you want to call them to live with you and your children or (Mom) allowing your children to live in your house with the FOOLISHNESS then I HAVE ONE PIECE OF ADVICE FOR YOU.. PLEASE HAVE A BLACK DRESS AND AN INSURANCE POLICY, so that you wont have to have a loan nor beg people to pay for the funeral. TAKE back your HOME!!! TAKE BACK YOUR FAMILY!! TAKE CONTROL!!!!

  • jeremy phelps says:

    i think thay shuld post 2 maybe 3 officers at creekwook at all times till this shooting thing is over with every since i have lived in this part of north carolina there has been problums there at creekwood as im a student in the crimnal justice program and looking at futer emplormint at the newhanover county sheriffs office soon and knowing alot of the deputys there it hirts me so deeply to see of of our deputys hirt like this that people have no hart im praying as well as my chirch for det spencer

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    But please work very, very hard in school to meet your dreams. At some point you’ll have to fill out a job application and they’ll need to be able to understand it.

  • Maurice rogers says:

    Well change is coming for wilmington 4 sure. I recently moved here, wilm is becoming like my home town in the late 90’s early 2000 killing jumped robberys etc got so bad the justiced department was called in now known as vctf that deals with repeat offenders most are convicted in federal court from small gang members to large members / dealers…but this problem is also to blame on the law enforcement too…because had they truly went at issue with no mercy there officers wouldnt have been shoot!!!!now they may have a problem

  • GuestGrateful says:

    I thank you for your dedication. You very likely prevented a death or injury of a resident of Creekwood and put yourself in harms way to avoid that. I thank you for your loyalty to your oath of protection, for your sacrifice and pray for your speedy and full recovery. I honor you and your peers for you service and for putting yourselves in harms way every day you put on your badge. Thank you.

  • Gue211 says:

    $236 is better than nothing. I saw a couple with two older kids in Wal-Mart the other day with a huge over flowing basket of groceries, in the line for 20 items paid with a card. mine and your tax money. You lol. I,m not laughing.

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