City, county leaders announce ‘enforcement partnership’ in wake of shootings

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Submitted: Tue, 10/15/2013 - 3:19am
Updated: Tue, 10/15/2013 - 3:33pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington and New Hanover County leaders announced what they called an “enforcement partnership” between Wilmington Police and the Sheriff’s Office in the wake of recent violence, including the shooting of a deputy and the shooting death of his alleged assailant.

Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said law enforcement has made more than 100 arrests in the last several months as they fought the area’s gang problem.

“With this added effort comes push back,” Evanglous said. “Now we are pushing back.”

Evangelous and New Hanover County Sheriff Ed McMahon announced a 14-man housing unit comprised of seven police officers and seven deputies to patrol Wilmington Housing Authority communities, which have been at the center of the problem. They also plan to expand uniformed presence around the city and county by deploying 32 non-patrol officers from each agency.

“This is a community problem,” McMahon said. “There has been a blatant disregard for the community the last weeks and months.”

Evangelous, McMahon, District Attorney Ben David and several members of the Wilmington City Council and New Hanover County Commission attended an afternoon news conference at City Hall to announce the joint effort.

“You all have the right to feel safe where you live, where you work and where you travel,” Evangelous said.


  • paul L. says:

    The police chief can do very little to stop gang violence.

    The culture of Hip Hop has celebrated violence for decades now, and young black males are emulating the violence of rap lyrics.

    Let’s get real, and stop tiptoeing around the real causes: single mothers, few job opportunities, Hip Hop, and the general breakdown of the black family.

    Time for city leaders to address these issues.

    And they WILL address them; they will address these issues when the cow jumps over the moon.

  • GuestTim says:

    As long as the Democrats keep passing out welfare checks and free housing to these criminals, the bums will never learn personal responsibility and go get a job instead of living off the taxpayers. Why do the taxpayers in Wilmington put up with this nonsense anyway? Wilmington is becoming an unsafe place to live. Everybody knows that.

  • Truth says:

    The facts of the matter are this ..Ralph lets his command staff treat the “Real” officers like dirt…He’s made a few bad promotions that are haunting him..bring back the Old School PATT team and watch what happens !! This nonsense will stop …

  • Former WPD Cop says:

    We are lucky to have our Sheriff, and our Wilmington Police Chief. Both care about their people, have lots of experience, and do a very good job. In the wake of all this gangster crime, it is in the nature of the beast, to create a new team, or introduce a new plan. It would be political suicide not to. But combining these agencies is a bad idea.

    Unlike past times, the current top leaders, seem to get along, and work good together. Combining forces, will create many problems. History has shown that it has been a disaster to mix the WPD with the NHCSD. Just look at the 3X we tried it, with Vice, over the last 30 years. When you have a shared command, you’re gonna have problems.

    I hate to admit it. But Law Enforcement is Government, and Government is Political. No matter how you slice it. Sooner or later, you’re going to have problems, sooner or later, there will be mistakes. When problems and mistakes happen, LE agencies will try to keep them off themselves, and scapegoat the other guy. Fingers will be pointed, and the “Blame Game”, will once again, rear it’s ugly head. That’s just a fact.

    I don’t want the LE Officers, or our top leaders, having to go through some of the horrible political feuds that occurred in the past. Over who gets the credit, or blame. Like we so often had in those past Vice Units.

    If they’re gonna use both organizations to fight the same problem, they need to have their own separate teams. Each LE Officer only under the command of their respective agency. With 12 hour shifts. Maybe the Sheriff can cover 2 days, then the WPD cover 2 days. The departments can alternate weekend duty. They should share information. But always work separate shifts.

    When law enforcement officers, from different agencies, team-up, for a long period of time, you’re gonna have a Pandora’s Box. Chief Evangelous and Sheriff McMahon are good leaders, and they seem friendly, with each other. But something tells me they might not be, in a year from now, when the credit, and blame, starts getting divided up.

  • George Keiper says:

    First thing to do is to ask for the Chief’s resignation. Hire a new Chief from outside the agency. Clean out the corruption at the police department. Then, we can talk about cleaning the city up. The police departments lawn should be cleaned first.

  • Concerned says:

    If known gang members were prosecuted for theft and other non violent crimes that they were arrested for, the level of violent crime would be less. Rarely is someone’s first crime a violent one….instead of saying here is a poor troubled youth that could be best served with compassion, say here is a known gang member that deserves swift forceful judgement. And for the grandmas and mamas who shelter these villians… are just as guilty of the atrocities as if you had picked up a pistol yourself…..

  • Guest2020 says:

    You sure classed up this board with your ignorant comments.

  • Guest 10101 says:

    You’re right. He can’t. Not without the help of a lot of other resources that just don’t seem to be available around here.

    He’s also done very little to stop all of the nonsense in his own department, and that’s been going on for quite some time now as well.

    Even though he’s not to blame for everything that happens around here, it’s still past time for him to move on. In the private sector, he would have been long gone by now simply because of his inability to manage his own organization. The same standards of accountability should also be applicable in governmental entities.

  • jj says:

    I am a former LEO and I have never like him and I think he should be fired. I have seen nothing he has done that reduces the crime in the city. Speeding is out of control in this town and if people find they can get away with one thing they will continue to to cross the line.

  • jimmy says:

    yup no more yankees this is a huge part of the problem they believe in the good buddy system this needs to stop now it was never a problem before the yankees started coming in in mass…..

  • Tracie C says:

    Dude…the entire world makes fun of “dumb rednecks”…please refrain from proving them right. I was raised a “yankee” and I’ve never heard of the “good buddy” system. However, the “good ole boy” system is something I can NEVER stop hearing about. Doesn’t THAT sound “yankee”??? LOL!
    FYI: the Civil War ended long before you were born. Give it up already. I could care less where you’re from as long as you don’t make yourself look like a dumba** (which YOU actually did with your post).
    p.s. your ex – the goat from your barn – is looking for her alimony check.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    “EX” LEO and there is a reason for that. You SUCKED at your career (if that’s what you really did)!

    That’s why you spend so much time denigrating our local Law Enforcement here!

    “Speeding is so out of control..”? Geeez, can you come up with something a bit more substantial? This makes me spew coffee!

  • westla says:

    Should not be too hard to stop these ignorant thugs. They don’t even know that Dead End means Dead End !Study your DMV handbooks ganfsters.And hire better getaway drivers!

  • Guest1234543 says:

    I’d sure hate to think the taxpayers have been footing the bill all these years and these 2 departments have not been cooperating with each other, sounds childish and political to me. And why when every corner has 6 police cars making 1 traffic stop for speeding does this area need to hire more officers? Are the officers that are already on the payroll not qualified to handle the job? You put all of NC officers out in full marked cars and full uniforms, not military gear, and the public will take notice, you put 80 % of your force on the streets between 10pm and 6am and you keep them “in” the trouble area’s, not parked at the overnite diner, and you will see a difference. When the man or woman getting paid to protect the public are afraid to go out and walk the streets alone at night, what is the public to expect?

  • Guest2020 says:

    I rode by Castle Street the other night and saw at least six officers standing at the corner. It seems that the department could make more efficient use of the existing resources.

  • B O'Brien says:

    This is nothing but lip service. A 14 officer unit to cover how many apartment complexes? How long will this endeavor last for especially when the sheriff discovers he won’t be able to claim all the credit?

    An even better question…what is going to happen when the arrests are made and the criminals are put right back out on the street by Ben David’s office? This is the same DA that let Brandon Smith back out on the street repeatedly.

    We have gone from listening to these supposed leaders tell us how there is no crime problem to suddenly admitting that we need a new task force to combat the crime that isn’t happening.

  • Guest99876 says:

    This sounds like a great idea if the sheriffs office will clean out the Stagnant top brass that collect a free check from tax payers. Not so different from the leaches they so gladly will have others pursue!

    The WPD needs to hire more competent and not so timid officers to work those areas. Trust me the residents smell fear! And you guys have as many chicken$@##€ as NHSO does.
    If both agencies would fill the void the have with good respectful LEO’s the public would grow to trust you!
    Right now the areas Trust in local law enforcement is not very good.
    And justifiably so with all the scandal this area has had over a 30month span!
    Hire the best not the most popular, promote the best not the best campaigner, stay away from quotas for hiring and promoting. I may be wrong with my assessment, but everybody including your own know yours is wrong.
    Try a new approach it just may bring the citizens trust back to you guys.

  • troy says:

    Criticizing the men in blue and brown does nothing but show division that is what the gangs need to thrive. The two departments have had rough times but don’t blame all the crime in the area on them. The main problem is the same in all growing cities, the lack of family supervision, the lack of jobs, the lack of good strong role models in these kids lives, when they don’t find it at home they will go to the streets for it. These problems won’t just go away; they will grow like weeds if not stopped. One way is stronger enforcement of gang activity laws, these can be enforced in the housing projects very easily, the city can kick anyone out and bar them, and the housing authority has complete power over the PJ’s. Have housing sweeps, warrant teams that are highly aggressive work as well. Let the dirt bags know that they are not in charge even on their own turf. Giuliani took back NYC with the window pane approach, which means that all laws are equally enforceable, and should be enforced equally. Remember Alfonse Capone never did time for any murders he committed, he did time for tax evasion.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    …why don’t you strap on a few campaign posters and try your run for Sheriff or WPD police chief and go clean house! For someone that seems to know so much about both divisions, you should file formal complaints with the DA’s office.

    My best guess is that you don’t know diddly about diddly, much less the function of our local police operations. You’re likely no more than one of those losers like KBlue that spouts off at the mouth while being a legend in your own mind, yet seethes of total incompetence.

    You have little, if any knowledge of this areas “trust” in local law enforcement. You are wrong in your assessment and lack any of the credentials necessary to evaluate ANYONE else’s.

    If you have real answers to real problems within our police agencies, step up and make them known. If you can’t and don’t, you’re simply nothing other than part of the problem!

  • Guest2281 says:

    So let me get this right…

    These people live in housing, paid for by the tax payers, receive a stipend for food, paid for by the taxpayers, receive medical care, paid for by the tax payers , and now you guessed it. They get a special team of law enforcement paid for by the tax payers. That not only protects them but removes officers from potentially being in other parts of own.

  • Wilmington Observer says:

    Free Education (a mind is a terrible thing to waste)
    Free Work Training
    Free Daycare
    Free Cellphones
    Free State Identification Card – So They Can Vote
    Free Disability Payments (because their back hurts too bad to push a broom)
    Government Assistance for Transportation
    Government Assistance Paying Utility Bills

    It is not surprising that this segment of society has a “entitlement” mentality. I can’t stand to be in a conversation with one of them because their attitude seems to be screaming, “YOU OWE ME”. The way I interperet things, THEY owe ME for all of the “free because of me”

    I wish that my, small, crime less, community could have their own, private, police agency. Then it really would remind me of the good ole’ days depicted in the Andy Griffith show with Sheriff Taylor and his Deputy, Barney.

    Wilmington Observer

  • WDJ says:

    I think the point of the post was that the problem has arisen because of the fact that law enforcement in general has been lax. If you get lazy about enforcing simple laws, how can you expect your law enforcement officers to successfully enforce the rule of law for much more severe violations? A general disregard for the rule of law tends to slowly bubble up to the surface in places like that.

  • Robert T Willis says:

    You…….are correct!

  • Guest Reply Redux says:

    Don’t live there any more…have family that does…but lived there long enough to know the majority of back boneless people that want something for nothing…meaning no citizen involvement where it really is needed…and you love and accept being lied to by city leaders. Wilmington became a free for all city…and now it is a war zone and no one saw it coming. Well I did…and it’s sad to see what its become there.
    WHAT have you done to view your feelings about your city leaders…keep them in office?
    You will see what I mean when the shootings continue…weeks from now.
    If you love the situation in your town…then fine. If not…demand more respect out of your leaders there instead of brush off news media statements…which your Mayor hasn’t even made a statement at all…and he’s in charge!

  • Guest Reply Redux says:

    Mayonnaise sandwiches with water will be served at 5!
    City Hall’s door steps should be full of citizens Demanding action for crime that has escalated in recent months to keep the ball rolling.
    Naw…it’ll never happen :-(

  • Tracie C says:

    Why won’t it happen? Because of folks like you who only sit and pass judgement through your computer screens. What are YOU doing to help stop crime in OUR neighborhoods? Nothing….as usual.

  • jj says:

    To start the city needs to fire Evangelous and find someone who will enforce all laws. Speeding, running redlights and stop signs is out of control in the city. Just drive down Carolina Beach Road and 3RD Street. It is a raceway out there and nothing is being done about it. So, lets start enforcing all laws and people will see that they can’t get away with things.

  • troy says:

    With all due respect, the speeding and red light running is most likely on the back burner right now. Maybe when the kids stop shooting each other we can start to look into that problem. Really?

  • Concerned Citizen says:

    With all the crime in the area and officers losing their jobs-Why arent they hiring more officers and deputies?

  • News Conference Attendee says:

    News outlets must choose to report the information they deem most significant for any particular story. Therefore, topics may be omitted from the news which others believe to be equally or more significant. Concerned Citizen, you raise a question which was asked today of Chief Evangelous. The Chief stated at the news conference that as of today the Wilmington Police Department is fully staffed. He further indicated that some personnel are in final stages of training and thus may not yet be serving at their ultimate position.

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