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Man wanted for shooting deputy killed


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The search for a man wanted for allegedly shooting a New Hanover County Sheriff's deputy came to a fatal end Sunday.

"Brandon Smith is dead," District Attorney Ben David said during an early evening news conference near the scene where the 30-year-old suspect was shot and killed.

David said Smith was killed after a car chase and foot chase that ended with shots fired. Investigators said Smith shot Det. Michael Spencer in the leg Thursday as Spencer and a Wilmington Police detective, both members of the FBI Safe Streets Task Force, approached Smith and another man in Creekwood. The other man was taken into custody after the shooting, questioned and later released. Smith had been on the run since.

Witnesses say the shooting that killed Smith happened around 4:30 p.m. near Fulbright Road and Carl Seitter Drive in Castle Hayne.

"He was eventually chased into this neighborhood in a car," David said. "That chase continued on foot in a heavily wooded area behind us, and that chase ended after multiple gunshots were fired in that wooded area."

Smith's family gathered nearby to mourn the loss.

Witnesses say they heard the screeching of tires and saw a light colored Crown Victoria speeding into the neighborhood followed by several police. That's when they say they heard several gunshots.

Sheriff Ed McMahon says he will release more information as it becomes available.

"We will release more information including the officers that were involved. I can tell you that no officers were injured," McMahon said. "Det. Spencer is recovering well at the hospital, and if you'll excuse us, we have a lot of work to do."

The State Bureau of Investigations has been called in to investigate, but the DA says this is standard procedure anytime an officer is involved in a shooting.

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So, WHY is it okay for this

So, WHY is it okay for this news station to post threats of death? The crazy woman who posted this basically said she wants to burn all the citizens of the city? I got arrested for saying: "I'm going to get a baby sitter to make you see things differently" but THIS BROAD can "want to see that whole city burn, citizens and all" and that's okay?
Mrs "Gause", you obviously still live here, so should every fire after your post be charged to you?
"Judge not, lest ye yourself be judged".....those are YOUR GOD'S words ma'am. Seems to me you should take some time and fix your hypocritical outlook. Until then, I'll report your name to the local authorities and ask them to look your way for future arson reports.


How dare you pass judgement on a whole town!! If you went to church regularly you would know- Do not remove the splinter out of your neighbors eye without removing the plank from your own". May you pray long and hard for getting your judgements in line!! And go to church and pray for peace for the town instead of destruction.

I said last week, he would

I said last week, he would never see a court house. NHCS did not let me down. They are who they are.

Take a Deep Breath

Go outside and take a deep breath. Doesn't the air smell soooo much cleaner this morning.

Thanks for the great police work.

Justice served. This thug

Justice served. This thug already had a long list of charges pending. No 2 year wait in the court system.

Best news!

This is the best news I have or will hear all day! Way to go WPD! I feel safer already.


Rip b. No matter how they portray your lifestyle I know you was a good dude. Prayers are going out to the smith family.

What "good guy" shoots a

What "good guy" shoots a police officer? Your kidding right? Must of been one of your drug dealing "homies"

How do you know he shot a

How do you know he shot a officer?


"No matter how they portray your lifestyle I know you was a good dude." The portrayal was that this moron shot a cop and got his in return. A good dude??? This is exactly the problem. People who make excuses for this type of behavior. Whether it be his family or his friends, anyone who is willing to make an excuse for this scum should be buried with him. You speak as if he was a stand-up citizen. Karma will always catch up to you(and me)in the matter what.

Law Enforcement Protection

HELLO?????"Good dudes" do not shoot law enforcement officers! If you were not raised to respect that, you need to be with your "good dude" buddy where you cannot harm anyone. Law enforcement officers are employed knowing that their job is to die protecting citizens if necessary. Even to protect you.

Why at this point

is the DA even involved? He should focus on convictions and appropriate sentencing, not getting his face on the news.

The DA goes to the scene to

The DA goes to the scene to view evidence first hand in many of these types of situations. You must not know as much about investigative procedures as I thought.

I just want to know if he

I just want to know if he was armed. He was a felon and bad dude but he had not been convicted of murder. It is funny how one of there own gets shot in the leg and then they come out full force. Pender and Brunswick sheriff's came to first shooting why!!!

Maybe they all came out in

Maybe they all came out in full force because NORMAL people know IF you shoot at or shoot a police brings all their police buddies.
I am a law abiding citizen and KNOW that if you harm a police officer, they will unite from within and other counties to either arrest you or kill you. YOU do not shoot an officer who protects the community and expect it to be okay. I even know that is signing a death sentence and justly so.


Justice was served

He should have turned

He should have turned himself in.

Good for the police. Thank

Good for the police. Thank goodness tax payer money won't have to be wasted on yet another unreachable, unchangeable leech on society. Yes, I said it. I'm sick of the direction our country is going. Criminals have more rights than law biding citizens. Wake up, America.



Neighborhood terrorized by criminals

I live where this happened. I don't know any of the parties involved. What I do know is that my son and many other young children play basketball every evening in the very spot where this criminal "ran out of road". I feel no sympathy for this criminal. He had many choices prior to his death. He could've chosen NOT to shoot a Police Officer. He could've chosen to turn himself in. He could've CHOSEN to not endanger other innocent lives in innocent neighborhoods. What he CANNOT do, is change the fact that our children are forever changed by his actions. He CANNOT undo the fear and anxiety strange speeding cars will forever invoke. I will pray for his soul. I will not grieve his release from the society he could not adapt to.


That is Wrightsboro not Castlehayne fyi.

Good job WPD

Good riddance! He won't be shooting any more cops.

Sad day

It's sad a person had to lose there life today if you live by the sword you will die by it. Hope the police are safe and can get back to work I no it's the last thing on there mind is to kill somebody .why didn't the family have him turn himself in or maybe he was just one they couldn't talk with ? Law enforcement must take the streets back so we can raise our kids without fear . Job well done by law enforcement sorry that somebody lost a child today but we also put a man in the hospital last week who has a family also . With that being said lest get the thugs of the street and let's stop the tree hugging judges from putting them back on the streets .

If the public had any clue

If the public had any clue as to the number of men, like Smith, with lengthy records for violent crimes, there would be a lot more people locking their doors. What was truly irritating was watching the people of Creekwood reacting to the shooting of the detective, irritated that lawmen do nothing unless one of their own is involved. I might remind these folks that not one resident of Creekwood saw anything on a New Year's Eve not so many years ago when a teenager was shot to death at a party in the neighborhood. How do you expect the police to do their jobs when you won't even come forward when a teenager is killed in front of several dozen other people. Shame on you. And, shame on you, the residents of Creekwood, for not taking a stand and making life miserable for the gangbangers that plague your neighborhood, gangbangers who kill your kids, who fill them with drugs. Shame on you, one and all. Now, go bury your heads in the sand like that big, ugly bird.

Good Job.

He was a cancer cell in the body of humanity. I'm glad he was killed.

It is now over

It is now over

Clean Creekwood out now!

I wrote this comment just before the weekend and it didn't get posted. The article I put it in is certainly old news now so I will copy / paste here in this article and hopefully someone will read it and agree.

I have been wanting to give my two cents worth on this subject for several days and here goes.

Creekwood is government housing which means the government owns it and the housing authority manages it. Somewhere in the tenant's lease it should state that an inspection can be done on a unit and they are required to give access to the property.

Pick a day. Any day. Get your ducks in a row and hit them early. Surround the entire perimeter of Creekwood with National Guard so no one can run. Then have police block off any and all roads in and out of the area. Go door to door inspecting each unit.

If the unit is leased to a woman and two children and there is evidence of anyone else living there, male or female, charge that person with trespass. If men's clothes, shaving supplies, shoes or what ever is there then it's not hard to come to the conclusion they are living there. The person on the lease should be evicted immediately. They are breaking the rules of their lease and it's a privilege to live there, not an entitlement.

Also, and I know this will blow up the bleeding hearts, if a woman is living there with her, lets say, 2 children and she's pregnant, out she goes. Yes, out she goes. Creekwood is not intended as a breeding ground. . . women aren't in there to have babies every 11 to 12 months.

Creekwood is a breeding ground for people who are dependent on government help to survive and the breeding has got to stop.

You say you don't think that's a problem? They interviewed a woman Thursday night on TV news who was concerned about an ambulance not being able to get in with all the police blocking the streets. Her example? It was "What if someone water breaks?" HELLO???? ANYONE THERE?????

Can you imagine the trash, guns, drugs, convicts, gang members and no telling what else you would find? At the end of the day Creekwood could be cleaned out. Get rid of the trash, the people who don't appreciate what the government is doing. Shut up the one's who WON'T TALK when a shooting happens out there and then complains cause the police don't do anything to help find a shooter when it happens.

Now, I hear you yelling about costs. Everyone is yelling about task forces, committees, investigations, etc. That's a waste of time and money at this point. Go out there, door to door and rid Creekwood of the people who don't belong and the people who are as filthy as a convict because they allow them in there. And stop paying the idiots to lay down and get pregnant because they know we will pay for it.

It may take all day. It might take into the night but with enough man power (and I think it can be done) you can make a fatal sweep through this area and improve it greatly. Don't let anyone run away or drive away. Take care of this cesspool now.

Jeff Hovis sounded like he was bewildered on the news Thursday night. Mr. Hovis, get off your butt, implement this and clean your houses up. Enough time has been spent scratching your head, shaking your head and saying we have got to do something. It's time. Right Now. Get this done. Do your damn job!

Guest 111,I like your

Guest 111,
I like your comments. And I feel your points are well intentioned. But to charge these lease violators with "Trespassing", is a joke. These thugs will use that citation, for toilet paper.

The answer:
More police / deputy teams. 24 hour live surveillance, Housing Authority Cracking Down on Violators, manned gated vehicle entrances / exit points. Round the clock helicopter patrols, of Crrekwood only. Patrol assistance from State Police and the National Guard. DEA involvement on all drug activaty. YaDa YaDa YaDa......

Perhaps another $40 million being dumped into it as well ?

It's time to just shut it down. Sell it to a private interest, that can actually create taxable revenue. And stop giving money to 4th generation welfare people to live unproductive, and mostly, criminal lives. Creating monsters, like him, here in Wilmington, and everywhere else.

Public avenger

I didn't mean charge the people on the lease I meant charge the people who are there illegally with trespass. As for the lease holders, evict them. Also, if a woman is in there with two children and she is pregnant again have her move and re-apply for herself and three children. That might slow it down some.

Job well done!

I can sleep better already