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WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — Whiteville is looking for a new police chief.

In a news release, City Manager Larry Faison said Jerry Britt “was separated from city employment as a result of violations of the City’s Personnel Policy Article VII: Leaves of Absence and Article IX: Unsatisfactory Performance related to incapacity, unable to meet work standards and a pattern of failing to report to work.”

The separation was effective Tuesday.

According to the release, Britt had been temporarily reassigned Aug. 29 as an Assistant to the City Manager due to a number of personal hardships that had prevented him from fully addressing the day to day requirements of staffing and operations of the police department. At that time Lt. Marc McGee, who has worked for Whiteville for 17 years, assumed the role of acting police chief Faison said. McGee will continue in that position for the time being.

The city says it will begin immediately recruiting a new chief.

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  • GRR

    Had you read the entire story you would have seen that he was on a temporary assignment working with the city manager but now had been terminated. What part of that didn’t you understand..

  • deputy25

    somethings wrong here. WECT says he has been reassigned to assistant to the county manager!!! you say he is fired!!

  • GuestDeputy25

    maybe i can get the cheifs job now!!?! i would like to ride arounf Columbia county shooting my gun all day. all you liberal leftists better look out now. I’m gonna hire morty as my deputy. He can be deputy 26…

  • Guest2478

    Someone needs to learn to read. He was a police chief in the city of WHITEVILLE. WHITEVILLE is located in COLUMBUS COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA. You are going to need at least a high school education to put in for the chief’s position, and from the looks of your post you don’t. Try harder next time.

  • Applicant

    I applied for this job with a master’s degree and 5 years of experience as a police chief just to mention the tip of my credentials when Britt was chosen. I didn’t even get an interview! I believe it was because I was not a white male. And I got a much better job at a much larger city eventually. But it is too bad there are still cities like Whiteville that would rather appoint a person not qualified to these kinds of jobs than consider having diversity among its top level employees.

  • CountyJester

    So your feelings get hurt because some one got the position over you and instead of sucking it up and moving on, you hold onto the failure and play the race card? Does that about sum it up?

  • whv

    Shouldve never gave him the position. There has been stronger police presence since Lt. McGee took over. Britt would never return my calls and took a month to forward an email of mine to a detective. Smh

  • kevin0

    Good deal!!! I had an issue with a officer, requested to speak to him about the issue and basically told to get lost. Gezzz I love karma…


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