WHA still working on making communities like Creekwood safer

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Submitted: Thu, 10/10/2013 - 10:15pm
Updated: Thu, 10/10/2013 - 10:30pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington Housing Authority has been trying to figure out how to make its communities like Creekwood safer. Today showed there’s still a ways to go in finding a solution.

Creekwood residents we spoke with today say that this may have been avoided if their concerns had been met. At a recent safety meeting Creekwood residents asked for more patrols in their community, but were told Wilmington Police only had six officers to cover the eight WHA properties.

WHA Board Chair Jeff Hovis says the authority is looking into increased security measures, but these things take time to implement.

“Once again it’s people who don’t live here causing the problems, but there are, it’s a very small amount of people that may be letting those people into this residence, and they can know we will go through whatever process to get them out of here,” Hovis said.

There are security cameras in Creekwood, but many of them are out of service.


  • Guest777 says:

    “One of the family fails, they all go to the curb.” So you’re saying that if even the 13 yr old who cant work is tested and fails that the whole family should be out on the streets?? What an ignorant comment to make. Be careful what you wish on people. It just might end up being you and you’re family on the streets.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    …that would’ve been a good first step! No mamby-pamby “testing on suspicion” crap, put them under a real program! All family members over 12 years old must test to get housing assistance and must be clean or they are denied. They are also put under a random testing program and must maintain “clean results” to continue to receive government assistance. One of the family fails, they all go to the curb. A little forced accountability goes a long way! If I want to keep my job, that’s what I have to do, no questions asked!

    I don’t need to hear a bunch of excuses about “expense and effectivness”, that’s all bull-hooie! Put them under a REAL program like I describe, just like the one I have to qualify to in order to keep my job and you’ll see results!

    The whole crime problem in the projects boils down to on big thing, DRUGS! That is the only reason the gangs are there. There’s nothing worth stealing, there isn’t any money. It’s all about the drugs, but NOBODY wants to approach that and resolve it. When the demand for drugs goesd away, so will the violent crime. Very simple, very obvious!

    We all know the WHA isn’t long on brains OR common sense and we all know they’re pumping out nothing more that hot air here to pacify people. They aren’t going to do anything effective, they never have.

    You keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always gotten! It’s pretty simple!

  • Erlkoenig says:

    Try responsible fathers living with the family. WHA, cops, WIC; these are all pathetic replacements for dad.

  • Guest01010101010101 says:

    I agree, but if one does not have a responsible father than one must do their BEST to raise a PRODUCTIVE CITIZEN. People need to OWN UP TO THEIR PROBLEMS and DEAL with the CONSEQUENCES!! NO matter what age.

  • Guest888888 says:

    Very misleading.

    Every area of the city is covered by officers on patrol. Between 20-30 at any given time.

    There are also other units, such as the Mobile Field Force and the Traffic unit that provide 7 day a week coverage.

    So, in addition to these 40+ officers at any given time a day that provide services throughout the city TO INCLUDE Creekwood when necessary, and drive through and sit in, etc., all public housing areas have a 6 officer team that provides extra security JUST FOR THE HOUSING PROJECTS.

    Any time there is a shooting, breaking and entering, EMS call, whatever, patrol officers AND these housing officers or other specialized officers respond. It is not like there are only 6 officers who are allowed to enter a housing project. When something hot happens in Creekwood it is very common for there to be 10-20 officers out there.

    And they want MORE? How about you take some responsibility for your community and work with police and management to keep these gang bangers out?

  • Guest 8844 says:

    Still working? How can that say that when for quite some time their agency head was a flat out drunk?

  • Gun Show Shogun says:

    I wish I could keep track of how many guns that are used in crimes in Wilmington can be traced back to the “GUN AND KNIFE SHOW that’s held every other month at the National Guard Armory. There’s another one coming up this month on October 19th-20th. That should boost the crime rate for the month.

  • deputy25 says:

    BULLDOZE IT. make them get out and be responsible citizens and pay their own way. quit popping out the welfare babies. get off your lazy butts. how come you always here about how social security is going broke but NEVER WELFARE??? bull doze it all.

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