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Exonerated Wilmington firefighter gets job back


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A Wilmington firefighter fired after he missed too much work while in jail for a crimes he'd later be acquitted of has his job back.

A city spokeswoman says Robert Hester has been reinstated as a master firefighter following a ruling by the city's Civil Service Commission Wednesday. He was fired in April for violating city policy based on his inability to return to work following an arrest in Virginia in March.

In August, a jury found him not guilty on two of the charges he faced with a mistrial declared on the third. Prosecutors later decided not to refile that charge, and Hester was released from jail.

The city says Hester will be back on the job Monday at the same rank and salary. He will not receive back pay. Hester began working for the city in November 2000.

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Why not back pay. He was

Why not back pay. He was fired without cause. He should be allowed to use Leave up to the day he was fired and the city should have to pay his salary plus interest from the day he was fired until the day he was reinstated. Has a good complaint for the NC Labor Board.

Wow,the city actually got

Wow,the city actually got something right.

Could have chosen a better

Could have chosen a better picture than his mugshot!!


Commonsense has finally won in the matter. Hester should consider a civil case against the woman that lied to cause all of this.

Speaking of.....

Speaking of common sense, I haven't seen "Commonsense not so common..."post on anything lately. Always enjoyed their posts. Heard anything Guesty?

Unfortunately, no

I'd noticed he had dropped off along with a few others. Das Weibstück is another that seems to have disappeared.

Besides "common sense..."...

where's Kblue?


Last I heard he had allegedly been fired from the Fair Bluff Police Department.

I don't..

I don't think kblue is being missed.